1990 Jaguar XJS 3.6 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic, one of the most fun cars I have ever owned


The central locking mechanism was sticking and would not lock the boot or fully open the driver's door. A little spray grease quickly rectified this at no cost.

The driver's door sealing rubber has torn. It will cost £90 for a new one, but is easy to fit.

The heated rear window does work. Need to get this looked at, no idea of cost.

The driver's door hinges have dropped slightly. having car resprayed a different color and they will change the hinges at the time for no extra cost.

The polish finish to the alloy wheels has started to peel. Not expensive to have repolished and lacquered.

General Comments:

This car is fantastic, great fun to drive, goes like a rocket, its comfortable and its only downside is the fuel it uses. Driven hard I get about 20 to the gallon from it, but with the wife on board and driving sensibly it manages about 26 to the gallon.

The car suffers from a bad image problem which is unfair. People attempted to put me off buying it, suggesting other models had a better image, but when I bought it and they sat in it, or better still drove it, they are as hooked as I am and are looking for one themselves.

I still have a new Merc E240 estate and a new CLK 230 that my wife drives, but these are both mundane in comparison and have just become the everyday cars. The Jag is special.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

30th Jun 2004, 06:58

I own an XJS, 1990. I bought it two years ago with 21000 miles on it. I am astonished to read that anyone could get 20 to 26 miles per gallon from this car. Unless, of course, there is a small engine fitted. I believe the v-12 is in most of these cars, as in mine. Initially, I got 9 mpg. Now, having changed the wiring harness and plugs, all belts and the radiator, water pump, a/c compressor and the bushings and shocks, I get average 13.5 mpg, premium U.S. gallons. J. Pasternack, Albany, New York.

1990 Jaguar XJS 5.2 Liter from North America


I have owned this car for 4 years and have had in for repairs 2 times. Once for a short and I replaced the water pump.

General Comments:

Hey it's a Jaguar. Need anything else be said?

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998