1995 Jaguar XJ6 Daimler Six from UK and Ireland - Comments

29th Oct 2009, 09:24

I have a Daimler Six 1995, purchased second hand. When you buy a car of this age, you can expect a few minor problems, but when you drive one of these cars, it's a dream; quality, and above all comfort you won't get in a Merc or B.M. I have had over 20+ YEARS driving a few Jaguars/Daimlers, and even Astons, but at least I can sort the problems out without a huge garage bill every time.

At present round the town I get 24.6 mpg and a healthy 28/29 on long runs, but I let the car do the work. After all, it's not a racing car, but a carriage of quality.

The important thing is to make sure you get it serviced by a qualified dealer. If not, you might collect a further bill to put it right.

I would like to add to the original text now dated 29/3/2010. I have had to replace the rear shockers and front wheel bearings. I was told the bearings needed changing; when my local garage looked, there was nothing wrong, it was the linkage and grommets. What was going to cost an arm and a leg, only cost a few pounds and g'teed.

For all of that, I'm still a happy driver of my Daimler Six

2nd Dec 2009, 10:42

Thank you for your original review. Very useful and congratulations for your writing skills. I’m looking around for a XJ and it’s helping to make up my mind (I’ve not decided yet). I need a car for daily use. Fuel consumption is not a major concern, but should not be outrageous either. Let’s say, some 10 to 12 l/km (some 23.5 mpg UK) would be OK. According to your review, it’s realistic to expect that.

I couldn’t help noticing that in overall XJ6/40 reviews show very satisfied owners… in contrary to the idea I had. I’ve been driving Volvo for some 10 years (owned 4 so far… some good, some so-so) and their reviews are not comparable to the Jags’ ones.

24th Nov 2011, 14:41

Very useful review, thanks.

6th Jan 2013, 10:15

Wow! Nice review. I've dreamt of a Jag Daimler Edition for so long, and and now I've decided, I have to buy! Thanks for your review. I own 2 Mercs, but we are talking about Jag's best ever model.

17th Jul 2013, 11:37

A splendid, professionally written review. Very helpful, thanks from across the pond!

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