1996 Jaguar XJS Celebration Edition 4.0 litre from North America


A near perfect classic Jaguar


Complete rear-end failure at about 60,000 miles.

Driver seat wearing prematurely.

Overheating required radiator replacement at about 70,000 miles.

General Comments:

The 1996 XJS Celebration Edition had several cosmetic enhancements that make the car truly beautiful (both interior and exterior).

It is great for long distance touring at high speed. It is not a pocket rocket and will not win any drag races.

The top works perfectly and very quickly.

I am 6 feet 4 inches tall and the car is still very comfortable.

My wife loves it as much as me. She is a much faster driver.

What I enjoy most about the car is the way it brings out the best in other people. At a gas station, stoplight, or in a parking lot, many people come up to talk to me to comment on the car or tell me a story from their life that involves a Jaguar. One young gentleman working at a car wash surprised me by telling me the history of the XJS (quite accurately), which he knew because his father owned one (which the young man adored).

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Review Date: 5th December, 2005

23rd Dec 2014, 23:18

I also own a 1996 Jaguar XJS Celebration 4.0 AJ16 in mint condition and cannot fault it. A fabulous car to drive anywhere, and makes you feel like a million dollars.

What is it they say - "If the car you are buying will depreciate in value, you should lease it. If it will appreciate in value, then buy it outright!"

The 1996 XJS Celebration convertible AJ16 model is the last XJS and the most desirable, and definitely the best one to buy. A true appreciating asset.

11th Aug 2015, 06:57

1996 Jaguar XJS Celebration Convertible 4.0 AJ16

This is a truly fabulous car. I wanted an E Type, but was advised to buy this one, which is in pristine condition, from a Jaguar dealer who says it is the best one he has seen.

Even my wife says it is the best car she has travelled in. So luxurious, so smooth, so comfortable, etc. After two and a half years of ownership it continues to go up in value, and I am told by experts that it is a great investment, as the value is being dragged up by the increasing values of the E Type, and the Celebration 4.0 AJ16 convertible is the one everyone wants.