28th Nov 2006, 17:03

Does anyone know that horsepower ratings of the V-12???

And what about the torque??

5th Sep 2007, 15:43

I owned a 1989 Jaguar XJS and sold it a few months ago, and regret it. It had 79000 miles on it. The body was in good shape and the interior was starting to show some wear. When we got the car the AC was not cold. We had to replace the compressor. I also replaced the passenger side power window motor, radio, speakers, rebuilt the transmission (no second gear), rebuilt the rear differential (leaking), rebuilt the steering, a few oil changes, air filters, tires, new battery, etc. There was a power seat belt motor that was draining the battery and that was replaced under Jag warranty. This car drove great and looked even better. Look for parts on the internet.

5th Jan 2008, 23:39

I am a single Mum of four... an English girl living in Vancouver... I didn't mean to buy my '89 Jag. V12 convertible... but now I wouldn't sell it for the world... it is a part of my body... his name is Henry and I will own it forever...!!!

15th Jan 2008, 00:28

I just recently bought an 89 xjs the car is beautiful, but v12 is killer on gas I was hoping to resale and make a killing as I only paid $480.00 I guess I made a good investment.

24th Apr 2009, 22:45

Can anyone tell me if using transmission fluid for the power steering is acceptable for my 89 Jaguar XJS V12 conv? My new husband is a retired mechanic (not Jaguar), and has me relocated way out in the countryside, not convenient to stores and I want to drive it tomorrow. He declares it won't hurt it... she's my Baby, though.. Thanks for your help.

9th May 2009, 13:06

I very happily owned a 1989, red XJS coupe for a few years. Everyone who has commented here that it is a work of art and worth the expenses... I heartily agree (if you can afford it). This is important to know, though... cars that have not had the rubber components (and I mean all of them) under the bonnet, including motor mounts, all hoses, belts, etc. WILL begin to have problems. The V12 is so closely cowled that usually at about 60,000 miles these rubber components will begin to fail from the constant exposure to the engine heat. For me the repair bill was close to $7,000. I refused to pay it and told the mechanic that he had just bought a car. He finally, and very unhappily settled for $5,500. This deterioration is a real problem, though.

Be careful about being baited by the highway patrol also. It's a very long story, but at 1130 at night on my way home from work I was harassed by an unmarked OLD Dodge Duster which I finally tried to escape by outpowering and outrunning. 110 mph up hill and at the top (20 miles) was a HP vehicle waiting for me. He identified the Duster as being an undercover officer who reported me subsequently to the HP. Enjoy and be careful!

11th Jun 2009, 03:38

I owned a 89XJS for just on 7 years, it was used as my daily driver for most of its life with me. Problems were very few, but who cares when you have the pleasure every day of driving one of the greatest cars around. Going out on Jag club runs, nothing like twenty or so XJS 's motoring along the highway.

I was offered a great price for it at a show and shine, and regrettably accepted it. Now an XJR sits in the drive; still a great car, but not the XJS.


11th Oct 2009, 20:43


I have been the 2nd owner of a 1990 coupe for the last 12 years, and can say without a doubt, no regrets! I do everything on it, yes everything, and it's been trying at times, but what of value isn't, nuf said.

14th Jan 2010, 01:53

To the person who asked if you can use automatic transmission fluid in the power steering pump... the answer is YES, according to the Jaguar manual, automatic transmission fluid is what is to be used in the steering pump of the XJS.

30th Jan 2010, 21:53

At what mileage will the car start to have problems?

29th Sep 2010, 14:03

I bought a 1990 XJS convertible in 2005. British racing green with tan interior. The engine was locked up from over heating and had been sitting in an old lady's garage, for almost 10 years. It had only 26K miles. I installed a rebuilt 1989 Corvette drivetrain in it, with a John's Kit (the only way to go).

I am totally satisfied with the car, and plan to keep it till I pass on to the highway in the sky.

21st Mar 2011, 08:28

I have a 1989 XJS which I bought last year after seeing it parked at the side of the road with a for sale sign on it. I wanted it immediately - it's blue with a tan leather interior and only has 70,000 km on it.

That said, it is finicky like you would expect an older Jag to be. I have found a fantastic old guy who is a Jag mechanic and he has spent some time with it and will doubtless be spending more time with it - I don't care. It's beautiful to drive, it draws looks everywhere it goes, and there's nothing else on the road like it.

My dad had a '59 Mark 8 when I was a kid and since then I always wanted a car that could duplicate that experience - the smell of the leather, the beautiful burled walnut dash, and that engine growl. This one does it in spades.

Several small electrical problems, an oil leak, and possibly an A/C compressor later... I wouldn't change anything.

It comes out of winter storage in two weeks. I can't wait to see it.

6th Aug 2011, 20:08

We bought an 88 XJS with only 18 thousand miles and have had some maintenance, but considering what a great car it is, it hasn't been too costly.

Changed a rear caliper, alternator belt, gas tank, fuel pump and fuel filter.

My driver's window is a little loose for some reason; works OK, but rocks in its channel a little, any ideas?

The cruise control doesn't set right unless you go 5 mph faster than where you want it to be. Why is that?

6th Oct 2011, 15:39

I have an 89 XJS coupe and was able to fix the cruise control overspeed problem with the help of Kirby Palm's fine XJS manual.

It amounts to adjusting a small (very) potentiometer located on the cruise control electronics control board, under and behind the glove box.

See Kirby's detail instruction and you'll be on your way with a perfectly smooth transition at the set speed.

Ron Dionne.

14th Nov 2011, 03:53

I had the same problem on the passenger side. I fixed mine by removing the door card (if you can do this without damaging the leather beside the chrome fitting on the door pull, you are a better man than me), and tightening a very obvious bolt that is close to the door lock mechanism. It secures the vertical channel the window runs up and down in.

2nd Dec 2015, 13:12

I own a 1989 XJS that I love, but it has 3 problems (in order of importance):

1. Leak above windshield - passenger side - maybe molding between the convertible top & the windshield.

2. Sloppy steering - over steering.

3. Hard start on hot days. Any help will be appreciated.