4th Nov 2005, 04:12

I have owned a 95 XJS for more than 4 years. I put about $1500 worth of work into it when I got it, but that was about it. No engine work whatsoever. It has the 6 cylinders, it runs absolutely great. She has 79,000 miles now, and still runs well. Actually quite reliable. As far as looks, it produces many envious glances, and often admiring looks from women. Even Porche and BMW drivers take a look at this 95 XJS coupe. Funny that. Classic lines, and when she's washed and waxed, look out.

10th Mar 2006, 06:27

I currently own a 1996 jaguar XJS Celebration Convertible. I bought the car in august 2005 from a man who was getting a new jaguar (XKR CONVERTIBLE) it has only 22,000 miles on the clock so it has hardly been run in. The car was a dream of mine when I was a youngster and now I am lucky enough to own one.

Some people might complain about the car, but if you ever drove mine you would change your mind just sitting in it.

It's a beautiful machine and I love it.


31st Mar 2006, 13:47

We have had our 96 xjs convertible for a year now, and still think it was worth every penny. I have always wanted one of these cars since my youth, and we were looking for a convertible and I found this one. Having looked at several in my lifetime and never finding none worth buying, I could tell that the one that I looked at was well cared for. So I called my lovely wife and sent her a picture of the car. She instantly fell in love with the car and may I add looks great driving it too. We went back the next day and bought it. It had 106k when we bought it and after one summer its up over 112k. The looks and the ride are incomparable to any other car I have driver. We have had only a couple little things go wrong since we bought her. The oil sending unit started leaking (less than $100 installed) and a circuit breaker failed ($5 installed not OEM Jaguar). The only thing that I could possible complain about really has nothing to do with the car, and that is its so hard to find anything to fit the car unless you get it from Jaguar or its priced like its from Jaguar. I have been looking for wheels for mine for quite sometime and short of getting the OEM wheels redone there aren’t many options. If anybody can tell me some information on aftermarket wheels that fit this car please enlighten me.

2nd May 2006, 15:20

I am considering a 95 xjs 4.0 - 6 convertible for $9000 with low mileage. does anyone have any advice for this year and make. is this a good deal?

I once heard there was a particular era of the jag that should be avoided - is this it? I hope not. thanks.

18th Jul 2006, 20:43

Hey folks.

Thinking of buying a 95 xjs with 43k miles for $18k. how reasonable does this sound?

My father owns this same car and I absolutely love it, my only concern is paying for the up-keep and maintenance. Can someone give me a ball-park estimate as to how much yearly repairs/upkeep would be? Thank you.

21st Aug 2006, 20:13

I owned a 89' Jaguar XJS 12 cyl., which was a beautiful looking car. The only problem I had was that she didn't want to run for anyone, but my mechanic. I would pick her up and she would stall out within a few miles. The problem was never discovered by three different mechanics at three different shops. I finally decided to sell the car and purchase a Japanese car for daily travel. I believe that I had a lemon to begin with and I still love these cars! My wife says that I'm addicted. I believe with Jags, you either love them or hate them. I plan on purchasing a 95 XJS coupe this winter for my Christmas gift. 6 cyl. of course!!

24th Aug 2006, 09:11

I own a 1988 XJS, and like the above comment, mine has started stalling intermittently and mechanics can't find anything wrong. It got fixed briefly when I found out my new battery had a dead cell; maybe the replacement does too. As far as not seeing many on the road because they're too expensive to maintain, I disagree. There were few made to begin with. Only the rich could afford them, and most have been well maintained because of this. Who needs Ford and its jerky V8? You buy the XJS for the V12! Many parts are reasonable anyway; it has a GM ignition and tranny, for instance. They are tough to work on, though. Even changing plugs is difficult.

30th Aug 2006, 17:48

All the comments are very interesting, it just go to show that people either love them or hate them. I have a 1999 Sovereign and yes it's expensive getting it properly serviced, but that's just peace of mind.

The car is used as my work vehicle, I put 50,000 kms on in the first 12 months, without a problem.

Lots of people make comments from admiration to offering to set it on fire for me, but I carry many passengers and its usually an appraising glance and a respectful silence. And I know that driving home in that Ford or GMH, GM, GMT it will feel like a truck!

So now I am looking for an XJS convertible, as a second car for my wife. I will do my homework, check the car has been serviced regularly and has had all the service upgrades done and haggle until I see blood.

These are not just cars, each drive is an event and they really are the mistress your wife or girlfriend will be jealous of unless she gets the bug too!

And it's true, God does drive a Jaguar! I'm a believer!

9th Dec 2006, 18:31

I recently purchased a 1994 XJS V12 convertible from a local individual (British Racing Green with white interior and tan top). Even though I have been a life-long car nut, and have known about the XJS since its 1975 launch, I had never really fallen for the XJS in any way, shape or form.

Perhaps I'm going through a "mid-life crisis", but all of a sudden I recently decided that I "had to" have a convertible (even though the winter is just now coming). My list of needs were just 5-fold... the car had to be: 1) fun to drive 2). abundantly powerful 3) able to hold more than just two people, 4) able to be purchased for less than $20,000 US, and 5) it had to be mostly dependable.

After looking at every convertible that held two or more passengers, a light bulb went off... why had I never seriously considered an XJS?? (My first car was a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger 260, and I really am attracted to British sports cars). So I set my sights on the only car that TRULY answered all of my criteria... the XJS V12 convertible, post 1993 (for the 2+2 version).

My only regret is that I went for more that 20 years before discovering these magnificent automobiles! I bought mine for $11,500 (!!! BARGAIN!) with only 45,000 miles on the clock, and the history of service was very well documented. I have owned it now for one month, and I am absolutely in love with this car! Effortless acceleration, hill climbing and passing; smooth, quiet and immensely comfortable; handling just shy of sportscar territory; and with the top down I feel 30 years younger (I just turned 52)!!

Each drive is an exhilarating experience, whether it is to the hardware store for some screws or to work or on a two hour drive on Saturday mornings. The car drives and feels like it is an extension of my body, and it fits me like a glove. I feel like a king driving it, and BOY! do people gawk and lavish praise on this car! I have owned over 20 cars and trucks over the past 35 years of driving (including a 1999 XJR), and NOTHING has gotten to me the way that this car has... it just does everything so well! My wife of 29 years (who is not the least bit into cars) has never expressed ANY interest in ANY of my previous vehicles (including the XJR), but when she saw the XJS for the first time, she immediately gushed all over it with praise about its beauty... when she drove it for the first time, she emerged with a tremendous smile on her face and actually carried on a long conversation with me about the car... the first such conversation ever with her since I met her in 1973! She now always suggests that we take the XJS when we go out shopping or to dinner.

I am so glad that I bought this great vehicle... I have finally found my mechanical "kindred spirit"!