10th Nov 2009, 02:39

Fundamentally. the Jaguar X type is a good car. This comparison to a Taurus is getting to be a poor excuse for people who don't OWN an X Type. Problems on engine and build quality was comparable to similar luxury cars sold. (Everyone has had their share of nightmares - remember the BMW 3 series' Auto Transmissions before the new ZF Boxes?) Just because the first production year ran into problems isn't a point of judgment on a pretty cool car.

The X type was based solely on the Ford Mondeo suspension platform, which for european, happens to be the BEST platform on the continent for that vehicle category for over 5 years. The X Type is smooth, and admittedly, always gets a second look.

Bottom line, a high price tag on a luxury car is par for the course. I have my own concerns on my 2 X types. But after 5 years, I've come to know that the engine is very dependable, and that when push come to shove, these Jags will outclass and outpace a C class any day of the week.

Most X Type owners are truly happy with their car; they relish driving them and being seen in them. They don't gripe online.

14th Nov 2009, 19:49

I own a 2002 Jaguar X-type with nearly 94K miles. Even though I feel like I'm in the minority, I really really like my car. It's a 3.0 with a five speed stick. With the exception of a randomly sticky driver door handle, and a quirky thing that happened with my moonroof (a one time thing), I haven't really had anything go wrong.

Maybe it's a matter of how the car is optioned out. The only non-standard features on my 3.0 5 speed (I think these were options anyways) are a power passenger seat, trip computer, and 17" wheels. Or maybe I just got really lucky - I don't know. But it's been great so far. I've actually seen examples with 150K - one was even shown to me at the dealership I purchased it with 205K on the odometer. Maybe I just got it at a really awesome dealership! But every X-type driver I have talked to has had absolutely no problems with their vehicle.

This has been my experience and that of folks I would just stop in parking lots, etc...

25th Nov 2009, 21:41

I own a 2002 X-type 2.5L with 71K miles. Its been a great car so far. It drives exceptionally well in snow and rain. One winter snow storm I had to drive 60 miles to pick up family from the airport, believe me I was sometimes the only person on the road and many fancy cars were stuck with their chains.

I admit, the car has some issues but so do all luxury brands. I also own a Mercedes E320 and BMW 530I. All these cars had problems. However, the Jag gets you the looks that other brands do not. I'm selling my 2002 right now to upgrade to a newer model. Love Jags!

24th Dec 2009, 13:31

Oh how I wish I had seen all of these comments before buying my wife a 2002 X-Type!!! One of the biggest mistakes, among many, I've made.

1st. After-drive at about 48,000 miles $1,400.00.

2nd. Engine (vacuum leaks) and transmission all at same time $4,000.00. 58,000 miles.

3rd. More vacuum leaks.

4th. Blown head lights, and bad battery... alternator over charging. Trying to replace myself. Think I've got to take the car apart to get the alternator off.

I for one would like to park all of these X-Type's outside the dealership and advertise for Jaguar. No wonder they discontinued this model... They couldn't stand the heat.

5th Aug 2010, 09:54

I have 2002 Jaguar X and if you combined all the commentors' problems, that would be my car. Radiator hoses, battery, leaking on floor board, vacuum issues, trunk open light always on, dogs out when getting on highway always and if it says cruise control not working, plan on going for a slow jerking ride.

My car needs a swimming lesson in the river. It has been a money pit nightmare! There are so many more problems, headlights, dash coming apart, hood emblem falls off at 250 to replace 2 times now. Hoses to reserve for radiator adaptors broken, I can go on and on!

22nd Oct 2010, 19:38

I'll eventually create my own review as it's been a LONG journey with my 2002 X-type. But first I want to comment here since it's the most active (hardly) review.

First, the X-Type is not a Ford Mondeo. They just share the same platform. And I'm glad, because many after market parts are so much cheaper. I don't know who these Jag=re-badged Ford people are, but they are SO highly emotionally obsessed with comparing the two. Calm down dude, it's not politics, it's a CAR. Who cares!?

That being said, I'll back up what everyone says about the problems with these cars. I've experienced EVERY problem stated and more. It's ridiculous. When I look at MY two inches of service records, I can't believe I STILL love my Jaguar X-Type. The extended warranty I got paid for the value the car at least one time over.

Now my X-Type is getting close to 100K miles and it's driving as smooth and nice as when I got it at 35K. I'll talk about the maintenance and problems in my review though.

As for owning the X-Type. I have NO regrets!

2nd Nov 2010, 17:51

I've had my 2002 X-Type 2.5 for about three years. My automatic transmission was replaced under warranty with a rebuilt unit at a Jaguar dealership. I understand the rebuilt units have modifications and upgrades in them that brand new units do not. I've always used synthetic oil, the engine still looks brand new inside the oil fill opening, you can see the timing chain. Other than that, I have had no trouble with mine. Really. It looks similar to the full size XJs, only a more sensible size. I took mine in, and had the tranny fluid flushed and synthetic fluid put in at the dealer. They also changed one bad license plate bulb and put on new wiper blades. For everything it was less than $380.

26th Dec 2010, 21:58

I have had my X Type 3.0 (2002) since 2005. I bought it used with 29000 miles, and it now has over 120K miles. It is a quirky but excellent car. No major problems at all. Always dependable and still has a lot of punch when I push it hard. Fun to drive. The quirks are mainly a tricky gas pedal that takes a light touch or it jerks you from a start... and an A/C that does not work well at low rpm. The only replacement I have had is a water pump at about 105K.

22nd Feb 2011, 15:01

My 2002 Jaguar X-type is beautiful, drives like a dream, and EVERYTHING has always worked just fine, no major problems... ever. I still turn heads 11 years later with this car... Best car I have ever owned by far!!!

23rd May 2011, 02:31

As an X-Type lover (2002 2.5 all wheel drive) all I can say it is superb and fantastic. OK I am not problem free but it gives the looks and everybody comments on it.

It just hit 1000000 km and the only major problem is a clunk in the front suspension that nobody seem to find, but hey who cares? The car drives fine and got the power and speed when needed.

Will buy another for sure I don't care what other people think.

Long live the X-Type.

22nd Jun 2012, 22:36

The "Jaguar" X-type is quite simply the modern-day Cadillac Cimarron. This car is, and always has been, a bad joke. It has ZERO prestige... the 2.5 litre V6 is the Ford Contour motor, and the 3.0 litre is the same exact motor as in the US Ford Taurus. They were not "redesigned", "revamped", or "enhanced" for use in the so-called Jaguar. Same thing for the automatic transmission.

Now, sharing platforms is one thing, but if I'm paying over $40,000 for a luxury car, I would make sure it was at least based on a halfway decent middle-American motor. I work at a Jag dealership, and the resale value on these cars is so bad that even very minor accident damage most often results in a total loss. The insurance companies know that the car is worthless! Everyone who drives real Jaguars dislikes these cars because they have diluted the brand so much. The only positive is that since they are so unreliable and lack any long-term value, soon our roadways will be free of this trash, and they'll be a distant memory.

The X-type basically says: "hey, I couldn't afford a real Jaguar (XJ), but I'm rather snobby and need a Jaguar badge, no matter how crappy the car is, so I bought this!"

4th Feb 2013, 21:57

I agree! Biggest piece of crap I've ever had.

I've fixed so many things on it, and now have to resolve water on the passenger floor.

5th Sep 2013, 08:42

I'm guessing water on the passenger floor is due to a bad heater core.