28th May 2006, 01:52

Let me share with you what I learned from a true specialist and have applied since then.

The interior is, still, very high grade leather, though in the warm dry climate it will dry up soon. And drying up is the only danger to leather (as it is to your skin - same stuff!) Actually, the convertible, with rain water and more cleaning afterwards, is getting more attention - better moisture and lubrication - after all.

There is a huge difference in different areas as far as the humidity is concerned. A good rule of thumb is to take care of the interior like you take care of your own skin: wash gently with soap and water, though only modest amount of water if you do not want your ass wet tomorrow - use a soft cloth or sponge (non-synthetic materials), dry with a soft cotton cloth, apply a skin care lotion - the cheapest neutral-smelling body lotion is probably the best choice. (Too many car products have cleaning agents or silicone etc. in them. Though there is a British car lotion brand that will restore the smell of real leather, too.)

I do this only once a year, but hey, I am up north. I do generous amounts of lotion, let it sit, and polish the next day. Just in case, I do not wear my best clothes the next ride. All ages of my classic British cars have still baby-like leather, including the 2000 XJ8 and the 1963 MG and everything in between. Next owners are still happy!

Happy driving!

29th Aug 2007, 20:04

We need advice. We have a 2000XJ8 that intermittently will not start. We've taken it to the dealer a couple times. The 1st time they replaced the battery. The 2nd time they told us the first battery was defective and replaced it again. It is not a battery problem. When we attempt to turn over the engine the lights come on fine. But no engine sound at all... just a click. This started about a year ago. It would happen every once in a while. We'd let the car sit for a few hours then it would start right up. Over time it's been happening more often. Now it doesn't start at all. It's being towed at this very moment back to the dealer. Anyone out there ever have this problem?? I would love to understand what's happening.

7th Sep 2007, 16:07

Hi XJ8 owner. Check all high current wiring to starter motor. If OK suspect starter motor or solenoid. Good Luck MIKE.

20th Sep 2007, 15:50

Hey XJ8 owner. More than likely the intermittent no start is the positive post on the passenger side false bulkhead is loose or burnt causing the problem. If burnt the only way to fix this is to install a new stud. If not burnt then tighten the post. Before any attempts at this make sure that the battery is disconnected. I have not replaced one in my 6 yrs as a Jaguar Cert Tech. Hope this helps.

21st Jan 2008, 16:03

I am in the process of learning about Jags as I am going to buy one. I am looking at 1998 to 2001. I would like to know how to best determine which year was better, what problems certain years have/had, and in general, which year would be the one with the least amount of problems. Also, is it critical that one uses a Jaguar dealership as opposed to "regular" mechanics? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I know the reviews have helped, but yet caused room for confusion as well.

Thank you for your time.

A hopeful future Jag owner.

24th Feb 2008, 00:32

2000 xj8 jaguar. I am also having the same problem with the low coolant light. Twice I had the hose blow off and soak my hood liner. I finally had it clamped on tighter. I put in a new thermostat. Still happened. Then I had a flush and refill, new coolant. Drove 40 mile out of town SUPRISE!! low coolant light. I stopped and took of the cap. Full to the top I could touch coolant 1 inch in. I love my car, but I am afraid to leave town. The temp gage remains in the center where it should be. Also I can drive to work 3 miles and I smell antifreeze everyday. But it is full. I am a female and I do not think single women should ever own a car like this unless you have a ton of cash. I would love to someday buy another, but I will be going back to toyota!! Penny.

10th Feb 2012, 08:13

What is meant by "positive post on passenger false bulkhead loose or burnt"?

I have relaxed the battery, alternator, and now the starter, and it clicks when trying to start it. It did start a couple of times, but now just clicks and won't start.