1984 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 V6 from North America


A reliability nightmare


Engine was completely worn out at 100,000 km and required total rebuild. It always ran well, but liked to leak oil.

Torque converter broke and ruined transmission, requiring complete rebuild at 50,000 km.

Torque converter required replacement again at 100,000 km, to correct noise.

The Select - Track transfer case is a disaster. It has been rebuilt twice and still doesn't work properly.

The windshield developed a stress crack.

The paint and chrome have flaked off in many areas.

Electrical systems in the rear hatch do not work, due to faulty wiring harness.

General Comments:

I am sentimentally attached to this vehicle, as it was my first car. Therefore, I have repaired all of the problems, but it has cost me much more money than its really worth.

When everything is working, its nice to drive, although it lacks adequate acceleration at highway speed.

Its reasonably roomy inside, yet is very compact and maneuverable.

The steering is a bit numb, with little handling feel.

It is very good off road and is very durable, structurally.

I feel the engine should have lasted longer, as I maintained it very well.

The torque converter is too fragile, and the transfer case is an absolute nightmare. It is far too susceptible to breakdown and is very expensive to fix.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2003

13th Jun 2007, 19:19

I wrote this review 4 years ago.

I still have the Jeep, and I keep it simply as an emergency back - up vehicle, so over 4 years, it has accumulated about 3000 km.

Now, at 108,000 km I have spent about $1000 MORE on it to replace the front wheel bearings, all 4 shocks, water pump and front brake lines. Now the front ball joints are worn and loose. They need replacement to be safe... and I greased them since new every 4000 km or so...

Jesus, what a pile of crap!!! What car out there needs ball joints and front wheel bearings at about 65 k miles???

At this point the headliner has fallen down and the blower motor is seized. I am disgusted with this experience. No more Jeeps...ever.

30th Aug 2008, 18:48

I think you're just in one of those hit or miss vehicles. Not everything produced off the line is good. I have a 1984 Jeep Cherokee 4-door, and everything thing runs fine. I had to replace the motor at 250,000 miles and the ball joints need to be replaced soon, but that's about all. Overall it's really reliable.

23rd Nov 2014, 01:36

I wrote this review 11 years ago. I have since learned that GM shipped AMC a bunch of defective 2.8 liter V6 engines for the 1984 model year. These engines wore out quickly, or were made in a defective manner, with excess piston clearances. So it's possible an '85 or later V6 will be okay.

I will observe that the 4 cylinder, manual transmission Jeeps of this era were much more reliable.

1984 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 from North America


Not worth the money I paid for it


When I bought it, I had to replace the entire exhaust from the manifold back.

The heater didn't work when I bought it, it was rigged to be on the whole time.

General Comments:

I only bought this car out of pure necessity, because the transmission in my Lumina died.

The Jeep also handled poorly in the winter, since the 4-Wheel drive didn't work.

It was constantly cold inside during the winter due to the gaping rust holes in the doors.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002

24th Dec 2002, 22:14

Well, I'm not surprised that the car has some problems seeing that it has over 210,000 on it. Sounds like it also wasn't very well cared for before you acquired it. I own an 85 jeep Cherokee and, although it isn't the most powerful car, it seems to be more dependable than many other cars on the market.

27th Sep 2010, 14:49

I recently bought an original Cherokee pioneer 84 with 45,000 miles. It's a great car, the only problem is rear main seal. The select Trac system is still working. After 26 years, there is no rust. Great car.

17th Jun 2015, 21:42

I also have a 84 Cherokee Pioneer. Mine's got 48000 on it. What's it worth?

1984 Jeep Cherokee Sport Wagon 2.8 liter V6 from North America


Buy a Jeep, you'll never go back!


I've had the clutch replaced.

I've also replaced the clutch master cylinder, and slave cylinder.

The lining inside the cab has started to sag.

The oil pan gasket is in need of replacement. There is some minor leaking.

There was some body rust that needed to be repaired, especially around the door handles. Along with minor rusting along the bottom of the doors.

General Comments:

This Jeep is the best vehicle I've ever owned.

I purchased my Jeep 8 years ago, for the cool price of one thousand dollars. Included was a full tank of gas, a luggage carrier, a fresh oil change, great tires, a new radar detector, and a great big smile from the previous owner. I told him that I needed a vehicle that would be dependable. I had no idea what I was getting into. My friends told me to buy a car. Sometimes your friends are wrong. My brother-in-law was so taken by my Jeep he bought himself a 1989 Jeep, only in a different color. I don't think I'll ever drive anything else.

What I've put in for repairs is less than most people have paid in one year on their new car payment. And that includes a new paint job.

The Interior is still original, without a tare.

The engine is 99.9% original.

In simple words, It's the best that money can buy.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2002