1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 L6 from North America


Amazing old clunker


Needed extensive repair:

New ball joints and tie rod end.

New suspension isolators and shocks.

New brake rotors, pads, wheel cylinder, and drums.

Replaced wheel studs.

Replaced muffler and exhaust pipe.

Various sensors and electronic components.

Fuel pump and filter.

General Comments:

I bought it as a jalopy, so I wasn't expecting too much. However, 10 years later, it's still a daily driver and keeps sputtering along. It will still do 75 mph on the freeway, the excellent Borg-Warner transmission still smoothly shifts through all the gears, and the old L6 4.0 with Renix fuel injection still runs mostly smoothly. The power windows still work (weird, right?). Heck, the power seats still work (freaky!). The four wheel drive is excellent, and in the backcountry it's hard to stop.

This vehicle by all rights should be scrap metal and parts in a junk yard, but I'm happy: for very little cash, I've had a handy old clunker that just won't give up. I always loved the Cherokee with the 4.0, and wish I could have a newer, nicer one, but this old heap keeps running, so there's no reason to look at anything else. It's like your favorite pair of beat up sneakers.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2018

1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4 door 4wd 4.0L from North America




Fuel pump, injectors, water pump, valve job.

269,623 miles, exhaust manifold (cracked).

Plastic vacuum lines that control 4WD.

Resealed transfer case, due to fluid leakage.

Overhauled the rear differential (bearings wearing out due to 300,000 miles of driving). This was preventive maintenance, and was not a problem at the time.

Rear diff was rebuilt as an anti-slip, posi traction axle.

Complete new exhaust system from the cat converter back.

General Comments:

I acquired this Jeep in extreme need of repairs in 2002. It was family owned since new, but they had neglected necessary repairs. After repairing everything needed in 2003, all of the other things listed that went wrong with car were mostly regular required maintenance items due to the mileage on vehicle. All of the repairs listed were all done at the same time in 2009.

After this time, all I have done is drive this Jeep.

It has been one of the best vehicles I have ever had. It gets an average of 19 MPG in town, & I have gotten up to 24 MPG highway.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2015

1989 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 inline 6 from North America


Perfect first car


Coolant hose broke, but that was my doing.

The only problem I ever had was my headlights went out.

General Comments:

The most reliable car I have ever driven.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2014

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 straight six from North America


This is one amazing and reliable vehicle


I have had to do general maintenance on this Jeep, and that is basically it, and I have beat this thing every day since I got it. The only time it has ever had a problem, was when the fuel pump went out in the middle of trail, and I was still able to drive it home; it would just stall about every mile.

A recent problem is my drive chain in my NP 242 transfer case is stretched, but this is due to how I drive, and I will guarantee that you will never find another person who drives as hard and fast as I do down two tracks.

General Comments:

Although this vehicle does have the old vehicle steering, it does not drive bad. Gas mileage is not great, but not terrible either.

This Jeep has taken beating after beating, and never lets me down, from jumping hills, to high speed passes down rough trails, to drifting, and redlining the motor.

I would recommend one of these to anyone who is looking for a good, reliable vehicle that will get you almost anywhere you want to go.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2012

1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4.0 from North America


I love Jeeps


I have just bought a 1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer.

The rocker panels are rusted out on it, but other than that, the body is in great shape. The clear coat is starting to peel, like most Jeeps.

This is my second Jeep. I love Jeeps. This Jeep will be fixed up and looking brand spanking new.

As like other Jeeps, the roof liner is falling down, but they are easy to put back up, or you can to put something else up.

Unlike other Jeeps, the rear door doesn't have any rust, but the wiper does not work on it; no clue why.

It still has the original radio in it, but it has a blown fuse.

So in plain terms, this Jeep is like others, and like many people do, I'm do going to fix her up, because I love Jeep.

General Comments:

In plain terms, I would recommend anyone to buy a Jeep.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2012

16th Jul 2012, 17:31

Just a note, the rear hatch won't rust on a 1989. It's not made of sheet metal.

Just bought one as well, about 1 week ago. Basically, no rust to speak of on this one either. But it does need other work before it hits the road.