1996 Jaguar XJ6 6 from North America


Great Car, Gorgeous Lines, Fun to drive


I have had no problems with my JAG.

General Comments:

I love how smooth this car is. I think that it is the best luxury car for the money period. I have owned 2 Lexus LS400's and 3 Porsche 911's and this car is probably my favorite. It has beautiful lines. You feel like you are driving a Bentley for less than a Honda!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2007

7th Apr 2007, 14:56

I was thinking of changing my 93 xj for an LS400. I see that you have owned 2 of these. Why do you prefer the jag?

I might just keep mine depending on your opinions.

9th Aug 2008, 14:37

I just bought a used 1996 XJ6 with minor exterior imperfections (presumably from the handicapped driver who owned it before me... I found his mirror-hanger in the glove box... guess he was nearsighted when backing up, causing the paint scrapings on the rear bumper) and a sunroof that needs to be manually opened.

I drove it 30 miles from the auction lot home and holy crap... this is the funnest car I've ever driven. Even with the paint anomalies, I was getting looks from other drivers with cars that probably cost 10 times what I paid for this beast (I only paid 2300 USD! and it only has 89k on the odometer with carfax reporting only 2 owners!)...

Anyway, I'm going to get the car checked out and get a thorough fluid change this week and get a feel for how much that goes for. It needs two rear tires, which I imagine won't be cheap because they'll probably try to sell me speed tires when in fact, I will probably never reach the 5 o'clock position of the speedometer. If I did, my face would probably peel off!

I will post again in a few weeks to report how the first month buying this 'as-is' vehicle has gone. Cheers!

1996 Jaguar XJ6 Sedan 4.0 Litre 245 HP I6 from North America


This is a great car for anyone looking for a used luxury vehicle for a not so luxury price


I have always owned jaguars so when my 1988 XJ6 finally got too rusty I already knew what I was going to get. At first I was on the fence about this vehicle. It wasn't as smooth as the old jaguars, but after spending more time with this vehicle I have to say it has grown on me like moss on a rock. It acts much lighter than my old one especially on tight turns. It has more body roll then a BMW, but that's the way English cars are. Even though the engine is rougher it is faster off the line, and this is the first Jaguar I have had with sport mode and I have to say I find it quite enjoyable. The interior is classic jaguar all the way, however it does concern me that I am starting to see some pieces from the dreaded blue oval (Ford) in there. Altogether this is a great vehicle both mechanically and cosmetically. It has held up very well and does not show its true age at all. I look forward too many happy years in this vehicle and plan to keep my relationship with jaguar in the future.

General Comments:

Very good car. If you cannot afford a new Jaguar I would say this is the one for you. Suprisingly, reliable in comparison to my old XJ6 which would break down if you farted in it. I would suggest this to anyone looking for a used vehicle, and if Ford doesn't mess around with future models too much I think Jaguar will continue to improve.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

6th Dec 2005, 10:47

Yep, I can see how you would be worried about the Ford influence, after all everyone knows that the pre-Ford Jags were all paragons of reliability, right?

22nd Dec 2005, 12:43

I was more worried about fords influence on styling, performance, and handling of the vehicle. I don't think Ford is the pinnacle of reliability either. You don't earn the saying fix or repair daily for nothing. The 4.0L V8 in the early Jaguar XJ8 had a constant problem stalling on the highway for no practical reason, which a perfect example of ford's negatave influence one these vehicles. Not to say that the three recalls on my old 1988 XJ6 was great. Another example would be Ford closing the Jaguar assembly plant in Coventry. Further blurring the line between Ford and what is supposed to be the separate legal entity that is Jaguar Motorcars.