1989 Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 2.9 from UK and Ireland


Love them or hate them, there is no better TRUE British car


Nothing as yet!

General Comments:

The XJ40 is one of the best cars you can ever own. As long as it's in good condition!

Mine has the usual problems:

Digital dash fades out and requires a "thump" to bring it back.

Speedo and instruments flash and again, need a "thump"

The boot leaks like a tap.

Doors are starting to seize up (again!)

You either love or hate these cars and I'm certainly in the former category. Having only paid £450 for my '89 118,000 mile example with limited history, I can't be happier. It's certainly better than the last XJ40 I had, which let me down completely at MOT time.

The only problem is the rust on the leading edge of the bonnet, but I kept the bonnet off my old car and once I find some "arctic blue" paint I'll have it sprayed and fitted.

The much maligned 2.9 engine has been wonderful and really pulls when asked. No smoke (as yet), but you never know with these cars, something bad is always around the corner.

£53 to fill it up? Not good. But who ever said looking flash was gonna be cheap??

God bless you Jaguar! :o)

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Review Date: 1st October, 2004

1989 Jaguar XJ40 sovereign 3.6 litre from UK and Ireland


The cat got the cream!!!


Cured water leak in boot. I sealed the 4 screw holes that hold the black trim in place under the number plate, then used adhesive to replace it. I applied a wax based rust proofer underneath first, problem solved.

General Comments:

Purchased from original owner, A beautiful car, that is a joy to drive, a dream buy with only 31k miles on the clock in 15 years, with F.S.H, all old mots, cost £1,900.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2004

1989 Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 3.6 from UK and Ireland


Reliable performance saloon not without its faults


One of the electric windows is temperamental - opens but will only close on the central locking (not on the switch)

One of the outside door handles is broken - the others are getting stiff.

Front wheel bearings needed servicing.

Output shafts worn - needed replacing.

Headliner sagging in the back.

Fuel filler gaiter split, leaking water into the boot.

Torn power steering boot discovered at service.

Central locking starting to "play up" - occasionally doesn't lock or unlock all the doors.

Fuel filler won't open - requires you to use "Emergency Release" in boot.

Rust in the usual places - front wings, boot lid, door bottoms, wheel arches.

Rear A-frame bushes need replacing.

Replaced crappy metric tyres and alloys with imperial tyres / alloys.

General Comments:

With a list of faults like the one above, you'd think this review was going to be negative, but it's most definitely not. I bought the car as a student runabout (I wanted something more outgoing than the usual Vauxhall Nova or Nissan Micra) and I paid £675 for it. For that price I got a car that had no service history and had obviously been neglected a bit.

Yet, despite its faults, it has never left me stranded my the roadside or refused to start in the morning. The engine is practically bullet-proof if serviced regularly (which I've had done) and provides enough power (even when dropped into a 2 ton car) to embarrass boy racers at the traffic lights.

Apart from the headlining sagging, the interior is in fantastic condition - the wood and leather look almost immaculate. Comfort rating is only let down by the lack of air conditioning. Can you believe that 15 years ago £30,000+ luxury cars were offered WITHOUT aircon?

The electrical gremlins are niggling, but I can live with them. If you have the time (and one of these days I will!) they're pretty easy to fix with the aid of the trusty Haynes Manual. I have not experienced most of the major "gremlins" (ie spurious bulb failures, digital dash failure).

The exterior is showing its age, with rust in the usual places, although for the time being at least, it's sound - nothing rotten, although I am resigned to it eventually getting this way.

As with any car of 150k miles plus, there are wear issues with the transmission and suspension. I've had the output shafts replaced to repair a leaky differential, but still need the rear A-frame bushings replaced to completely quiet it. The steering is not as tight or precise as later models - a bit wallowy - but again, this is probably just age related.

On running costs: I average about 22-24mpg combined urban/motorway and can get 30+ mpg on a run. Avoid main dealers like the plague - they are not interested in cars over 5 years old and are only too happy to demonstrate this (ie quoting £750 for a 6-monthly service, not being able to book you in for 6 weeks). There are many independent Jag specialists around (in the UK at least) who will do a routine service for less than £200. Buy reconditioned or scrap parts where possible - these are in plentiful supply.

Sum up: I have found my XJ6 to be reliable, comfortable and a fantastic performer. Sure it has its faults - there's always something that needs doing - but most of them are bearable and to be expected of a 15 year old, 150k+ miles car. At the prices they're going for in the UK at the moment, they're a steal. Don't make the mistake I did - buy one with a full service history for peace of mind!

I liked it so much I've just bought a 1993 XJ6 3.2S in fantastic condition with FSH. Sure, it's a great car and has more features and less niggling faults, but I don't get the satisfaction of knowing that I paid so little money for so much car.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2004

1989 Jaguar XJ40 4.0 litre (I think) V12 from Australia and New Zealand


Unreliable tin can



Before I start I would like to say that this car was in mint condition. It had always been serviced every 5000km! I continued this tradition.

Power windows got jammed in a downpour.

Cruise control stuck (scary experience).

Sunroof jammed open (it also rained).

Leather cracked.

Wood veneer fell off.

Car started to run on half its cylinders (similar to a BMW 750il).

Power seats jammed.

Electrical system short circut.

Engine fire.

Central locking stopped working.

Climate control has a mind of its own and I mean it! Blew out hot air in Australia's 40 degree heat and blew cold air in winter! #!$%^*& uncomfortable!

Fan stopped working as did both window demisters.

I spent 30 000 dollars on this car and I got nothing in return, not one day of enjoyable driving.

General Comments:

Most unreliable car ever!

Jaguar were very unhelpful and didn't want to know about me.

Jaguars are a piece of crap!

The cabin was a nice place, but there were too many problems with it for it to be enjoyable.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2001

24th Oct 2001, 04:38

Hmmm, considering this is a review done by someone who obviously hates the XJ40, I am surprised there has not been more controversy by fellow Jaguar lovers.


22nd Nov 2001, 03:23


Firstly, the 4.0 is a straight six AJ16 24 valve engine, not a V12, secondly, a lot of these faults are niggly, and well, one out of god knows how many reviews on the XJ40 which is bad, shows the car is on the whole, a very good, bargain basement luxury car.