19th Aug 2003, 19:41

I too am an 89 Cherokee Laredo owner. I recently bought this vehicle and have loved it. The only thing I can say about the paint job is that its cheap to get a new one done and it happens on old vehicles. Jeep may have a problem with their clearcoats, but the paint would have gone bad anyways.

20th Dec 2003, 12:33

Regarding paint problem's on Jeep Chreokee's...this is my third Cherokee, it's a 1988 Cherokee Limited and is a maroon color... the roof, and hood paint is peeling and I understand it's the clear coat that's deteriorating. Is there any way that Jeep Corporation will pay for this paint repair, or, does anyone know of any class action lawsuits pending, regarding this problem. Secondly, is there anyone I can contact at Jeep Corporation about this?

Thank You!


21st Dec 2003, 07:48

WRT the above comment: your Jeep is 16 years old. How long did you think the original paint job should have lasted?

Thank all the trial lawyers for the "something bad happened, who can I sue?" mindset!

4th Mar 2004, 18:03

I've recently acquired a Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 1990 from my brother. Other than a bit of repair due to a small accident still is going strong. It too has the paint problem. From a mechanic friend, the basic reason for the paint problem, which this one has is well, is it is when they were first doing clear coats on vehicles, and there are known problems with the process. There are other cars that have the same problem, one off the top of my head, is the old ford taurus, which a friend of mine had and it did the same thing. Hope this helps.

13th Apr 2004, 18:37

Ohh give me a break people. Your Jeep's are 15-16 years old! Like the other guy said, how long did you expect the original paint to last on a car that old? You should be blessed it held up that long.

5th Jun 2004, 22:24

As a car painter I can say on behalf of any Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/etc.. They do not use a very strong clear coat and all Daimler Chrysler vehicles for that. Not at 16 years old, but at 2 to 3 years old, even in 2004. Just a thought for anyone who is listening on the subject.

15th Jul 2004, 08:07

My black 1988 Cherokee, and many other similar year Cherokees noticed, also had the hood and top paint go very bad at about three years old. The local Jeep dealer agreed to repaint the vehicle on a 50-50 basis. Of course, my 50% at $500 plus dollars paid for the job, but, it was nicely done and held up well for the next eight years, and several more for the second owner. Overall, I was very pleased with the vehicle and it's otherwise good maintenance record.

27th Aug 2006, 15:01

We just bought an ’89 Cherokee Laredo. Definitely a horse. We took it to the beach (through the sand) the last few weeks, performs quite well thank you. We have the 4.0 litre I6, and it really gets the job done, even though its got 196,000 on it. This reply will cover a couple issues:

1) The paint: previous owner got the dealership to repaint the vehicle 2 years ago, and that has held up well. The only thing that did not make sense was the dealer did not repaint the side flairs. I sanded the scratches out and repainted the flares and the rockers over two weekends: now it looks as good as a 17 year old truck can look!

2) A friend of ours is a great mechanic. He told us that the water pump, thermostat and hoses were replaced, but it was not doing the job. He replaced the radiator (yeah, it is a funky rectangular one) and overflow, and things have been fine since.

3) Oil pressure gauge still does not work. Replaced the sender, still no go. Any suggestions?

4) After a heavy rain, there is always a puddle on the front right floor. Anyone know where that comes from?

5) I see the rear engine seals come up a lot. What is involved in the repair? (Is it better to go for a rebuild?

13th Feb 2008, 19:56

I own a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Sport for about a year now and it has 216,000 miles on it. Since I've owned it (for about a year) I have not had any major issues with it. I've added a new radiator and got an engine flush, but other than that I've really enjoyed my jeep. I highly recommend getting a jeep because they are great vehicles.

2nd Oct 2008, 10:41

MY BEATER 1989 red Jeep Cherokee Laredo is in the shop for the last time. 164,something miles, and about $20,000 in repair. My first and only car, bought in 1998 with 98,000 miles. It's 20 years old this January--holy &*^%$!

I have beat the living crap out of it as a driver, blown at least two engine heads, had 1 full remanned engine replacement, two radiators, multiple hoses, two water pumps, replaced a cracked windshield, you name it, I probably paid for it with a credit card. It had an extended overheating issue that took me a number of months and a lot of money to resolve. I live in a big city with not many options for trustworthy/reliable mechanics and have had to do some shopping/bouncing around in the repair department.

It leaks through the moonroof and the interior is a mess (all my speakers work) but hey.. I surf, and I'm JUST starting to get annoyed with the condition of the vehicle (being an adult now). I would recommend the vehicle, but you have to be patient. And ya have to love it. A LOT.

The car has travelled Quebec to The OBX, a million trips to Montauk, multiple 5-6-7 hour jaunts up and down the Northeast coast (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Boston Mass, Jersey Shore, Washinton DC, Baltimore.

It also is a beast. It is STILL STRONG, although a little under the weather at the moment (air/gasfilters, rear brake shoes/spring, rear gate lock, the u joints are going if not gone, and there is some electrical funkiness due to a poorly placed detachable cd player ground connection I suspect), but mostly has just needed tune-up and maintenance stuff prior to an extended blaze of glory execution style road trip from Brooklyn to Seattle by way of Texas, the southwest, and up the entire coast of California.

I hope it makes it all the way and if it doesn't I'll be fine with losing it -- I am proud of my Jeep and while not the most financially savvy guy -- feel I have gotten my money's worth out of a 20 year old vehicle. Like they say, it IS "a Jeep thing".

21st Oct 2012, 23:51

TOO FUNNY.. I have a 85 with perfect maroon paint, and a maroon 89 with clear coat issues, so it's not about the age of the paint at all.