1991 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 4.0 from UK and Ireland


So far so good


I had not had many problems with this car so far.

A few bulbs have blown.

The car refused to start once which turned out to be as simple as a build up of unburnt fuel.

The car can sometimes smoke a little on startup. This does not seem be be oil as it uses none. I suspect it is the unburnt fuel problem again.

I have just been advised that the following needs to be done to get it through its MOT: 1) new rear discs, pads and link cable 2) new rear bump stops 3) new front sub-frame mounts.

I have a small power steering pump leak.

The engine has a slight rattle when very cold. This disappears after a few minutes. I think it is a worn timing chain tensioner.

The engine stalled a few times when I first had the car. This has since become much less of a problem.

I am getting a bit of minor rust which I need to sort out. This seems mainly cosmetic so far. The underside of the car still seems sound.

The electric aerial was replaced.

The current problem with the front sub-frame mounts means the tracking needs reseting more often than it should. Left unchecked it causes uneven tyre wear.

General Comments:

This is a great car. It's huge, but great to drive.

A fantastic ride, with tremendous mid range power. Mega smooth and makes nice noises.

Performance is something else for a car of this size. It can be a cruiser. Or drop it down into sport mode for some serious fun. I have lost track of the number of reps and boy racers I have left behind (when in the mood).

The brakes are amazingly powerful.

This car will pass most things on the road apart from petrol stations. I use the car every day for commuting and get around 20 - 23 mpg around town. This equates to about 30 pounds a week in unleaded. But I do get better mpg on a run with the cruise control on.

I love the looks. It so imposing when it's parked or cruising at night. I think the wheelbase is slightly longer than standard too.

I have just purchased some 18 inch XJR wheels for the car to add to the effect.

Insurance is reasonable, given that it is a group 17 car. I am 24 years old and pay 700 pounds a year for third party fire and theft cover.

I have all the toys on this car and they all still work. These include: leather, ABS, power windows, power seats, power steering, air con, cruise control etc.

Overall a great bargain. This car was over 45k when new.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

21st Nov 2003, 16:24

Third party, fire and theft on a jag. Pushing your luck mate, if you haave a smash and it is your faukt then you have lost your jag. Still if you can get away with it then good luck and enjoy. LUCKY GIT!!!

22nd Jul 2004, 09:15

Where did you go for your insurance? sounds a good deal. I am 26 and looking to buy an xj6. got to find the right one, but would be interested to hear where you went for your insurance.


20th Nov 2004, 16:05

Excellent!!! I am in the actf buying a cherry 1990 XJ6 Sovereign edition here states side.

I love the Jags... Kinda makes up for Triumph not being around anymore./

27th Dec 2010, 06:03

Hi, I've just bought a Jag 1991 4 ltr, it's a cracker! Nice dark red! Does anyone know whether it has remote central locking? I've got both the keys, but no fob!

Thanks, Tony.

28th Jul 2018, 20:17

My 1991 Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign 4.0 Vanden Plas has it, but they are sort of gimmicky; you have to be up next to the door to unlock it.

1991 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 from UK and Ireland


Great in a straight line, bad on the bends


ABS light insists on there being a fault when there isn't one. Wheel bearings gone after 127000 (thrashing probably) Paralyzed electric windows. Seat support is failing (uncomfortable).

General Comments:

I can't help but like this vehicle. I'm more than happy using it everyday for commuting. There's tons of room inside with plenty of leather and wood to keep the textured plastic finishes at bay. Head height is very low, giving the ride a rather dark, low-down feel.

Great Jaguar music with plenty of clarity & volume. Music unit is custom built, so no swapping it out for a different one.

Performance is serviceable. In a straight line, it's a simple task to sixty (8s) and quite quick to a hundred. (sub 15s) But beyond that, the ride gets jumpy. Corners are another matter, with poor tires it's like a pudding with wheels, and things get ugly when the traction finally lets go. This is not a very rigid car, but then at nearly two and a half tons it's stupid to expect anything else.

Air conditioning is essential as the cabin gets very warm without it (especially when the windows don't open)

These cars are getting stupidly cheap at the minute, and providing you don't get them serviced by a Jag dealer they're fairly cheap to service and repair (about £500 - £1000 per annum for an old one where things need repairing). Fuel comes in at 21 MPG (average) commuting and 26 MPG on the motorway. Which is OK providing your foot doesn't get too heavy (otherwise expect about 10 MPG...oops)

And then there's insurance...

Try it you might like it...

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Review Date: 19th June, 2002

15th Sep 2002, 05:02

There is something seriously wrong with your car is it's handling like a pudding.. even on cheapo tires it should not have a rough ride, and should still behave like it is on rails. Also the body should be very very rigid, ask a body repair man about re-jigging XJ's, apparently once they are bent there is not a pulling machine strong enough to straighten one!

8th Aug 2004, 04:47

I do agree about the brake pad fail warning, but my jag handles well having replaced shocks, maybe this is is your problem.

14th Apr 2005, 14:32

Best car I ever owned. ride comfort is biggest quality, reliability after one year is 9 out of 10 requiring a new fuel pump only and it had good manner of dying in my driveway. Must say the pump is very expensive over $1,000 including labor.

High build quality throughout, solid feel, great sound system and quiet ride.

4.0L engine is very smooth above 1,000 rpm, mine is a little ruff at idle when cold.

Still Look forward to driving it even after putting 17,000Km on it.

These cars depreciate faster than most so a low mileage great condition 91 sovereign with rear bucket seats and picnic tables can be found for around $5,000

Most important part before purchase is the inspection by qualified Jag mechanic and information on and from previous owner.

A Careful purchase will get you a great car. I have passed on 31 cars before making offer to buy mine.

Gas mileage is 14-16 mpg city, 24-28mpg highway.

26th Jun 2006, 19:17

Insurance is nothing cause of classic status. I'm 20 with 1 years NCB and I have a 1994 4.0 xj6 sovereign. insurance is £900 fully comp (cheap in any respect for my age), that's cheaper then my old 1.6 escort cabriolet. SUPERB CARS!!!