18th Jun 2009, 07:33

I bought an impeccable 96 with 38,000 miles from a local. I have to agree with the Bentley comparison. I drove it to a friends house and they thought the president was coming! A blast to drive. My car is as close to flawless as can be. Just love it. Paid $7500 and here I was on my way to buy a new Corolla. I like Toyotas too, but let's get real.

28th Aug 2010, 13:09

Well my 1996 Jag isn't the best car I've owned. But hold-on now!; Now you can't take away the prestige that a poor man (Average OK?) like me gains, by having one sexy creature such as a Jaguar XJ.

It gives you a pride and a feeling that you have arrived. Really beats a "Caddie" for the luxury and ride quality. In a Jaguar, you really take your time going places. Flip a switch "click" sport mode; the car changes from this sublime cruiser to a "hang-on" here we go!!!; before you know it. Why? I don't know, it's just what happens.

OK, yes some think that you are doing great and you are on your money game. (perception is a mf) You are good down south to out west, and the brand is there. Respect right?

Look, one day I had an opportunity to have a 1999 GS300 (I didn't like the way it smelled); I had to replace my harmonic balancer. Part cost $650... (damn sigh..). Soooo I drove my XJ6 to the Lexus dealership. Feeling like look at these peasants (thinking OK). Hey there is no "just comparing" the style, class, and even patina of a Jaguar (strength in Jaguar badge). Just look at it, does something to you; like when I drove in the parking lot and I saw this little boy point at my ride and it struck me to keep going; don't look at the Lexus (it felt like I was fall-in in a dream).

Soooo (POP!!!) I snapped out of my delusional dream of a trade in. Drove my Jag to my moms (had to eat man? What?) and I looked back see-in my perfect world.

For keeps, that's what Jaguar does for you; it gives you "that feeling". Ask someone if you don't own one...