1984 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2.6 from North America




In 20 years almost everything. After 475 thousand miles I did have to get a brand new engine and have had two transmissions in it. When I first bought my Jeep new all four of the motor mounts broke and that caused lots of problems. Have had a body plug come out and have had the usual replaced.

General Comments:

I have had many cars and have a new Dodge SUV now that is really nice and classy, but my Jeep is still with me and fully insured, inside looks new, outside looks great and love my Jeep! This Jeep has gone everywhere and done everything that I have "asked" it to do and more! It came in 4th in the Jeep Cup in 1996 with street tires on and 60 thousand miles on it. Might have been first if we had really known what we were doing.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2004

1984 Jeep Cherokee 2 door Sport 4x4 305 5 liter V8 from North America


Pimp ride


I have noticed that during warm up you can hear a noise like bearings spinning, then more while you drive too, it happens a lot.

I am currently painting the interior black.

At first my hatch would have problems closing. So I adjusted the 2 hex bolts on the pin and now it closes fine.

I have oversized tires - the jeep takes off on you, digging into every groove in the road.

We took the wheel flares to paint the jeep and they broke, going to buy new ones.

There are a lot of hex bolts and I don't like them.

I changed the pads and rotors myself, the pads were very hard to fit in. I had to file them a little.

The rear window washer hose leaks all the time and if you park with your front left tire in the air, it will constently leak out.

My heater is not bad, but just recently when I slide it to max, it doesn't open the gate.

My left turn signal stopped turning itself off on completion of the turn, have to do it manually now.

The speedometer tends to bounce.

The ride is very rough and bumpy.

It is very cold - lots of ways for outside air to get into the cab.

The 2 core radiator had to get custom fabrication as per the engine swap, and it is too small.

Overheating only in the summer is a problem.

It is easy to unlock with a coat hanger through the smokers window gap.

The factory stereo is a waste of time - I have all new wires powering my deck, and my amp powering all of the other speakers.

Had to die grind the speeker holes in the doors to fit 5 inch midranges.

The hex bolts holding the seat belts for the front seats are extreamly hard to loosen, had to use a snipe.

The two back rectangle windows came factory with mirror tint, but not the back window.

Don't ever get in a front end or front quarter accident, because it is no easy chore to fix yourself.

General Comments:

With the engine swap and install of a 700r4 tranny with shift kit, she lays patch like no tomorrow as well as second gear rubber.

It has lots of torque, but what I am thinking of doing is replacing my 305 with a 350 for the obvoius power increase, and the fact that it is the same bolt pattern as my 305.

I like how the seats move in so many ways.

In 4 wheel low there is an amazing amount of torque.

I was able to climb a hill taller than a house that was covered in a foot of snow.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003