5th Dec 2005, 12:12

I agree with the previous poster. A friend of mine was looking for an XJ6 and he knew exactly what he was getting into and what to avoid. He also was on good terms with a Jag mechanic. He found the car he wanted and understood it wasn't a Lexus as far as reliability.

As you imply, Jaguars are always tempting buys because they are always so cheap as used cars. But maintenance is definitely the killer.

2nd Aug 2006, 12:00

In the past I owned a 1988 Jaguar XJ6 known to be one of the worst and experienced negligible problems. The only issue I ever had was a blown upper radiator hose and failed fuel pump which was replaced with a used unit for $40 myself doing the labor. Also I would like to point out that I was a teenager at the time and ran the car quite hard. With regards to older jags being fast my mother at the time owned a 1985 XJ6 and I have personally driven it to speeds of 140+ mph with little effort.

17th Aug 2006, 21:31

I own a 1994 XJ6 and have had air conditioning problems non-stop for two months now. However, my Jag is an amazing car. I recently had it up to 200 KPH or 140 MPH before I backed off for fear of a speeding ticket. It is incredibly quick and smooth especially in sport mode. The electrical is a bit fussy, but nothing overall. I have the Alpine green exterior colour and people comment on how beautiful the car is. It only has 98,000 kms or 57,000 miles on it. I'm hoping it will go another 150,000 more. Just watch out for both radiator fluid and oil consumption on these older XJ6's. My Jag is the hottest car I have every owned and I have had them all: Japanese, English, American and German.

15th Aug 2007, 15:59

I got a 88Jaguar XJ6 from my dad's estate. It's costly if you want to keep this vehicle fine and efficient. Luckily I knew a couple of mechanically inclined people, who desired taking on the beast and achieved some moral victory. If you have extra expenditures, the drive is as good as sex. You forget that you're way over the speed limit. (Be careful) Love it or leave it that's a Jaguar.

9th Sep 2007, 11:11

To Michele: You didn't say what year and model Jag you have. I had a 1983 that did the same thing. Turned out it was a relay that is mounted on the firewall. It was a "cold start" system relay. See if the shop checked those as well. I hope this helps,


13th Dec 2007, 12:54

I recently purchased a 1994 XJ6 and have replaced the fuel pump. I did also replace a taillight and a front amber light. I purchased a better battery to give more cranking amps. My biggest problem is when it is very wet outside it does not start well and may require a boost. There is some water leakage on the front passenger floor and in the trunk. The circuit fail light (#25) comes on a lot at this time. Is some circuit catching this water and if so, where do I start looking to stop the water.

18th Feb 2008, 09:23

If you're thinking of purchasing a used XJ6, which are beautiful vehicles, take note of which region of the country the car has come from. If the vehicle has come from the snow belt you may expect some more expensive electrical problems than say a dry climate car. Be aware you should have some mechanical ability when purchasing ANY used vehicle more than a few years old. As far as late 80's and early 90's XJ6's you might want to stay away from 93 and 94 as they are known for electrical gnomes no matter where there from. The best bet is to purchase a low mileage as possible vehicle or a Grannies car. The other option would be a stored vehicle. All problems can be addressed on these vehicles, but if you have a short fuse and a lot of money to spend on different problems maybe you should invest in a much newer Jaguar. Good Luck.. Jag Lover.

25th Feb 2008, 09:01

I have a 94 Jag xj6 great car, but runs rough.

2nd Mar 2008, 23:15

I bought an 89 XJ6 a year ago. Great car, runs wonderfully. Some minor electrical quirks, but nothing I'm concerned about. I love this car, and when I wear it out, I'll get another one.

15th Mar 2008, 20:16

Should I buy a 94 XJ6 at 9000 dollars 47000 miles? Is this a bad idea?

18th Mar 2008, 22:41

I have a 1993 Jaguar XJ6 and this sorry car sucks. I have to put 1,000 in every month. These cars are really a very bad investment. I will never say that Jags are cool cars; they suck.

If you think they're so cool, buy them all, they're not worth any money. You can have mine, 1993 XJ6 150,000 miles for 3,000. My name is Bob, my # 478-213-2425. I put a new motor in it last year, it cost me 4,700. I bought the car for 5,000; add it up and call me.

6th Jun 2008, 10:46

The feelings about older jags is not restricted to a few select owners. It is known that these jags have problems. My grandfather bought his '93 XJ6 in '94 and I have it now, it only has 85,000 miles on it and in this passed year, we've had to fix the AC, the axis broke (funny because I'm not a crazy driver, I keep myself within 8 mph over the speed limit or less), replaced the oxygen sensors, replaced the gas distributor (surprisingly expensive), and replaced the connector cables in the transmission (surprisingly cheap), all for a grand total around $5,000. I love this car and hope it will last me passed 150,000 miles, but every time I feel like it's OK, another problem arises. My grandfather and I both want to keep it at least until it's a classic, but we know that if it has another problem that costs over $1,000 we will get rid of it.


10th Aug 2008, 18:14

I HAVE A 1994 JAGUAR XJ6. I paid 1800 for it, the car runs great. It has 106,000 miles. The only problem I have is when I start it. I usually, when it's cold, have to turn the ignition for about 7 seconds then turn it off and then do it again and then it usually starts after another 7 seconds of turning, but then white smoke comes out the exhaust. When the cars been running and I shut it off and start it within 15 minutes, it usually starts right up with no smoke. If anyone knows what this could be, please let me know.

11th Aug 2008, 15:42

I realize you may not still be looking for an answer for the question from May on where the fuel pump relay is.

I have a 93 XJ6 and love it, but have done the electrical battle myself.

The relay is in the the rear trunk on the right side (opposite of gas fill) behind the panel by the tail light. There is also one under the hood on the fire wall that provides power to the relay in the trunk.

I first replaced under the hood and then had to replace the one in the trunk. You can go to a Jaguar dealer and they will print you out a copy of the relay locations, including the color of the block they plug into.

As for the white smoke when starting up cold, I believe it is a result of too rich of a gas mixture (mine reported bad oxygen sensor). I have not bothered to replace it because I was told it was only related to emissions testing needs. Once driven it does not put out the white puff when warmed up start.