1989 Jaguar XJS HE V12 from North America


The most breathtaking car I could ever ask for


OK folks, this is going to sound very strange, if not unbelievable, but nothing not a SINGLE thing has gone wrong with this car. however, I did have to do some work to get it running.

General Comments:

This car is in immaculate condition. I inherited it from my grandfather, who bought it new off the lot in 1989. he was very wealthy and had 3 other luxury automobiles, but this was his absolute favorite. but, the car sat since 2000 when my grandfather could no longer drive. once I got it, I gave it a full maintenance job (i did not attempt to run it until I had done so), and once that was completed the hearty V-12 purred to life the first try, but emitted a lot of blue smoke for a while. I let it idle for an hour or so, then took it out for a drive, and wow WHAT A CAR!!! the power is just so smooth and relaxing, but sure and true. the ride is impeccable and soft. the leather is perfect, stainless, the wood is smooth and polished. EVERYTHING works, there isn't anything wrong to date. I love the power avaliable for passing at highway speeds, so smooth. I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS CAR AND I WILL NEVER SELL IT!!! I had made him a promise to give him a ride in *his* Jaguar, and I fulfilled it 3 months before he passed. I remember the sparkle in his eyes as he thanked be with a firm handshake. I do, however, plan to use this car as my daily commuter, because gas consumption is on par with most new vehicles, and I plan to pay costly for whatever may go wrong.

This is a beauuuutiful car and I will never let it go. if you ever, ever, get the chance to experience one, please do, you will be greatly rewarded.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2006

26th Nov 2006, 14:19

Well, I seem to be getting an average of 16 mpg in mixed driving, and that is pretty darn close to the new dodge charger daytona/rt and other current muscle cars.

3rd Dec 2006, 11:27

As I understand it the XJS transmission is a GM turbo400. So it should not be too expensive to fix. The case however is made to fit only Jaguar so you can't just exchange trannys. Cost will most likely be the labor to remove and reinstall it. Make sure the shop you choose doesn't try to run up the cost by calling this exotic. I have been studying up and hope to own one of these soon. Good Luck, Sandman.

1989 Jaguar XJS 3.6 from UK and Ireland


A beautiful piece of sculpture


Driver seat belt warning light, a singleton red warning light right on top of the facia. Irritating, but easily overcome by unplugging the wire socket at the belt buckle anchor.

A blown fuse for the facia lights - original 5A fuse lasted 16yr!

Too early to give feedback on other bits.

General Comments:

It is quite simply a beautifully stunning car, drawing crowds of admirers everywhere! I prefer to cruise along at a sedate speed which belies its 250bhp - this is a car to be seen in, not to be seen as a blur.

I found the clutch and brake pedals surprisingly heavy for a luxury car like this - constant use in urban traffic can become tiresome. Or it can build me thick legs!

The steering seems to have a tendency to over steer, but holds itself steady enough during harsh cornering, with no hint of lifting off the road (it's too heavy for that as well).

The straight 6 AJ6 engine is sweet and a good runner, however even the gas pedal started to feel heavy after a time on the motorway. I feel it is best on the motorway where you maintain a constant speed - fuel consumption then becomes a respectable ~30mpg. Otherwise urban + countryside steady driving (no gunning or thrashing) returns some 25mpg.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2006