1990 Jaguar XJR-S 6.0 from UK and Ireland


Superb performance car for the cost of a 2 year old Fiesta


Power steering failure. The pump to rack hose split as well as the metal feed pipe which had vibrated to produce a hole. Cost £290 all in to fix.

Trailing arm bracket cracked where it joins the chassis. Cost £256 to have the joint replaced and area re-enforced.

Near side (UK) rear silencer cracks at the joint due to flexing. This has happened 3 times and has been re-welded each time.

General Comments:

This is not a car for the faint hearted. Nor is it an ideal 1st Jaguar. However it is an awesome drivers car, extremely fast especially from 40 to 140!

The car is a real handful to anyone who is not confident in their driving and I would not suggest one to anyone who has not driven a high powered rear wheel drive car before.

The running costs are very high, but if you consider the low purchase cost, in this case £4,500, even with £2,000 repair costs and parts costs it's an awesome car for the money and you will not get more power for your pound. The 0 - 62 time is mid 6 seconds and the top speed is limited to 158.

Insurance is very cheap at less than £600 fully comprehensive.

Petrol consumption is not something to gloss over. It averages just 14 mpg and less if driven hard.

It generates huge amounts of interest wherever it goes!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 31st August, 2002

14th Jan 2007, 11:45

I just bought my 1990 XJR S for € 5.000 and spent another € 3.000 on (partial) painting, tyres and general maintanance. In all I spent € 8.000. The car now is breathtakingly beautiful and a 100% head-turner.

The only regret I can come up with is that I didn't buy her years ago. So much time wasted on second best or worse.

I already was offered € 13.000 for the car in her current state. So as an investment object the XJR-S seems to be unbeatable.

My first 1.000 kms were an extended party. I can't think of anything worth while doing better than driving an XJR S (at least not any of the things you can speak about publicly). So in my opinion one is well advised to buy an XJR S.

If I could I'd insert one or two pictures, but that seems not to work. I'm open to any advise of people that can show me how to do that.

Rene van Baren


The Netherlands.