9th Nov 2008, 01:19

I have just bought my second Jag. A 1988 XJ VDP. It has 173,000 miles and when I got it last month, the first thing I did was to invest a couple of hundred dollars in replacing the original valve cover gasket and clean the engine bay. It is a beautiful classic design with a most comfortable ride.

This Jag came with very thick maintenance receipts. It seems that the original owner had replaced all the parts that had gone bad, and I'm the lucky one to claim a Jag that's been fixed of the bugs!

It's in immaculate condition. According to the Jag mechanic the car should last another 100k miles with regular maintenance.

I do have one qualm about this Jag and that's it's acceleration. I've read and seen a video in YT how fast and or nimble this 3.6L engine is, but mine seems so slow going from 0-60. This despite the YT video showing that the same '88 3.6L model burning rubber in a standing acceleration. I don't believe something is wrong with the engine, because when I accelerate in freeway speed it has a good pick-up.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. My advice is get one before they all rot to hell and there will be no more of these cars.

16th May 2015, 16:14

I have recently bought an 88 XJS and had to do a little work on it. I saw one of these 20 years ago in London and fell in love with it. I always said I would someday have one.

It has given me some problems with the central locking - the key turning and I could hear the electrics for the CL, but the locks wouldn't open.

The Jaguar is an amazing car. I find it very hard to get someone who actually knows about the XJS in Ireland.

With condensation, the roof cloth has begun to sag, but you have to put your hand on it to notice.

Overall I would highly recommend this car, but for a Sunday drive, as it can be an expensive hobby.

Declan, Limerick Ireland.