1st Aug 2006, 22:04

I have an XJ8 Vanden Plas and I must admit--it is a stunning model! I've heard of the notorious Jaguar electrical problems... but Ford was supposed to have fixed them through their superior vendors/suppliers. Only problems on my 7 year old VP were a gasket, a radiator hose, an emissions hose, and the radio antenna mast, and the washer pump. I guess that is a lot of problems. Still, what a ride. Nothing quite like driving a fine luxury automobile assembled in beautiful Coventry. God save the Queen!

10th May 2010, 00:45

I respectfully disagree with your Jiffy Lube comment, I feel that the one thing you can do with the luxury vehicle above is take a good deal on the oil change. Jiffy Lube is quick, efficient and I use them to get the Mobil 1 in my XJR. Never have I had a complaint. I don't rely on them for engine flushes or other services, I go to the local dealer for that. But oil changes and an A/C recharge, Jiffy Lube has been nothing but great. Plus it's nice to get a free top off while on longer trips from any Jiffy Lube. Find one you like, and make the trip, it's saved me thousands over the span of my XJR's now 6 year life.

24th Jul 2010, 17:51

Jiffy Lube has done the following to me (each incident separately, on different cars/dates) :

1.) Overfilled my engine oil. I mean by OVER A QUART. This is the result of not letting it drain completely.

2.) Drained my oil without me asking them to. This was during the time I was at their cashier stand, telling them to just change my transmission fluid. The oil had been changed by them, one week before, and the Slick 50 they put in my engine went down the drain. Then, after I told them of their mistake, they DID change the transmission fluid. Then they proceed to "load the torque converter" by putting the car in drive, stepping on the brake, and revving the engine quite high (the car was literally twisting sideways). This is in spite of the fact that they only changed the pan and gasket. I got $20 from them, much later, for the Slick 50 they dumped.

4.) Broken my windshield wiper arm by lifting it up, checking the replaceable blade, and then letting it snap back violently. Their response when I said, "You need to fix that" was, "It was old and ready to break anyway." Of course, I did not accept their answer and they did replace the wiper arm several days (and calls to their local office) later.

So, per the above comments... I DO NOT recommend taking anything to Jiffy Lube. ESPECIALLY a Jaguar. My Jag takes 7 quarts of oil to fill the pan. I can just imagine what would happen if they didn't believe me, and decided to put in four.

29th Apr 2011, 15:39

Anybody that lets Jiffy Lube or Wal-mart or any of the quick change places change your oil; you probably don't care about your vehicle. Oil changes are often cheaper and much better if you go to your local dealer; they stand by the services given and have a name to protect. These other places, if they ruin your engine, good luck... small claims court, no lawyer will get involved, you will have to settle for whatever mess you are left with...

30th Apr 2011, 10:57

I must agree with you... I have been going to the dealer for their oil change specials... last one was 9.95 oil change with filter special... only problem I have is their special doesn't always coincide with my maintenance timetable... so sometimes I have slightly less or slightly more miles than I would like...

I also started having problems with Jiffy Lube... before starting my relationship with the dealership... I had many great years with Jiffy Lube... fast polite and efficient... a little pushy on extra stuff they wanted to do to my car... but a polite no was all that was needed... but they started making errors (overfilling the engine... over inflating tires... broke my hood cable and other small problems).. that I couldn't tolerate anymore...

The dealership takes longer... but as long as you make an appointment and do it early in the morning.. you can wait for your car and get out in about an hour or so..... Also, they like Jiffy Lube want to do extra stuff.. but again a polite no works...