24th Feb 2004, 11:33

Great car to own and drive. I would suggest that you become familiar with parts and owner install of the easier ones. The check engine light likes to go on in cold weather. Simply disconnect the negative battery cable for about 10 seconds and the dummy lights go off.

2nd Dec 2005, 09:36

I bought my jaguar xj6 in November and I've had problems ever since. The car won't start in the cold the trannsmision slips leaks and burns oil I would suggest not buying one.

9th May 2007, 08:09

To the person above who needs advice.

I have a 93 4.0 sovereign (VDP in USA spec)

Suggest you go for 92/93 onwards as you can as jaguar improved these models quirks to no end when Ford took over.

Bank on regular maintanence of things such as bushes etc (air con is a pain on these cars). Having said that class, cheap I can't bear to buy anything less than a second hand Bentley/Rolls as I've been spoilt.

I've owned mine over 2 years and love her to bits (and I'm not a mechanic at all: too lazy). She still gets admiring glances, kids wave and shout "nice car mister"

Can't think of a car on same cost (£1000 GBP) that garners such interest.

21st Jul 2007, 08:06

I am looking at a 92' XJ6 Sovereign. The gauges are pegged to the right and the owner had a negative pole disconnect installed. When you start the car, the radio asks for a code. Where do I get the code, and will that reset the gauges? This car was sold at a tax auction and I do not know the previous owner. Can anyone give insight into the problem? The car is in great shape and has about 140,000 miles.

23rd Jul 2007, 19:08

The radio code is with your owners handbook, it is a theft deterrent feature. If the book is not with the car, jaguar may have a universal one or can get it with your VIN #. It would probably be easier to install a new radio/cd. Your dials may be a blown fuse, check those. The radio goes off when the power is cut off from the car. Disconnect your battery cables and reconnect them to see if this may re-set your dials. I have a 1992 Majestic.

25th Apr 2009, 15:59

I bought a 1990 Sovereign in 2005 and had some work done to it to bring it 'up to snuff'. My non-dealership Jaguar mechanic (apprenticed at a dealership in UK) did excellent work and knows most, if not all, of the crossover parts (e.g. air conditioner compressor from Cadillac) and has saved me lots of money.

My wife and I liked the car so much we bought a 1992 Sovereign in 2007. All we have had to do to this one is replace the worn tires, which of course is normal wear and tear.

We love both our Jaguar Sovereigns and have no serious interest in driving North American junk again. Further, we would rather have a used classic Jag than one of the newer ones we have seen.

Once driven, forever loved.

11th May 2009, 15:37

I bought a 92 XJ6 3.2 Auto Jag back in 1998. I was a late teenager at the time, a successful musician able to afford it & a car lover in general. I'll be 31 at the end of the month & I'll tell you now, my Jag has less wrong with it than I do! Just over 200,000 miles now & still purrs like a big kitten. I've driven that car across Europe countless times, never once given me a problem. The length of UK many times, never a bother.

Have had to clean the window motors & lock motors every so often, but other than that, everything still works like new. The trick to buying & owning any of these cars is buy a good one to start with, & keep it that way. Buy one with service history, from an enthusiast if you can. If it's rusting all ready, walk away, if you already own one & it starts to rust, keep on top of it.

The engines are well built & simple, just maintain it, regular service & keep records in case you sell it on at some point. Like most cars, it's common sense, if it looks bad, it probably is. It may not be as mpg efficient as a Micra, but it will outlast it, many times over, well mine will anyway...

31st May 2010, 04:11

I just bought a 1992 XJ6 and the radio doesn't work. Have checked the appropriate fuses on the drivers side panel. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, is the radio hard to remove?

19th Jun 2010, 21:23

I am a "new" 1992 Jag XJ6 owner, so reading your commentary from the past 8 years is very reassuring. I've always been a Mercedes guy, and currently own a 420 SEL with about 155k miles in Denver Colorado. The car I just purchased (yesterday) is a one owner (deceased gentleman) with 99456 miles, black and tan interior, so I'm sure he took care of it as if it were his body ("you only have one"). Needs new paint and that's about it. Thanks for letting me know I'm going to enjoy the ride.

H Sanderson Denver co.

10th Oct 2010, 18:32

Hello, I have a 1992 XJ6 Sovereign 4D. I got it from friends, and have the complete service record, which is good.

My question is this: the transmission appears to be slipping as the RPM gauge rolls up to 30 to 40 rpm from about 20rpm. One is traveling along, and all of a sudden it is as if you have slipped a gear down in a manual car.

This happens when it is traveling at about 100km/h and I slow the car down. It is also happening now at lower speeds.

Can you anybody comment on what this might be? I assume transmission work is in the offing?

There does not appear to be an electrical fault. Thanks.

29th Mar 2011, 15:17

I have a 1992 Majestic XJ6 with the same issue having the gauges pegged to the right. If you found out why or how to fix it, please let me know... I checked all the fuses, they are good and getting power. When you drive at 30 it says 60 MPH. The oil light temp light and battery light are on. Help!

The car runs and drives great though.

27th Feb 2013, 21:21

I have a 92 XJ6, and water got inside. Ever since then, it has not started. It turns, but won't start. I was told to get an ignition control module, but it's expensive. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

18th Mar 2013, 16:30


I have a 1992 Sovereign XJ6. It has 85000, of which I put on 7500 since the purchase. Can I get some advice about servicing the A/C? The info on cleaning the window and door motors was very handy, thanks. Also the front end won't hold an alignment and the rear tires are tilted inwards slightly.

I plan on keeping this car for another 115000 miles. Should I, or should I use the repair cost to purchase something else...

14th Oct 2014, 22:27

Anyone know of a Jaguar Collector's club in south Florida, where someone may be interesting in restoring a 1992 Jaguar Sovereign XJ6? I have been driving it since 1998 when I bought it used from Jaguar. It was in mint condition, and well kept and maintained regularly. Had a CareForce1 warranty for 2 years, then found a great reasonable mechanic.

I have used for work and back for the last 10 years or so, and any major driving was done with my husband's car, due to the price of gas and to limit the miles as I planned to keep it.

It has no body dents or rust, but now over the years due to wear and tear, it has damage to the leather on glove box, and the driver's side leather seat would need repairing or replacing. The only other damage is on the laminate cover of the ashtray.

Have replaced most major items on the car by now using one mechanic since it was out of warranty, about 14 years now. I'm no longer working full time, so need to get a more economical small car now, so looking to find a collector who may want it. Any ideas or help on where to find someone would be appreciated.

Thanks, Beth.

9th Dec 2014, 18:21

The VIN number will not help you if you don't have the owners manual. You need the serial number off the back of the radio deck, and then call a Jaguar dealer service center and they will give you the code.

3rd Oct 2015, 11:28

I just looked at YouTube; it will show you how.

26th Sep 2016, 15:06

I have an XJ6 that self-destroyed itself and ended up on fire, exploding in the middle of the highway. A total head-turner!

Still keep it though.

3rd Aug 2017, 17:18

Self destroyed? That's so cool!