19th May 2001, 19:11

Had a similar experience, details unimportant. Lack-lustre parts and service, calls to the dealer and Jaguar not returned. They couldn't care less. Goodbye Jaguar, Hello Lexus.

29th Jul 2002, 00:26

You are correct, the Jaguar Dealers are not really interested in your problems. You were ripped by the dealer. The cost of the engine swap was too high. The dealers are not the experts on these engines. Suggest you find a local Jag Mechanic next time.

27th Sep 2002, 20:40

My xjs will be sold today for parts due to the overly high price to install new rings in the engine..it`s just not worth the outlay compared to other cars.. a pity because I really like the appearance of the car.

6th Oct 2002, 16:09

I have a '95 xjs I bought it used with 45,000 miles on it, I love it! Yes, they can be troublesome, but I'd rather drive a jag than a Lexus any day.

13th Nov 2002, 00:43

I traded in my 1990 XJS for a 1991 Q45. The Q45 was a better car all around (comfort, performance, durability). The entire time that I drove the Q45 I wished I still had my XJS. In 1999 I purchased a 1995 XJS with 30,000 miles, it now has 90,000 miles and the only maintenance has been a seal for the power top. The Q45 was a better car (as would be a Lexus or a Benz) but the XJS is more than just a car. It turns heads and you always look back as you walk away in the parking lot. Rather than pay 17,000 for a engine you could sell the car and purchase a used XJS for less money.

14th Nov 2002, 10:39

Your statement leaves a few questions to mind, and it is perhaps an indication that you did not explore your options.

First of all, I find it hard to believe that the engine just gave out after 20,000 miles, without warning or indication that something was wrong.

Second, you may have received better advice from a Jaguar Mechanic as opposed to a dealer's service garage.

Thirdly, you are a typical "NEW SHOWROOM JAG OWNER". What I mean by this is that most run down jags today, are in their state of disrepair because, their first owners lacked technical knowledge sufficient to keep their vehicles in operational condition. Jags require attention to maintenance (PERIOD).

Better luck with your Lexus. You will enjoy the anonymity.

14th Dec 2002, 14:21

The jaguar 6.0L engine is a very refined engine, which simply requires some common sense driving and maintenance.

Engine failures tend to happen when simple things like oil changes weren't done properly.

On personal account, the Jaguar dealer I go to (Freeport, of NY, and Great Neck of NY) were the best dealers I have ever went to. Friendliest and nicest people. They never charged me a lot, and in fact I had a special double discount account with them, by the time I finished restoring my 86 Vanden Plas.

Just remember, the components found in 95 xjs got transformed to the Aston Martin.

5th Feb 2003, 11:53

I have two of this model and have owned one since 1990. treated properly the engine is excellent. However they don't like standing for long periods and are best worked hard. Antifreeze checks and proper service of the spark plugs is crucial. You can keep your Lexus, they are a good car, I owned one with low mileage, but had more than my fair share of problems mainly with electrics. relays were runnig at 180 pounds for the windscreen wipers to park themselves and switch off

The dealers were good, but, the most expensive that I have ever known, both on parts and service

Ihav an x330 Jag as well - nice car.

21st May 2003, 11:18

I just purchased a 2003 XJS...I've read the previous comments and I'm keeping my fingers crossed... one thing that concerns me is the one windshield wiper... I live in a snowy area and I hope it cleans my windshield OK...

8th Jun 2003, 10:51

Well I have a 1987 XJS12. The motor ran, but not well so. Rather then send the money, I did see the maintenance cost of this car (from the doctor in Scottsdale AZ whom owned it last). I was not going too, nor could I a single father of Three boys, send the same as he did.

I installed a beefed up 383cid. Chevy and a turbo 400 trans with a shift kit. I built the motor and installed it so that saved money too. If not for the left exhaust manifold witch was custom made by my friend from work. I replaced it with an early 1970's cast manifold and lifted the left side of the motor one inch to clear the steering shaft, that was the trick. It was a dream and motor parts are easy and cheap to find.

Now I wish the power mirrors head liner and other small part were that easy to come by. But I save so much and got my Jag. on it's feet again, that I can afford the others. DAN in Washington State.

6th Aug 2003, 20:07

Water builds up then leaks into the drivers side under the dash. It happens in all weather and regardless of A/C power.

Where do I begin?

23rd Jan 2004, 14:52

I have heard many people say that water leaks into the car from seals, doors, tops and winds-up in the foot-wells... I have also heard from more than a few, that this mystery leak is often condensation off the A/C vents in the center dash... kills many a radio and wets a few foot-wells along the way.

13th Feb 2004, 12:18

I've read most of the comments and I need some advise. I'm getting ready to buy either a 1995 or 1996 Jaguar XJS convertible, 6 cylinder, 50,000 + or - miles. What do I need to look for and should I expect any problems with the car? Thanks


16th May 2004, 18:13

I have had a wide range of Jags, from a 2000 XJR to a 1994 twin turbo six pot 4.0 ltr. XJS (one of R+D car built as a test bed for the AM DB7), there is no doubt that the influence and cash of Ford have had a positive impact on the Jag brand, yes the old ones do take a little more TLC... however I now have a Porsche 911 and I sure do miss that XJR... to bridge gap I've just purchased (not yet delivered) a 94 XJS V12 Coupe, I would have liked a 95 V12 coupe, but couldn't find one, so I am interested in the original post and what was so terminally wrong with the engine at 19k that it had to be replaced???


5th Sep 2004, 12:11

Hi, I am new in the Jaguar market. I found a 6 cylinders XJS and love it. It has 45k and was stored in Iowa. No rust is present and no visible wear is present. I have read carefully the comments of other owners and I am impressed by the loyalty regardless of the large list of problems. I had Alfa's, Opel's, Triuph's and a host of American and Japan made cars. I feel that the Japan made cars are reliable and customer service is there when needed. I am still excited about the possibility of owning a Jaguar.

The cost appears to be more defined by how bad you want one regardless of base loan values... the NADA prices are my base for my offer, but the owner is firm with a 20k tag. I read the service bulletins and got to read the subject of about 121 with two recalls. I am is a position that a little push will help to buy this car... but something tells me that more than logic, I have to be ready with a my wallet with a budget stamina, any suggestions? Thanks from Texas.