17th Mar 2015, 00:21

Hello: I cannot tell you how I enjoyed your review, and how I laughed (with you, not AT you!). And strangely, your review hasn't stopped me from lusting after such a beast... however it has been a learning experience.

I am seriously (seriously?) previewing ads to purchase such a beast for myself, and it will be as a hobby, not a daily driver (I really don't drive, prefer to ride a bicycle, or take the bus). But I promise you, I'll make sure it is THOROUGHLY inspected by a competent JAGUAR specialist, that isn't interested in making $$$$ off of me.

Wish me luck, and I wish you all the best in your efforts.

17th Mar 2015, 00:41

I am sorry for your loss... one reaches a point when they finally have to say 'enough is enough, no more! Time to cut our losses.' I regret your ownership experience was so expensive. I have been there... after spending $1200 on repairs for a 1984 Audi 5000S (the company put $6000 worth of parts in the car, one year out of warranty), the differential went: $4000! Holy *%#@! Batman! That was the last straw for me.

12th Jul 2015, 20:45

OP here again. Glad my experience entertained.

As a postscript, in the end we did replace the engine. God, we must have been mad, crazy, or a little of both. Loved that car, but it still wasn't right. We decided to cut our losses and sell it. Argh! No roadworthy certificate possible without a further $4000 of repairs. Kind of necessary to sell it in Queensland.

Might have been able to find a more-kind certifier, but tried to sell 'as-is'. Yeah. Well. In the end we traded it and went back to modern.


- Buy from someone who can be trusted. Motor dealers in gold chains - stay clear. I would suggest joining the club and finding a member with a good car, a known history, and a desire to sell. I did see ours later on Carsales for much more than we traded it, and the dealer included the photos of the old engine being rebuilt, despite the fact that engine was long gone.

- Have it checked out properly. Jags need that, though be realistic - something will be wrong with it.

- Get a mechanic you trust (or be mechanical yourself, though Jags are special, special beasts). Thought we had one, but they are few and far between.

- Be prepared to open your wallet anyway.

Jags are sexy as hell, but require commitment, and that is a deliberate double-entendre. Call me from your cell.

Built for a different time and different fuel prices, and a different, closer relationship with your mechanic. It's been over a year since the Jag was traded on a 2012 Ford Mondeo, and it is still often missed. But the Mondeo starts first time, every time, and that's sexy in its own way.

13th Jun 2016, 00:21

Sad for you buddy. An entire engine replacement in Lebanon costs 1000 to 1500$. A transmission overhaul costs 300$...

And most electrical problems can be solved for less than 50$ per part. I did my research before buying my XJ6 1985. Did the entire body and paintwork for 1500$ as it had some rust issues. And refurbished the engine for 600$ as it had a strange sound. Beyond that, the car drives like a modern American cruiser.

Note that some original parts can be replaced with Mercedes-Benz, like the fuel pump, which are much cheaper and very easy to replace (no mechanic needed).

4th Jan 2017, 03:03

Here here, absolutely overpriced by 2x or 3x.

4th Jan 2017, 03:20

If the head gasket failed after 30k, then the replacement job was not done right! Do you know for sure you have a bad head gasket or was it just another bad mechanic?

25th Apr 2017, 21:21

OP again. Head gasket failure diagnosed by two mechanics.

Rebuild was 30,000 km, but about 8 years, prior to our ownership. So definitely a head gasket problem (something about water jackets).

27th Jan 2018, 00:49

I think your sad story could have been about any poorly maintained, poorly repaired car with some bad luck thrown in. Let's not attribute your problems entirely or even somewhat to Jaguar.

I just bought an '85 - they're a bargain these days. But do look it over as you would any car. Who owned it, how they maintained it. Then preemptively maintain every bit of it. Change all the fluids, hoses. Clean up the wiring connections. Put in new plug wires and maybe a new coil. The car will reward you with thousand of trouble free miles.

I love my Jag. It's built like a tank. Solid. Suitable for the Queen of England.