1989 Jaguar XJS from North America


Sex on wheels!!!


The car has been rock solid until last week. I drove this car as a daily driver, and had no issues other than replacing the tires and brakes, which are not expensive, being this is considered an exotic car.

Minor oil leaks typical of a 20 plus year old Jag.

Replaced thermostats because of over heating.

Now there is an electrical problem with the fuel injection system. The car is rough to start and constantly stalls out. My local mechanic cannot figure it out, and from what they are telling me, it's gonna be an expensive fix. The ECU and electrical system fail over time, so it's not Jaguar, it's all cars. Somehow water got into the fuel and shorted out a bunch of electronics. I will get it fixed, it is worth every penny you put into it.

Oh yeah, it's not as bad as they say on gas; I get about 18 MPG on the highway, but use premium!

General Comments:

Well I have had this car for over a year and put on over 30K. I always loved the sleek body of the coupe over the convertible. It has been reliable and just a joy to drive. Every single day, I am not kidding either, every single day someone mentions to me how beautiful it is.

I love this car. The raw power and vintage looks make it stand out from anything else on the road. The car accelerates like a jet, and you can feel the power of the V-12 zipping in an out of traffic.

The interior is simple but classy; British styling at its best. The cockpit is a little tough to get into, but once inside there is a ton of leg room to spread out.

Yes, you dump a ton of money into these, but if you put it all together, it costs you on average about $1500-$2000 a year to keep this car in excellent running condition. You won't be disappointed!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2012

2nd Jan 2013, 15:32

The problem ended up being minor with the fueling system. A lot of water ended up in the gas tank. Changed plugs, filters, and ran dry gas through the system. Runs like a champ now. Cost to repair was about $500. The car is still awesome.

15th Nov 2014, 11:21

I live in Australia, and I purchased a 1989 Jaguar XJSC NEW with beautiful Bordeaux paint that had a fuel mileage computer in the centre console factory addition.

At the time I was treasurer of the Jag car club, and also owned a Rolls Royce, and surprisingly the Jag was quieter and a much better car to ride in. Several times I drove it for 1700 km in one day, a 20 hour stint. If you rev it right out in first gear, it will do 117 km per hour, then automatically jump into second with massive wheel spin; not recommended because of the huge tail wag from side to side = dangerous.

I drove it hard for 12 months and it did not cost a cent for replacement parts; simply a fantastic car.

I am impressed that current owners of these cars after 25 years are still excited about owning them, and yes a beautiful young girl did leave a note on the windscreen wanting a date..?.? So it must have charisma that's still fresh.


15th Dec 2014, 03:17

Is there a photo of the "fuel mileage computer in the centre console factory addition"? A rare option never seen.

Thank you, stevedonato@gmail.com

1989 Jaguar XJS Rouge Classic V12 from North America




Third owner according to Carfax.

A/C does not get cold. Haven't figured out what the fix is yet.

Car was wrecked (seller lied) Bad paint job and body work.

Passenger side window sticks.

Driver side seat doesn't heat.

General Comments:

This car is the most gorgeous and stunning thing there is. I can't stop at the gas station without it taking three times as long cause people want to know what it is and what it has in it!

The car sits low to the ground and is a very comfortable seat unless you are large, then, getting in and out of it is difficult. My husband would much rather sit in the drivers seat due to comfort, but would rather not be in it at all due to size of interior! Personally, I feel like it fits me to a T.

This car is fast, stunning, and quite. There is nothing like driving this car down the highway at over 100 mph. You never even know it til you are there! It is easy to get into trouble in this car. It is quiet as a mouse and feels like it is running on a cloud.

Basically, you will never find anything else like it, and you will either love it or hate it. I will own this car until it gives out completely.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2007

7th Sep 2008, 18:12

I work on Jags all the time, and the majority of the time when the A/C does not get cold is because the A/C compressor goes bad.

21st Sep 2009, 23:48

The Collectors Rouge is already a limited model, but it is a truly wonderful car and is admired wherever it is seen...

29th Oct 2010, 14:35

I am getting mine today and am very excited about it. Although I will only be able to drive it a couple of days before I put it in storage for the winter, but look out summer time. Vrrrrrrooooooooommmmmmmm, vrrrrrrroooooooommmmmmm!

8th May 2012, 23:14

What a machine. First Jag ever owned!! Love it already in its 1st week. I read and study only the good, and forget the bad, because each has different owners.

I have a good Jag mechanic who knows them. The car is a timeless, ageless beauty, and the only Jag not designed by Lyons himself... by a group of people. At first styling was in the balance, but now 30 years later, they're admired. I figured it all out.

Greg, Reno NV.

30th Aug 2019, 02:12

If you still work on Jaguars... I own a 1989 XJS V12, purchased recently. The clock works only if I disconnect the battery and reconnect it... after a short time 8's appear on the screen. Do you have any ideas to help me?

Please advise and thank you in advance,

Richard Isaacs, Liverpool, New York


14th Nov 2019, 05:03

Hey, so do you still own the Jag? What were some of the issues you dealt with? Please reply to najm@shaw.ca

I am thinking of buying the same; just want to know from an owner.

Thanks for your time.