4th Jan 2012, 07:33

Which planet is this on? Obviously, not on earth.

12th Jan 2012, 16:43

I wonder if you have ever driven a car in California...

19th Mar 2012, 10:07

Please find a forum that suits your rant. Perhaps you may realise this person was on a private runway, or testing his car on a rural deserted highway at 4am, and not down your block during school run. This is a car forum, lighten up please!

18th May 2012, 13:13

Do-gooders. Can't live with 'em and can't live with 'em!

The reason America has the low speed limits is because people have been taught the car's controls, but many have not been taught to drive. That is why you should "stay to the right except to overtake". Should you venture into the grown-up's area, you need to be all grown up first!

That said, should you drive Rt10 through Arizona, CA bound, you will find the limits are relaxed. If you drove on I95 in Broward/Dade Florida at the 65 limit, you'd be a rolling road block. 90 mph happens in the real world of highways for grown-ups every day.

A Jaguar such as this car is equipped to handle well at speed. This is NOT your daddy's Lincoln. It has suspension and not just squishy bits in the wheel wells. It has brakes that equal its engine's performance. It is engineered to drive, and not just accommodate a fat bottom in comfort.

16th Oct 2012, 06:52

I am the original poster, and for your information, MOST racing is done on a professional racetrack during days when you can bring your DD and have fun. So reserve your judgement please.

Also... have any of you people ever driven on the roads of America? Or Europe? Actual roads, not the glorified city streets to take you to your place of employment. A lot of the driving done on interstates are done at 90+ In fact, while driving in my Suburban, I was being passed doing 96mph (top speed of the truck) on a regular basis.