1990 Jaguar XJS V12 from North America


The car is worth all maintenance expenses


1. My steering hose broke and is extremely labor intensive to fix. Cost about $1,000 to fix.

2. My trunck will just not close properly. I spend over $250 on this darn thing and every few months it wiggles its way out and starts to look as if the trunck is partly opened. Very annoying.

3. Driver door had a problem where the door would not open from the inside. Yes, as you can imagine it's extremely embarrassing having to hop over to the passenger side in the middle of a crowded parking lot. I fixed it immediately at the cost of $900.

4. Power heated seats do not get warm. I don't care to fix this as I could care less. But I imagine it would cost at least a few hundred.

5. Water pump for the wipers died. Again, I don't care to fix, but my local mechanic said it would cost at least a few hundred.

6. Radiator died. Cost $1,000 to fix.

7. Transmission is slightly slipping, but my mechanic said to hold off for now. It's a major job.

8. Driver window sticks in dry weather half way down. Problem still persists despite having spent $200 having it fixed.

9. Two bushings failed. Cost about $800 to fix both with labor.

10. The rest I'll sum up as all misc. But I probably spent another $2,000 fixing other problems here and there I just can't remember.

General Comments:

I bought this car from the original owner. He was a very wealthy older guy, and sold me the car with just 34,000 miles for only $7,000. Anyways, the car never really had major problems and I love it.

I'll never sell this car no matter what happens. To me it's a work of art and I'm happy just letting it sit in my driveway. It's also the most comfortable car I ever owned. The leather creates such a beautiful aroma in the car too. It just smells like very high quality leather.

The engine has never had any problems at all. I hear many faults of XJS's, but the actual engine is rarely mentioned as having any faults. I can see why since my mechanic, who probably would love to milk me, said it's perfect.

The electrical reputation jag has isn't really an issue with me. A few things, but for me, it's all just fine.

The transmission is starting to show little hints from time to time that it may be on the way out. But I'd say it's still drives like 95 percent. It's just scary because I know what the cost to fix the tranny is on these cars.

Other than that the Jaguar XJS was worth every penny I paid, and much more. It's beautiful, classy, and performs very well. The car seems to really lock into its stride over 75MPH. I mean driving 110MPH on the interstate, and you still feel in control and very safe. The car just seems built for speed. Also, it's surprisingly quiet even passing the 100 mark.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2005

11th Jan 2006, 02:33

I brought my 1978 model 7 years ago when I was only 21. It is midnight blue and has a Walkinshaw body kit with Simmonds wheels. The engine has been modified with a few HE parts. The previous owner said it would do 160mph.

Dad always had XJ6 Jags, and despite minor problems, I always loved riding in them as a kid. One day a friend told me of one that I could look at, as I had never seen an XJS in the flesh. He took me for a drive and I instantly fell in love. I asked him if it was for sale; it wasn't, but because his wife was very sick, he said he would consider it. Four months later and $17,000, I had it parked in my garage. I can still remember driving it home, it was like a dream, I couldn't believe I had my dream car at 21. The best thing was none of my friends could judge it, because they knew nothing about them. Everyone was blown away with the effortless power.

Everything that can be a problem was replaced by the last owner, including wiring harness and engine sensors. It can sit for a month and start straight away without charging the battery. I do all my own work on it, and love that as much as driving it. I can't fault the car; they are an engineering masterpiece.

1990 Jaguar XJS 3.6 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic, one of the most fun cars I have ever owned


The central locking mechanism was sticking and would not lock the boot or fully open the driver's door. A little spray grease quickly rectified this at no cost.

The driver's door sealing rubber has torn. It will cost £90 for a new one, but is easy to fit.

The heated rear window does work. Need to get this looked at, no idea of cost.

The driver's door hinges have dropped slightly. having car resprayed a different color and they will change the hinges at the time for no extra cost.

The polish finish to the alloy wheels has started to peel. Not expensive to have repolished and lacquered.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic, great fun to drive, goes like a rocket, its comfortable and its only downside is the fuel it uses. Driven hard I get about 20 to the gallon from it, but with the wife on board and driving sensibly it manages about 26 to the gallon.

The car suffers from a bad image problem which is unfair. People attempted to put me off buying it, suggesting other models had a better image, but when I bought it and they sat in it, or better still drove it, they are as hooked as I am and are looking for one themselves.

I still have a new Merc E240 estate and a new CLK 230 that my wife drives, but these are both mundane in comparison and have just become the everyday cars. The Jag is special.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

30th Jun 2004, 06:58

I own an XJS, 1990. I bought it two years ago with 21000 miles on it. I am astonished to read that anyone could get 20 to 26 miles per gallon from this car. Unless, of course, there is a small engine fitted. I believe the v-12 is in most of these cars, as in mine. Initially, I got 9 mpg. Now, having changed the wiring harness and plugs, all belts and the radiator, water pump, a/c compressor and the bushings and shocks, I get average 13.5 mpg, premium U.S. gallons. J. Pasternack, Albany, New York.

1990 Jaguar XJS 5.2 Liter from North America


I have owned this car for 4 years and have had in for repairs 2 times. Once for a short and I replaced the water pump.

General Comments:

Hey it's a Jaguar. Need anything else be said?

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998