23rd Jan 2010, 04:20

X 3 on the tranny dying. I got the same warnings, then no more first gear. Turned out to be the worst purchase I've ever made... the ZF trannies just don't cut it with this model.

21st Mar 2011, 07:27

Does not seem that proper upkeep was in place here. For example: super glue fix and BMW tires on your Jag simply sums it up.

Must be willing to pamper your baby and it will take care of you.

13th Sep 2012, 16:36

Probably a little late for you, but this may help anyone else that comes across this review.

Properly the heated seats in this car are more than subtle. It's gradual yes, but you should feel it. If it seems to be barely working, then no, it's not working right, regardless of what some "Oh I'm lazy and don't feel like bothering with it" dealer/independent mechanic says.

85% of the time, the cause of the ABS/ASC/traction control light error is dirty sensors, especially in snow areas where salt and grime build up on them. A good cleaning should work before trying to replace them. They can be pricey if they are truly bad, but that is rare. That system works as one, so when those sensors error, it bolos the whole system. Sometimes something as menial as difference in tire pressure can cause it to error.

Transmission - That A-drum is the achilles heel of this car and any car with that ZF-transmission. They are known to go out as low as 15,000 miles, but average 40,000-70,000 miles. When it goes, don't bother with getting a straight OEM dealer transmission or you will have the same expensive problem, 15,000-70,000 miles later. Get the reinforced A-drum and no more issue. Oh, and use the correct fluid and change it out every so often. There is a reason they call it "lifetime" fluid. More money for the dealer and part pushers.

MAF sensor - a common problem on this car, but should cost no more than $200-$300 dollars max at a corporate dealer, and about 15 minutes in labor. Any more than that is pure price gouging. Some dealers do practice this, so they can get more money, especially if they are the few Jaguar dealer in town. Here there is only one dealer, so they charge $800 for that part, but the Jaguar dealer in ATL where there are more, quoted me $300, Miami $300, LA $310, Denver $320, Chicago $295. I asked the ATL why they charge more here; they basically said that while dealer prices can vary, it shouldn't be more than 10-15% mark up between them, as they get their parts from the same place, and I should report the dealer here to Jaguar corporate, as they are clearly charging too much.

Salt and stock Jag wheels, and most wheels for that matter, do not do well with salt/snow. Even in winter, wash them as often as possible to prevent rust.

$700 for a transmission line? A couple of hundred on the high end and 1 hour labor; three if they go slow, drain the entire transmission and refill. In reality, the transmission line can be done without draining the entire transmission. It's not a special part, and no specific special Jag tool is needed to remove and replace. It's simple beginner DIY. But you must buy the tool that any Autozone has to remove the line connectors.

CD volume thing is common problem that usually "fixes" itself. Most dealers don't know how to fix it, so their answer is to replace the whole deck, with the problem still persisting after the new CD player is installed and $1,000 lighter in the wallet. Dealers will not hesitate to take your money, and a few will act like they are God's gift to Jaguar repair, but in reality some are more clueless than a beer maker trying to do brain surgery. Only difference is that most beer makers will admit they ain't good at brain surgery. Good luck in getting them to admit they bolo'ed a repair at the dealer.