25th Dec 2006, 16:27

Yes, I feel the XJS is the sexiest car on the road - - - not many of them on the road lately.

Jaguar was certainly very ahead in their design work considering the albatross back window. However, the back lighting systems are what make that car really catch my eye.

Too bad Jaguar changed-out the back lighting systems (I think in 90-91) for a design that looks like a 1994 Buick Century.

Love my 1989 Saphire Blue XJS!! When I see 1990 or newer XJS with the funny looking rear lighting systems I begin to wonder how those back lights could be converted to pre-1990-91.

Great to hear from other XJS folks!

5th Jan 2007, 19:11

I am eighteen years old and am looking for a first car. I am a die-hard car enthusiast and cannot settle for a Honda Civic (which is still a good car, but...). I have always been drawn to the Jaguar XJS and am now considering the purchase of a late model (1995-96) 4.0L 6 cyl. convertible. The car would most likely be stored during the winter and would be driven daily during the driving seasons. I am aware of Jaguar's reputation regarding their cars' build quality and reliability. I am also aware that maintenance can be very expensive. On the other hand, I read comments like the ones above that explain how the cars are quite reliable and have very few problems mechanically and otherwise. I would be prepared for small issues, but I am still hesitant. Could someone please give their opinion on whether or not they think this car would be reasonable for me or if it is going to drive me to the poorhouse. Keep in mind that I am not a normal teenager who will want to put big shiny rims on the car and do burnouts.

26th May 2007, 16:08

Well, my news is that I'm inheriting a 1995 Jaguar XJS convertible. It is off white with tan top/interior and has 30,000 miles on it. The family member I'm getting it from garaged it for about 10 months out of the year.

I'm thinking of keeping it pure stock except for a few minor additions. Actually, the owner already replaced the hood medallion with a leaping jaguar.

I am thinking of adding the trunk spoiler like on the coupe. Any good places to get parts? I've tried googling, but no luck.


1st Dec 2007, 14:32

After looking for more than two years I broke down and finally acquired the '95 V12 convertible XJS of my dreams a couple of years ago. The good news is that although relatively rare, many existed as rarely driven Palm Beach toys of the rich and still come onto the market with exceptionally low mileage.

Although we own a number of "practical" cars, having a car with the timeless look and wonderful feel of the 6L XJS simply can't be beat.

I concur with the comments about dependability of the later models. As long as the car was properly serviced before you bought it, and assuming you keep up with periodic maintenance after you buy it, you'll be fine.

I'm 6' 4" and live in Phoenix, so the cabin size isn't a problem. Life here is strictly "top down".

5th Aug 2008, 19:27

I have a Triple Black 1995 XJS Convertible. I bought it mint in '05 with 46k on it. At 50k it had had problems with the driver side window mechanism. The engine rattles when it starts (timing chain). The air went out at 63K. The tranny cooler hoses burst at 63K. There is a broken trans. mount. The power steering res. leaks a bit. It idles rough sometimes but passed smog at 73K. The taillights went out at 73K. The driver's seat always flattens out.

The good is... it is very fast, it get looks from everyone. It's very fun to drive, 22mpg. The sound system is very good and I will keep it till I die. Coolest car at every intersection. Upstages all Corvettes, Mustangs, or Japanese anything, and when an old Benz or BMW convertible or a Miata is near they keep away as they disappear when I am close by.

30th Jul 2010, 00:20

I own a 1995 XJS Convertible with 325000 miles on it. YES, three hundred and twenty five thousand. I think I just made my point about the reliability of the 95 and 96 XJS.

2nd Dec 2010, 23:04

First and foremost, I am not the kind of individual that writes comments about cars I have owned or own now. I would guess that I have never written comments about a car before, because no car has made me feel the passion I feel about my 1995 XJS convertible.

I would like to share a brief history on what factors made me decide to buy a 1995 XJS, and why after owning and driving this wonderful car, I am passionate enough to write these comments. When I set out to buy a special car this year, I wanted a car that met the following criteria: rare-classy-sleek-collectible-reliable-sporty-luxurious-state of the art-convertible-a work of art. Oh, and for a reasonable entry price for a fine example.

