7th Dec 2001, 14:12

I think you're being a bit pedantic aren't you? The bottom line is Jags are COOL and you know it!

18th Dec 2001, 15:33

Follow this link about the XJ40 engine.


19th Dec 2001, 09:58

XJ40s were available with the 2.9, 3.2, 3.6 and 4.0 (straight-sixes) plus the extravagant 6.0 V12.

The 3.2 is better than the 3.6, the underpowered 2.9 is best avoided, (I have a 2.9 in my Jaguar seems ok to me)

No unit will exceed 35mpg. V12s like fuel, how does 15mpg sound? But for smoothness, refinement and sheer power they are unbeatable.

Life Story

Oct 1986:

Jaguar 'XJ40' saloon launched with 2.9 or 3.6 engine

Sept 1989:

4.0 engine option

Oct 1989:

Ford purchases Jaguar

Sep 1990:

3.2 engine offered

Sep 1992:

Detailed engine improvements, equipment upgrades

Mar 1993:

XJ12 with 6.0 V12 joins the range

Sep 1994:

New XJ6 offered: 3.2, 4.0 or 6.0 V12

June 1995:

LWB (long wheel-base) versions on sale

Sep 1997:

XJ8 launched, engines now 3.2 V8, 4.0 V8 & supercharged. XJ12 discontinued

18th Jan 2002, 17:30

I think you are all missing the point here people. A car that costs over $AUS 100 000 SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS. MY JAGUAR Sovereign was a 4.0 straight 6 and it was a real piece of work. Had a mind of its own, climate control, locking. You name it, it went wrong. The only thing I can think that was nice in this car was the wood veneer and even that was starting to fail under the Australian sun. Also if your idea of being stranded by the side of the road with a broken down car is cool, then go right ahead. I personally think that it is highly embarrassing to have an expensive car break down on you.

24th Jan 2002, 20:31

My XJ40 has been, and still is, a lot of work. I try to correct the problems as they occur, like oil leaks, electrical problems, door handles and various other problems.

I have to remember my XJ40 is 14 years old. Yes, my Jaguar is a lot of work and money, but I still would not trade it for a newer, maintenance free throw away.

My Jaguar will be in the Feb. issue of Jaguar Monthly. JM came to my home town of Norman, Oklahoma. Blake.

20th May 2002, 03:04

Sounds like someone didn't know what they were getting into before they purchased their Jag. Or maybe Jaguar exports only their worst cars to Down Under...

6th Jul 2002, 08:37

Firstly, if you think Jags from 1989 were bad, try Ford Falcons or Holden Commodores.

The seats cracking is 100% your fault. The leather used on Jags is not sealed and needs feeding as per the the instruction manual. Sealed leather is crap and only fit for common cars. Good connolly leather is a natural material and must be nourished with hide food. If properly looked after it will last a lifetime.

8th Sep 2002, 15:07

I have heard the pre-Ford Jaguar quality was quite poor, which does back up many of your statements. I have not owned one myself. I do have a 1994 XJ12, and it has been a great car. I have had a couple little problems with it, but then again I have over 114,000 miles on it, and I drive it very hard. If asked "would I buy another" I would have to say definitely yes! I do love this car! My next car will likely be a 1996 XJ12 or perhaps a 1998 XJR.

Ford bought Jaguar in 1989, and they have made major improvements ever since. Mine is built far enough beyond that date that many of those improvements did make it into my car. I heard that by 1998 or so, all the electricals had been upgraded and most of your problems you had are now history on the new models. As with nearly every car, the newer the better. Quality and reliability keeps improving year after year. I was a mechanic at a Ford dealer from 1983 through 1997. The difference in quality and reliability from 1983 to 1997 was extraordinary. Back in the 1980's, we would have brand new cars in the shop, many with the same list of problems. It was a good time to be a mechanic. In 1997, our engine repair people were only working on old stuff. The new vehicles just did not have any warranty work. Today Ford dealers have had to resort to tire sales and fast lube to keep the shop running. Warranty work has just died off. These same improvements are now being seen in other Ford brands like Jaguar.

I recommend visiting the Jag-lovers website for more information about these fine cars.


14th Nov 2002, 14:16

I have a 1989 XJ40 with only 63,000 miles. It is FLAWLESS! Smooth beyond belief. Corners like a son of a B*%ch!! I LOVE to race other cars through the mountain roads ESPECIALLY down hill (that 4,000lb. disadvantage disappears!!) I continually have people aske me (it is now Nov.14, 2002) "How do you like your NEW Jag?!")...I used to be the Art Director for NHRA (1975) so I've had a lot of very fast cars. But Jags ride and handle like NO OTHER car...period. Here's MY list:

1965 Opel Kadett Caravan (Red) (LOVED it. 45 miles to the gallon!! (42 horse) Used to pay 19 cents a gallon at Powerine!! I'd fill it up once a month.

1964 Corvair Spyder. (Burgundy) Lowered to THE GROUND with Koni shocks and Pirreli tires and a two barrel upgrade on the turbo. The thing went like a bat out of hell AND cornered like it was on rails!!

1966 Old 442...tricked out. (Fire Engine Red) Need I say anymore?! LOL NEVER lost a race.

1969 XKE 4.2 convertible. (Bronze/Brown) Had this when I was 23 years old. The most incredible car. Pure SEX!! Ride, performance and to this day... arguably STILL the best looking car on the road.

1971 Ford Pinto 2000cc (Red) (one of the first--my Dad owned a Ford dealership) built the CRAP out of it. Stauhl Flex hystoresis (sp?) racing compound tires, Koni Shocks, roll cage and a 350 horse 4 banger!!! Tricked out the C4 (built to a C6) automatic so it NEVER EVER broke and could manually shift it! 4:11 rear end... need I say more? Snot fast and more fun than any car I've ever owned. Drove the Porsches (and anything else) CEEEERAZY!!! I HATE Porsches... got even LOL.

1974 Lincoln MKIV (White with Off white full Landau top) 455 cubes and mildly tricked. A LOT of fun for an old fart car (torque up the ying yang) STILL outpulls (I still have it) any new stock cars (Camero, Tangs etc.) up the Grapevine in California! LOL

1988 ASC McClaren Mustang covertible. (Blue) 475 horse. Nuff said (wife made me sell it, I was going to KILL myself in it. Racing all the time and exceeding 150+, I guess is not healthy or something? Did I say I NEVER lost a race?)

1994 Taurus GL with just a K&N air filter (solid tune up) and synthetic oil. Goes pretty good for a 3.0...surprises a lot of people. (still have it)...looks brand new.

2001 The 1989 Jag (Glacier White)...LOVE it!!! Pure sex. Pure class. There are a bunch of New Beemer's up here along with New Mercedes' (a lot of money in Fremont, CA!) and guess what car turns the heads...yep!!!The 1989 JAG XJ40.

I will say this. It AIN'T no drag car. Really underpowered for the weight (3.6)...BUT--GREAT Freeway cruiser and just plain "RICH"...anyway,

Take care all.


PS Picked up the Jag form my parents. They never had any trouble either (just some of the little things) AND they live in Palm Springs!! (120+ degrees sometimes) NEVER overheated. Wish they had bought the V12...NOW THERE'S one you could build the CEEEERAPPPP out of ('course it would cost you about $50,000 to do it right!!) LOL.