29th Oct 2009, 09:24

I have a Daimler Six 1995, purchased second hand. When you buy a car of this age, you can expect a few minor problems, but when you drive one of these cars, it's a dream; quality, and above all comfort you won't get in a Merc or B.M. I have had over 20+ YEARS driving a few Jaguars/Daimlers, and even Astons, but at least I can sort the problems out without a huge garage bill every time.

At present round the town I get 24.6 mpg and a healthy 28/29 on long runs, but I let the car do the work. After all, it's not a racing car, but a carriage of quality.

The important thing is to make sure you get it serviced by a qualified dealer. If not, you might collect a further bill to put it right.

I would like to add to the original text now dated 29/3/2010. I have had to replace the rear shockers and front wheel bearings. I was told the bearings needed changing; when my local garage looked, there was nothing wrong, it was the linkage and grommets. What was going to cost an arm and a leg, only cost a few pounds and g'teed.

For all of that, I'm still a happy driver of my Daimler Six

2nd Dec 2009, 10:42

Thank you for your original review. Very useful and congratulations for your writing skills. I’m looking around for a XJ and it’s helping to make up my mind (I’ve not decided yet). I need a car for daily use. Fuel consumption is not a major concern, but should not be outrageous either. Let’s say, some 10 to 12 l/km (some 23.5 mpg UK) would be OK. According to your review, it’s realistic to expect that.

I couldn’t help noticing that in overall XJ6/40 reviews show very satisfied owners… in contrary to the idea I had. I’ve been driving Volvo for some 10 years (owned 4 so far… some good, some so-so) and their reviews are not comparable to the Jags’ ones.

24th Nov 2011, 14:41

Very useful review, thanks.

6th Jan 2013, 10:15

Wow! Nice review. I've dreamt of a Jag Daimler Edition for so long, and and now I've decided, I have to buy! Thanks for your review. I own 2 Mercs, but we are talking about Jag's best ever model.

17th Jul 2013, 11:37

A splendid, professionally written review. Very helpful, thanks from across the pond!

4th Jul 2014, 04:14

Greetings! I just bought a 95 Jag XJ6 last week and am extremely satisfied! Only paid 3k, and the previous owner had put new tires, brakes, and shocks on her. I've done some bodywork and minor repainting, and am thrilled with the results. She is a Navy blue color, but in a certain light hints of greenish. She's overall beautiful to look at, and to drive as well. I live in wine country, Northern California, and the curvy, undulating roads are perfect for this fine Jag!

17th Mar 2015, 12:09

I'm a big lover of the XJ range since the 70s... never really owned a big cat, until now... Well it's not the cat, it's the more upmarket brother. Yes, it's the 4L Daimler Six LWB... and by god it's a nice piece of kit. I've only had it a couple of days, and already when I go for a drive I want to take it the long way round to get there; that's how impressionable it is... Have I made a mistake in buying one? NO is the answer! Have I bought a rare classic... Yes! I have to agree about the reputation of BL with all its cars, not just the Jag, but Ford did surprisingly produce one of the best looking cars of its era...