1989 Jeep Cherokee inline 6 from North America


Jeep, going places, smiling faces


Drives a little rough, but it keeps going and going... often imitated, never duplicated - JEEP.

General Comments:

Power, reliable, for over 20 years still running strong.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2010

1989 Jeep Cherokee from North America




Jeep's are good, but the 4 clyinder motor is far superior to the crappy straight 6. The straight 6 is well known for leaking at the rear main seal. the solution is new gasket and with some luck and high tack you can fix it, but as for me and my jeep's v-8's or 4's no 6's!

General Comments:

Buyer beware!!!

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Review Date: 29th November, 2006

10th Dec 2006, 21:03

Don't agree with the "crappy" in-line six comment at all. Have owned a Jeep,1991, for 174k miles with very minimal work over and above the normal maintenence. Have seen several comments and know first hand of the in-line sixes going well over 200k, and I plan to see at least 300k with mine. The percentage of poor reviews is very minimal for this engine. America needs to learn how to make an engine/tranny combination this well again!

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 242 from North America


She has always gotten me home, and I never want to let her go!


Radiator had been dripping just enough to notice since 205,000.

Noticed rear main seal was leaking durring the summer at 205,000.

Rod bering started making noise at 207,000.

Damaged exhaust crawling over a VERY steep hill 207,500.

Power steering pump has been wanting to fail since 210,000.

Windshield wipers slap the bottom of the window frame 210,000.

General Comments:

I have never been stuck in this Jeep yet and I have owned it over a year. She has taken me to the top of many mountains (without overheating) and down some of the lowest valleys. My Jeep Cherokee fits me like a glove. It is the perfect size for everything I want to do and haul. I'm sure I have exceeded the 5000 tow capacity... and the Jeep is never fazed. If you are a true 4-wheeler at heart, gas prices these days won't matter to you. It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand!

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2006

14th Aug 2007, 23:08

I too also have an 89 limited XJ that I HAVE OWNED SINCE 03. It had about 200k on it; now 289K.

Rear seal leaks (has for about 3 years), the muffler got banged up when the rear drive shaft fell off. I drove around in 4 wheel drive about a month until I put new bearings in it. The muffler still works and is the original.

I replaced the key switch, and used the key to start with a combination of a toggle switch (because I did not have proper tools at the place to repair it correctly).

I have had no starting trouble, except corrosion on main firing wire.

I had to replace the axle on the drivers side front, and used a 1990 model by mistake; did not know there was a difference until I had to replace a rotor.

I love my Jeep. IT IS A REAL JEEP AND THE BEST EVER MADE. People around here get anywhere from 300k to 500K, and most of the problems are leaking rear seals.

Most trouble in Jeeps occurs around 200K, but are simple (in car repair) to work on yourself. Jeeps are great, and keep your handbook handy so when you break down, you can fix it yourself.

1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4.0 Straight Six from North America


It will keep pace with all other rigs on the trail


I had a big problem with breaking coolant reservoirs and cooling hoses. The standard two core radiator was not good enough for trail action and would not keep the engine cool. Went through a lot of thermostats.

Stock suspension had to be replaced after 100,000 miles.

Most of the rain and water seals had to be replaced after 65,000 miles.

At around 170,000 miles and one rebuild I rolled it and blew the engine in the process.

General Comments:

I loved it once I got it all trail ready and fit for crawling. The amount of different things that someone can do with their Cherokee rival that of the wrangler and CJ. The interior is basic and not very fashionable unless you find one with leather seats. The bucket seats I had in mine were awsome though and when I took them out I put them in my mud racer because they work so well.

At around 170,000 miles I rolled it into a river and bent the frame, broke a few windows, broke a coil spring and shattered my ego. Other than those things everything else held up to the punishment perfectly with no other problems. I even drove it out of the river and back home!!!

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Review Date: 8th January, 2006