23rd Nov 2004, 06:58

I have just purchased a Jaguar XJS Coupe Auto - H REG, Its British Racing Green, the car is immaculate, and when I went to view I totally fell for it, I let a deposit & left a deposit & and purchased it the following day. I drove it home and my wife loved it I took her for a cruise spent £40.00 fuel driving 110 miles I just didn't want to stop driving, I've driven a lot of prestige and sports cars in my life, but this XJS is no comparison, it is a cool and slick car it reminds you of the bond cars, I love my XJS and I have no complaints a-part from a slight water leak, but I have sorted that out now. I know people are wary about buying an XJS, because its expensive to maintain, but trust me it's not it's an awsome machine and one not to let go of when you get your hands on one, my one will be passed over to my son when he turns 18.

2nd Dec 2004, 04:19

I have a 1987/88 XJS hardtop. Bought it at 140000Km. Lovely car, however problems related to cooling the beast sapped pleasure in driving it. Progressively replaced all cooling related components except the pump. Cooling problems gone, but water temp gauge too vague to be useful. Installed VDO model 310 010 014K gauge reading at the (hotter) left bank thermostat housing via VDO sensor 320.002. Normal operating temp 91 deg C, rising to 96 in slow heavy traffic when exceeding 32 deg C ambient (Australia). Conclusion: the standard cooling system on an XJS is adequate if properly maintained. Recommendation: fit the gauge above, and fix your cooling system.

30th Aug 2005, 08:04

The guy who intends to hand over the V12 XJS to his son when he turns 18 must have a screw loose or an extremely mature 18 year old! I know few people who would give a teenager 350bhp shoe-horned in to a 2 ton battering ram and set them off on a public highway?? Last person I heard of doing a similar thing gave their 18 year old son an Aston Martin - the son ran over and killed an old lady in a nearby village - in the Aston of course, going far too fast. The lad went to prison.