1988 Jaguar XJ6 XJ40 3.1 or 3.2 (forget) inline 6 from North America


Not Convinced. Sold it and got a Mercedes again


A ton of electrical issues, all door handles went bad - initially repaired by adjusting them, but after there was no adjustment left had to live with them or replace, 3 window motors, switches, air conditioning, heater, the center vents would not open inside (there is a motor that operates a valve inside) vapor lock problem (I live in Arizona) remedied by adding auxiliary fuel pump, starting problems - about every few months the car would not start for no apparent reason- then magically fix itself after being stranded for a few hours, front end issues, leaks - lots of them, warning lights going off all the time - due too bad sensors, car had a smorgasbord of circuit boards - all were re-soldered. Basically a big pile of Junk.

General Comments:

Very comfortable ride, more so than a Mercedes of the era. But a major lack of feedback. Pretty good handling, but vague steering.

Adequate power, although a new Corolla beat me in a merging race.

Gas guzzler.

Engine leaked everything. Sometimes pulling up to a stop light the car would smoke from oil hitting exhaust manifold. Embarrassing in a $60k car. This is what leaked. Engine Oil, Brake Oil, Mineral Oil, Transmission Oil and Power steering oil. The seals had to be replaced basically, I wasn't going to do it and I wasn't going to throw that kind of money at it. You can see why I got rid of it.

Under full acceleration the fuel system made an annoying surging sound, although during this event this sound did not seem to affect it's performance.

Nice body and paint work. Beautifully executed Bright-work.

Interior was regal. Superb leather all around of finest quality. Nice wood (I think Burled Walnut). Cheap plastic. The cruise control knob (which you pull back to activate) broke off and flung into the back seat.

The car mileage had exceeded what most British cars can and should exceed. I will give it that.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007

30th Jul 2008, 20:06

You acquired this car at 190,000 miles.

I am a Jag XJ6 owner, and acquired mine with 96,000 miles on it. The car sat under a tree for about one year, and then in a garage for about six years. Right off the bat, I replaced brakes, transmission oil pan gasket, carpet, trunk/hood struts. Also replaced carpeting and re-upholstered vinyl on the dash. Replaced fuel and oil filters, two power steering hoses, and cut out and replaced rusted metal in the area of the trunk and front floor driver/passenger. Car had front right damage, bumper and fender.

Investment: Car purchase as is: $800, my personal mechanic: $1200, parts: $600, paint: $400. Total: $3000. Tell me what I can buy from year 1988 to year 2008 for this much money that is as luxurious and reliable as this vehicle. True, I spent hours searching for parts on e-bay and junkyards, but a 3-month worth of work paid off.

Going back to the original thought... You acquired your car with twice as much mileage, probably did not invest as much effort in it as I have, and (from what it sounded like) tried to street race it. You had a vehicle that basically was close to an honorable death, and you seemingly helped that happen. Any wonder your post relays so much dissatisfaction?

1988 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Luxury at a good price


RHS front electric window stopped working.

General Comments:

I got this car according to the bloke who sold to me as a bargain; quite frankly he was right.

This model of Jaguar is surely one of the best. It handles like a race car, and I find it easier to park then a 1999 Toyota Camry which I also drive.

It accelerates pretty effectively, and once it's been going for a while, you can really hear it purr. The drive is very even, and the car obeys everything you say.

The cabin, despite looking much bigger from the outside, is very comfortable and stylish, and looks much newer than an 88 car.

The air con has always worked, as have the other features, besides the Right Hand Side front electric window, which simply does not work.

It also loves petrol, getting up to 15 litres per hundred km's sometimes.

To sum up, when I told people I was going to buy a Jaguar, everything people said was negative, but after owning this car you can really appreciate how highly underrated this model and Jaguar really is.

I recommend this car to everyone who wants something a little bit different.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2007