17th May 2011, 12:46

Can anyone advise me?

I own a BMW 525i 1993. I've had it almost a year, had coolant loss problems which took a while and some money to sort. It turned out to be a bad leaky radiator. Anyway, I'm quite happy with my old Beemer, it always starts, seems all OK!

But I've always fancied a old Jag with a smooth beast under the bonnet. I've seen a 1993 XJ6 4.0 for sale with 107000 miles. I've test driven it, it seems great, quite, smooth, powerful, in great condition, no rust anywhere, all seems fine. But will it stay that way? Or will it let me down the moment I arrive home with it, or start costing hundreds of pounds in garage bills?

Should I take a chance on it?

Please help...


11th Jun 2011, 06:49

I am in the same boat as the previous poster. I can get a 93 Jag XJ6 with 107K for around 500 bucks. It's funny that I am like "Ummm, even @ 500... I dunno?" I think it's just like any other car make, lemons here and there. More often with Jag it seems like.

What's the best areas to inspect if buying it for 500 bucks? Would only be driven 5 months of year. I know it runs and starts (there's half the battle, huh? LOL) but does need door handle replaced on the driver's door (handle is missing I guess?). I assume door cables as well. How much we talking there?

Overall, what should I look for on a test drive? With it so cheap, it's hard to say no to this car. CONTINUALLY SUCKED IN BY JAGS! Thanks!

15th Jul 2011, 01:38

To Alex in San Antonio: Yes, it is possible. I have a 1988 XJ6 (XJ40) with a Pontiac 305 engine, and it runs fine. It was the prototype conversion for a kit, which is now available. I did not do the conversion myself, so cannot attest to the difficulty level - it appears there are many considerations, not just "bolt on". The conversion was done by Jaguar Specialties in California, who could probably give you some advice. I have no affiliation with them, but consider them knowledgeable in this unique area. Best of luck to you.