Now I can already hear some of you thinking that you have always heard over the years how unreliable the XJS is. Well I was surprised to discover myself that since the XJS was built for 21 model years - well you know the saying "practice makes perfect". Yes, the XJS was the longest running Jaguar model produced, and over all those years, something wonderful happened - a very special and refined car was made in the end.

Some other facts to consider about the XJS, and why I narrowed my search to the 1995 model. The first 13 years of production, the XJS was only available in coupe form. I personally think the XJS looks so balanced as a convertible, and the coupe just does not look as balanced to my eyes. When the XJS was finally available as a factory convertible, it started out only available with the V-12 engine. Now I am not here to debate the merits for or against the mighty V-12, but my personal opinion is that the XJS was not the best fit for the V-12. Look up some photos of the XJS with the V-12, and you will see how little access you have inside the engine compartment. In 1995, the AJ16 was introduced for the XJS - simply put, it is the most powerful and refined 6 cylinder available in the XJS, and was only available in the 1995 and 1996 XJS. Another personal opinion is that the exterior and interior changes made to the last few model years of the XJS are the best looking of all-known as the "facelift" models.

If you are looking for a very special car, I encourage you to take another look at the XJS. Do your research and check one out in person if you can find one of these illusive cats.

3rd Dec 2012, 22:30

Purchased a 1995 XJS Convertible with 40,000 miles in mint condition today for 13K from an import dealer in Chicago. You can probably get the price down a little.

But it's an amazing car!

29th Dec 2013, 04:21

I bought a 1996 XJS convertible two months ago with 85,000 on the clock. Having looked at a few and been disappointed, I really wanted this to be the one because it was almost the end of the line, so is packed with every goodie available. So rather than go myself, I sent an RAC inspector who did a four hour inspection followed by 90 minutes on the phone to tell me all. Well worth £275, and I had a few "niggly" electrics sorted and some brake bits sorted pre-sale, which I would never have picked up on.

When Mr RAC described it as "like a two year old" on the phone it was sold though. And it does feel more like two than seventeen.

Oddly the power to weight ratio is just the same as the "modern" 3.0 V6 Jag I drive at work, which is very quick. But with a lazy 4 speed auto box (even in sport mode) the XJS is not a "quick" car in the 0-60 zone. Over 30mph however, it starts to wake up. There's LOTS of torque. I have, inadvertently on a motorway slip road, had the wheels spinning in third gear. Switch off first gear (winter mode) and the car will still scoot up a hill start. Honestly, I don't think 5.3 or 6.0 litres would give me any more fun on roads, just cost more to run.

But that's not really me. I prefer to bimble along in top gear, just about inside the speed limit, which is really SLOW from the inside of the XJS, whisper quiet for any convertible. Something classic but jolly like Vivaldi's Four Seasons blasting out, or even just listen to Jaguar silence at 70mph.

So far the only queries are central locking / alarm system only works 99 percent of the time, leading to (usually public) scenes of me standing shouting and swearing at the car before getting on my knees to BEG the alarm to stop ringing. Sticky starter motor sometimes remains engaged for a second or two after the engine fires.

I've driven the way I feel, not bothering about fuel economy. Having only just bought it, I have probably driven faster than I ever will again - just to have a go - and a lot more driving short journeys just to show off (I can walk to work but have been driving lately - either way it is only 15 minutes, so not good for the XJS really). I have put about 2500 miles on the clock in two months. So fuel consumption of 22 MPG seems fine. I'll probably get 24 in the future.

Over the last 20 years I have had seven other "classic" convertibles. This is the only one I have considered keeping apart from the1986 rag-top Land Rover which my OH uses as her daily driver, summer or winter. She is puzzled therefore, as to why I keep washing the XJS all the time. If I am to use it as my daily driver, then I do have to rinse the salt off every day or so, which is a faff.

I love the car. I'll certainly keep it for a couple of years, maybe, just possibly, forever. I can't find another car anywhere that could replace it, as I don't care for the XK8, and the F Type is a two seater. Having had a couple now, I am utterly smitten by Jaguar's mix of luxury, yet made in sufficient number to have quality control.

Oh, and the huge amount of boot. Massive. This car was made for long touring holidays.


15th Jan 2014, 21:23

If people had any idea what a fun car the XJS is, they would be selling for more than double what they sell for now. It is so great to open that top and fire it up. The ultimate luxo-cruiser!