4th Mar 2005, 16:03

We bought our Sept.'88 (the year of Jaguar's glorious Le Mans victory) XJ40 3.6 twin cam 24v, in June 2002 when it had done just 55,000 genuine miles. It had been well looked after and was virtually rust free particularly where it matters! Since then we have added 5,500 miles of nearly faultless and enjoyable journeys. Fuel consumption is 28-30 on a run and even 22 mpg. running around. Other than silly niggles like damp electrics, sticky door operation, water seeping into the boot (cured),we have been very pleased with our 40. Routine maintenance has been easy and remarkably inexpensive for a car of this size.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club is well worth joining for the great monthly mag and very good insurance rates (£160 for 3,000m.fully comp.,with European breakdown!),plus agreed values reflecting the true worth, (about 5 times'book'price) of a Jag in this condition. We sing praises about our XJ40.

7th Jun 2007, 09:42

I recently purchased a 1993 XJ40 despite all the bad press. I just always wanted one. With a reasonable purchase price at $4500.00 cdn at 208000kms, the Jag is in nice shape for it's age with only minor rust. It requires a little TLC as it has some drying of the leather and wood trim as we have a very dry climate here in Calgary Alberta, Canada, but otherwise everything works and is in order, including all of the electrics. In the short time I've owned her, my kitty has needed only fuel and a refill of the windshield washer. Car at 14+ years is solid, and tight and purrs like it should. Like every make of car built, there are some bad, and I've rarely heard any real complaints about Jags from anyone who ever actually owned one, They seem universally loved by their owners and the best kept secret is they are largely very durable and reliable cars. I guess the bad press does keep us rather an exclusive club, but I'm not complaining.

9th Mar 2009, 00:41

Own an 1989 XJ40 3.6 in Australia. Yes it has the odd niggling problem. If I let it sit for more than a week, it is hard to start, not battery problems, not sure what.

One back door lock doesn't work all the time.

Trip computer didn't work until I sprayed it with contact cleaner.

However, get it out on the highway and it's a very comfortable ride, and I wouldn't part with it. Also own a 94 Cruiser and a 94 Ford Falcon, and I know what I would sooner take any day.

Of course the Jag is going to have more problems, there is far more to go wrong with it, law of averages you know.

2nd Oct 2009, 07:17

I have owned an XJ40 for 8 years, I have never thrashed a car as bad as this one. The harder driven they are, the better they go.

The only item to have failed was the German made ZF automatic.

I bought this car with 50000km on it, now it has 160000km.

No electrical problems and only some slight rust in the left front door, but then again I have never had it under cover, so it's to be expected.

3rd Apr 2011, 23:02

I'm 14 years old. and last Thursday, I bought a Jag.

No joke. I did.

I wanted something which I could work on until I got my license. I got a 1989 Jaguar XJ40 3.6 Soverign model. It drives great! It only has slight problems... Leaking radiator and rust on the boot lid. Other than that, it's perfect!

4th Apr 2011, 19:06

I'm starting to think it's all luck. I've had my Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign for a couple of weeks now and I have had no problems whatsoever. The only thing I've had to do is fill up the power steering fluid.

The only fault is the speedo doesn't light up at night. But that's an easy weld to fix. Sorry about your Jag, it's down to a matter of luck.