16th Sep 2004, 12:41

I recently purchased my dream car... a 1995 XJS V12 convertible. It has 94,000 miles. Occasionally, the transmission light comes on and the car won't change gears. Turning the car off and back on sometimes corrects the problem. My car is guaranteed by CARFAX which lists the electrical system was previously serviced and I'm wondering if the problem is electrical. If anyone else has knowledge of or experienced this problem, please email me at purplejace@yahoo.com with any info that may be helpful. Thanks.

13th Oct 2004, 15:14

In March 2004, I traded my old faithful, bullet proof Mercedes-Benz Turbodiesel for a stunning looking, fun 1995 XJS 4.0 (6 cyl.) Convertible. Owning the M-Benz for 8 years taught me that when you buy a used high end marque like a M-Benz, Jag or a Porsche, BE PREPARED TO MAINTAIN (ie., shell out good money) the car well.

Having made this statement, I can now say that I love driving and owning this '95 XJS convertible, though it does cost some good dollars to maintain it by the book by a qualified and knowledgeable local Euro car garage.

22nd Oct 2004, 01:11

If the malfunction lights come on on your xjs, a free test is to disconnect the battery for a minute or so. This seems to reset the trouble codes and the lights don't come on again unless you have a recurring problem. 1994 xjs owner.

12th Nov 2004, 07:03

I am in the process of purchasing a 95 XJS with tons of mileage (150k). Like many of the Jag owners who've commented here, I've been scratched by a love for this cat and I just cannot walk away. I'm also new to the wonderful world of the Jag. What should I be concerned about with this vehicle? Obviously the maintenance is going to cost big $$$, but I'm more interested in getting the right things looked at and serviced before I do any serious driving. Any info about ticks or peculiar items of concern would be appreciated.

P.S. I love it that Jag owners are so Fierce about their Jags!

16th Dec 2004, 15:39

Why do so many people seeking advice about buying exotic cars like Jaguars post questions to this site (not that they seem to ever get any answers)?

Why not go to a site that is devoted to that particular marque? If there is not already advice there for potential buyers of what to look for, they are much more likely to find persons knowledgeable about the particular strengths and weaknesses of the marque who would be willing to give advice!

12th Jan 2005, 16:49

And where such sites could be found? Much obliged, Bruce.

15th Feb 2005, 05:33

I think that anyone either reading or participating in this discussion would appreciate the wealth of knowledge to be found at www.jag-lovers.org. There is even a eight hundred and some page book on there, free to download, that has been built on the collective knowledge of owners worldwide.

I have a 94 V12, it is my 7th XJ-S. I have owned many other 'specialist' cars, including SL's and an 8 series BMW. They may each have their areas where they beat the XJ-S, but none of them have the indescribable presence or provide the amazing experience that the Jag does. As for the Lexus, I called my LS400 Novocaine, yawn! To the guy that needed a new engine after 19k, I suggest you check the oil and water a little more often next time! I simply cannot imagine a V12 failing at such low miles without serious neglect...

Happy Jaguaring


24th Jul 2005, 16:21

I bought my ‘95 XJS 4.0 convertible in July 2000 (British racing green.) It had 32K Paid $28K. Drove it to 67K. Zero problems. I totaled it in May 2005. I was heartbroken (though happy to be alive-the car handled like a dream in the accident.)

I immediate went on a nationwide search for the ’95 V12 (last year of the V12) if I had bought the 4.0 again I would have gone after a ’96. I found my car a few weeks ago. The transport company pulled up with it a week ago… had it in the shop for inspection four days later. I am so happy. The V12 accelerates more like an airplane than a car.

Maintenance on my 4.0 was very fair I probably spent $2500 over the five years I owned it. I always took it to the dealer. Even for oil changes. If the costs on my V12 are a lot more I am prepared emotionally… This is an $80,000 car new. Think about the payments on an $80K car, then think about the price of used one. anywhere from $15K to $25K? You can spend $40K on maintenance and still be ahead because there is no car like this made today.

In case you can not tell, I thoroughly enjoy this car. I park in the farthest spot out in parking lots not to avoid door dings, but because I love the long walk toward the car as I leave the store.

2nd May 2006, 20:58

That last post was a poetic testimonial! How come no one posts here any more?

12th Sep 2006, 01:58

*Sniff* (And I told myself not to cry!) Cat lovers worldwide lift their paws in solemn tribute.

4th Oct 2014, 05:53

Hi, do still have the car? I'm looking to buy a 95 XJS V12. I would like to get your opinion on this.

Please respond to vijayananth@gmail.com

Thanks, VJ.