1990 Jaguar XJS XJS 5.3 liter from North America




Replaced radiator hoses.

Converted air conditioning.

General Comments:

This is the most comfortable and exotic car I have ever owned! I constantly get favorable remarks from people whenever we take it for a drive. It has been utterly reliable and a treat to drive (and it only cost us $5900 to buy!)

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Review Date: 13th April, 2009

1990 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible V12 from North America


Uniquely rewarding classic


Fuel lines to the fuel injectors leaked.

Transmission kick-down switch stuck, so car would not leave first gear.

Brake light switch faulty.

Short circuit in fuel injector wiring loom, no power and car towed home.

General Comments:

This car was the classic one old lady owner car. I have spent the last year giving it a very thorough overhaul - at this age, many of the rubber components of an XJS need replacement - e.g. fuel hoses in the engine bay, the wiring loom to the fuel injectors, flexible brake lines, coolant hoses, etc.

I would recommend one of these cars to any enthusiast who is willing to learn about the car, join a good forum, and perform their own preventative maintenance to some extent. Spare parts are reasonably priced and widely available. If you get everything done at a garage, this car could be very, very expensive to run.

If you put in the time, this is an amazing car to own. It turns heads like no other, the response from other motorists is amazing and universally positive. It's hard to think of another car from the 70s that still looks so fresh.

On the driving front the car has surprisingly modern road manners, with good brakes & safe handling. The only downside is the fuel economy, which is horrible around town (11mpg US) but more acceptable on a long run (17-20). This is thanks to the HE head design, optimised for cruising economy.

The main problem with XJ-S ownership is that you will fall hopelessly in love with all things Jaguar, and never have any money, or time, again.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2008

27th Jan 2010, 04:04

I agree with you on falling in love with all things Jaguar, I own two Jags, one is a black 1988 Jaguar XJS and the other is a 1987 Jaguar XJ6, which is gun metal grey. I get compliments on both nearly on a daily basis when I am out about. I am driving the XJS right now and the other is stored because I can only afford to restore one at a time. Yes, it really does happen like... buy a Jag and you will fall in love with all things Jaguar, and it is true that it will become your one and only hobby...

30th Apr 2010, 19:17

LOVE FOR JAGUARS comes honestly. The cat that everybody wants to rub and make the engine purr. I have never had the pleasure of owning a new one, however, I have owned about 17. My favorite so far is The Black on Black 90 XJS V12 Convertible. It turned more heads than a beautiful woman.

I am now about to get my first XJS V12 ROUGE Edition in RED of course. My first RED Jaguar. She's a beauty.

I like you agree on maintenance, preventive maintenance from the first day the cat crawls up at your home. Give her some loving care and she will treat you right, but, you better do it yourself if you can, and you will be well pleased if you want some attention from other drivers.


1990 Jaguar XJS 5.3 V12 from North America


Fabulous motoring in a traditionally styled GT automobile


Major fault was head gasket failure at 170,000k. This is a known problem and was caused by poor head casting sand in manufacture. Service mechanic (I go independent) fixed heads with Aluweld, the approved fix. I had both heads done. Problem fixed. No recurrence.

The only item ever to fail that caused me not to be able to restart in traffic was the water temperature sensor. After a $100 tow charge, my mechanic had it diagnosed and fixed in five minutes. He took the sensor out of his own car to get me going.

The XJS is a fast, heavy car. Things wear. Brake pads, front suspension bushings, and steering rack bushings (go harder, competition type) all take a beating. Live with it. Change the oil regularly (5000k) ; all fluids every two years. The pleasure the car gives back makes it all worth it.

General Comments:

I have had my XJS now for 14 years, having almost doubled the kilometers at which I bought it.

I have driven it over 1500k in one day, and arrived as fresh as I left.

Would I drive anything else? I have tried the XJR and the XK8. For the very large increase in money I would have to shell out, coupled with the appalling trade in allowance, I cannot imagine any increase in driving pleasure over my XJS.

The engine is near bullet-proof; ditto transmission. My car has all the other niggles described by previous writers. Just drive the car and enjoy it!

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2008