2000 Jaguar XKR Coupe 4.0 V8 Supercharged from UK and Ireland


British junk


What hasn't:

As shown this was a very low mileage Jaguar Approved used car, fastidiously maintained at the supplying dealer from now, however...

Rear dampers replaced 4 times!!!

Instruments went haywire in warm weather.

Suspension bushes 3 times, last time with Poly bushes at dealers cost that fixed the problem.

Leather seats wearing poorly after low miles and easy use.

Stereo issues galore.

Supercharger belt replaced twice due to clicking.

Charging issues showing on the voltmeter, lights went dimmer idling.

Very slow transmission, no fault found... yeah right.

General Comments:

Our car was Dark blue with ivory leather and 18s, looked stunning, however, this car sums up style over substance..

1st off, this myth that Jags are comfortable is untrue in this case; I'm not a very big bloke, but the cabin is tiny and on the long journeys I did I found the seats very small, offering little support or comfort.

This car is however very very fast, but makes a horrible droning noise in the cabin, not at all how you would imagine it would sound, really weedy!

The brakes would fade very badly, despite new fluid and pads. This car is quick and needs better brakes to cope!!

Transmission, a Merc unit in this model, is very poor, taking ages to select reverse, and with a reluctant kickdown.

Interior poorly made, no rattles, but everything is pretty cheap, and the wood steering wheel didn't match the wood dash.

The dealer service at the dealer is very poor; they won't accept they sold a car with lots of problems, and were reluctant to mend it under their warranty.

Our previous car was a high mileage Cadillac STS (reviewed on here), and it was a far superior car, despite its much lower price tag. Miss that car like mad; however we changed the Jag for a much older 1997 BMW 750il and wow, how nice to be back in a proper car again.

To sum up, these Jags feel old... basically because they share things in common with the XJS, a British Leyland nightmare.

I would really not recommend this car, especially a higher mileage one, as they will not last the distance like a German car. At 100k they need all the timing chains etc replaced; our very old BMWs with over 200k on them have been originals!!

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Review Date: 19th July, 2007

12th Jul 2009, 05:56

I've heard lots of bad things about this version of the XK. The XJ/XJR seems to have been a lot better for some reason. Still, rumours are just rumours. Have you for example owned an XJS?

I have a 1988 XJS, and recently bought a 2001 BMW 330 for track days and daily driving. The XJS is much much nicer to drive than the BMW. It has also been very low maintenance and trouble free. Not a nightmare in my eyes.

That said, I'd like the Jaguar feel in a modern GT/coupe. The current XK is too expensive, and the older one just doesn't appeal that much to me.

12th Feb 2013, 17:18

My dad owned an XJS for many years from when it was only 3 years old, and yes it was no good. Suspension problems, sensor issues causing gauge issues, trim rattles etc. It even committed the heinous crime of actually breaking down twice, totally unacceptable. I find people who own Jags, and in later years Rovers, tend to excuse poor behaviour from them due to misplaced nostalgia, and not ever driving anything decently made.

22nd Feb 2015, 19:24

Are you British and would rather have a STS? I've got to say I am impressed either by your being honest or the STS being a better car. That said, American cars aren't as unreliable as many in Europe think, but they have struggled to produce a well rounded vehicle.

2006 Jaguar XKR New model 4.2 supercharged V8 from UK and Ireland


A big step forward for Jaguar


Nothing yet as it is only 1 month old!

General Comments:

I am so pleased with my new Jaguar. It is a big change from my old XK8 but feels more modern and fashionable (that's what my kids say). I have had nothing, but great comments by strangers in the street and I thank the lord that I went for this over the 6 series BMW. Also, I believe it truly is the best all rounder at this price.

The acceleration is phenomenal and it seems to have much smoother power delivery than the XK8. My car is graphite silver and I am very pleased so far. No I couldn't stretch to an Aston Martin DB9, but I am truly amazed with what I got for the money - I paid (£67,000). If you want a great car and don't want a Porsche - try this, you won't be disappointed.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2007