14th Jul 2004, 17:21

He's a Brit, and it appears (from the engine being a 3.6L) that they either use a smaller engine for the 6's over there, or that his engine is smaller because it is older.

Given the smaller displacement, that is probably why he gets higher MPG. The 12's (as far as I know) all get poor gas mileage... but if you're concerned about that, then get a six instead of a 12.

I'm planning to get a '93 XJS convertible with a 4.0 L six...

I can't wait!


16th Aug 2004, 06:26

I'm looking for a 3.6 auto in hope of better fuel mileage, but, my V12 HE gave an average 24.5 mpg (Imperial gallons, none of these silly Yank measures) in everyday driving. On motorways, with the cruise on, the computer showed 28-29mpg at 70 mph.

Like they say with a Rolls, if you have to ask the fuel mileage you can't afford it!

5th Oct 2004, 05:08

The V12s are a bit more thirsty, but otherwise are excellent cars with relatively few problems.

My 1990 Jaguarsport XJR-S has the 6.0 litre V12 developed by Jaguarsport and Tyvek engine management which was special for this model, being taken apparently from the Group C racers which won at Le Mans in the late eighties. There were only 250 odd made with the stiffer suspension, wider Speedlines, extra umph etc.

Around the city I average 13 mpg (proper British gallons) but out on a long haul 25 to 27 mpg. This is quite respectable and in line with the handbook.

The seamless surge of power whenever you need it makes the V12 a special car combined with the smoothness.

The straight 6 may be more economical, but does not have the same degree of smoothness. Not that the 6s are agricultural, far from it.

With 'gas' now over £4 per gallon (US$6.50) I can understand someone wanting to eek out a bit more per gallon. My car is a daily commuter, but for a high days and holidays vehicle this would not make any difference to me.

29th Oct 2004, 10:19

I own a 1990 XJRS 6 litre. I love it, its black with magnolia interior and it makes me smile when I drive it. In these days of mpg concious small hatchbacks and diesels it stands out as a statement to motoring freedom in my eyes. They had bad press through build quality, mine has its faults, but if you keep on top of them and learn from doing so, to run the car becomes more affordable and interacting with it through maintainence simply makes you love it more. Think about it, whopping great V12 engine, no room for more than 2 adults and hardly any boot space. Brilliant!

17th Dec 2006, 13:36

I think he meant that their high price of gasoline is equivalent to $6.50 US, not that gas is $6.50 in the US. So their gas is over twice as expensive. Get it now?

29th Aug 2007, 20:41

I have a 1990 jaguar xjs v12 and there is no way that anybody gets 20 mpg in a v12. unless it is being TOWED But it is still the best looking car out there.

5th Nov 2009, 18:20

I have a '93 4.0L Convertible and a '90 Coupe. I've never checked the gas mileage It's a sheer delight to fill them up with premium fuel for the driving pleasure they give back in return. If they were delivering 6mpg, they would be no less a delight to drive.

If you're looking for an economy car, a 4 cylinder Honda would be a better choice. If you're looking for the drive being the best part of a destination, Jaguar XJS in the ONLY option. Luxury, comfort, styling, performance, reliability... that's not enough?

9th Feb 2010, 08:05

I'm shopping for my first Jaguar XJS convertible. Despite the claims of horrible gas mileage for the V12's, I've heard that one can get around 19-20 driving a steady 60-65 on a trip, and otherwise driving sensibly.

22nd Jun 2010, 22:06

I have had 16 Jaguars, and currently own a 90 V12 XJS convertible, a 93 V8 Chevy conversion XJS convertible and an 06 Vanden Plas.

You do not buy these cars and think, "Hmmm, how many miles to the gallon am I going to get?" You get behind the wheel and think, "Oh yes, this is what I'm talking about... I'm in a Jag, I look good, my car looks good and you wish you were me."

How can you beat the best feeling of "Wow, nice car"?