1990 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign 4.0L from North America


I love this car and plan on keeping it for a long time


My head gasket blew after a water hose broke at 113,000 miles.

General Comments:

When I first saw this XJ40, I said to myself it was going to be mine.

The looks are outstanding, and I was lucky with this one because it had no rust.

The engine power is impressive for a six cylinder.

The interior is attractive and comfortable.

All electrical components still work except for the fuse warning light is always on, but all the fuses are good.

The wheel bearings seemed good, but I still repacked them with grease, replaced the differential oil and all fluids to be on the safe side.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2009

8th Jun 2014, 01:10

Still have this car going 5 years strong, and still love it!

1990 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign 4.0 from North America


Outstanding car.Highly recommended


Drivers door window jammed down.

General Comments:

Brilliant car, no major problems, main dealer has been excellent - most expensive service was £340 - including having the window repaired. It is fast, comfortable, cheap to insure and I hope to keep her for many more years.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2004

18th Oct 2007, 22:57

We just acquired this beautiful car and we would like to get in touch with more people who own it, it needs a few repairs which isn't bad for a 1990. Any information will be of great help and very much appreciated. Carolina cardelart66@yahoo.com.

1990 Jaguar XJ40 Xj6 4.0L from North America


After almost 1 year of ownership, I still smile like a silly child when I see my car each morning


The automatic door locks, including the trunk, only function occasionally.

The antenna sticks periodically.

Two sets of brake pads for the front wheels have been required.

A complete set of belts was needed recently.

A coolant hose running under the fuel rail needed replacing after it ruptured at speed. During this repair the thermostat was replaced along with the associated gasket.

An upper air hose needed replacing due to dry rot and age.

New tires all around including, except for the spare, were added at 133,000 miles.

Some of the interior lights have been replaced. You know, those little tiny bulbs for the trip computer are expensive!

Not all of the radio lights work, but I don't mind.

My Jag has recently begun to hesitate during acceleration and several fault codes have popped up.

And lastly, those pesky automatic seat belts have both broken. I don't like the automatic feature anyway, so they will stay broken!

General Comments:

This is the first Jaguar I have owned. Since my childhood I have wanted one and my dream is fulfilled. I knew that these were luxurious cars, but, o my! I was not prepared for the complete feeling of "rightness" when I first drove my car. I have owned many nice cars. My Sovereign exceeds them all. You Brits certainly did it right! We Yanks think a Cadillac is nice, but there is no comparison to a Jaguar!

I am not surprised by some of the repairs I have had to do. I expect things to need replacing on a car that is 14 years old (mine was manufactured 8/89). Despite these minor problems, I will most likely own this one until it rots away from underneath me.

The car handles well in rain or snow despite it weight. It remains nimble and quiet even under the worst of road conditions. The interior is roomy and comfortable with just the right comfort to the seats. I will soon be driving 4000 miles round trip and I look forward to taking my Jag.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

6th Sep 2005, 19:19

I agree with most of all you say. After I got out of the Army, I went Kingsport, Tenn. to seek work. I found work and hardly making no money, I would just walk around Kingsport at night, and look at cars. I set in my first Jaguar at a little car lot, and it was a Rose colored 1957 Jag. I could not get that car due to the fact that it costs 650.00 dollars. I must have set in that car 10 times, thinking on how to get the money. I did not want to ask my Mom and Dad, I did not want to ask anyone. I just let it go. I am now 61, and I found a 1992 4 dr sedan XJ6/140, and I have been working on this thing to get it running, now I have, and tomorrow I will put on new tires, going from a new American car to this Jag, in which I have wanted all my life. Funny huh? So I know what you mean. Just my two cents worth. I probably will keep this car, unless I can find another Rose colored 1957. Take care of yourself, and God Bless you, Sam Snyder Rockport, W.V.

12th Oct 2005, 09:07

Hi, I am currently working in Saudi Arabia, and have just bought a 1990 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign. I am in the process of getting it ready for its MVPI (MOT equivalent) and have been reading a lot of info on the car. It has come to my attention during these readings, that the automatic seat-belt is covered under a lifetime warranty. The place I read it was here, I hope that this is of some help to you. I read it here under the Electrical heading http://www.jag-lovers.org/modern/xj40prob.htm.