11th Jan 2011, 19:04

I just bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 inline 6, and I absolutely am loving it. I got it at 86k with a cherry body and immaculate interior, no need to say it is a head turner. It runs great.

The first day on the road, I took it for a 100 mile joy ride, and now with this blizzard coming through the North East, I can hardly wait to play with it in the snow.

25th Jun 2011, 00:59

My wife and I have owned many Jeeps over the years. I can honestly say we have never had any major problems, and only a few minor ones. Once you own a Jeep and drive it through really bad snow storms, drive in weather when other cars are pulled over, and not only survive rolling over into a creek (another driver forced us into it, because they lost control on ice) and drove it immediately afterwards, you will understand why so many people love their Jeep. It really is a Jeep thing.

23rd Sep 2011, 09:18

Glad to see you got a 2000 Jeep Cherokee mate. I have had mine for three years now. I have spent heaps on it, and I still love the old girl. My dog that got hit by a car just a few weeks ago, chewed one of the wires behind the driver's side head light, and I lost the night lights on the rear. I don't know why and I don't know how, but I can't seem to find where the wire is supposed to connect to. That's the only thing I think it can be. Do you have any ideas?

Your Jeep friend J,Garner. You can contact me on j,garner22@yahoo.com.au Thanks.

23rd Sep 2011, 16:23

Again we have a case of someone buying a used and abused domestic, and being upset that it has problems. Unless you buy a car new, or from a rental car company or someone you know, you are taking a risk at getting the results of someone else's neglect and abuse. Most of our cars have been purchased either new or from rental car companies (the best source for used cars). None of our domestics have ever had any problems. I can't say the same for our imports, however.

29th Mar 2012, 14:50

Hi, I'm from the UK, and I love the Jeep Cherokee XJ.

I bought a 97 facelift 4.0 with 60,000 on it 2 years ago, and only ever had the front speaker wire problem that another gentleman mentioned.

I have owned many cars from all over the world, and this really was a tank. I say was, as I had a 4am head on collision with a drunk east european chap in a BMW 3 series, who was on the wrong side of the road. Both of us were doing about 40mph, and so you can imagine the smash. I was knocked unconscious, and woke up with all the lights on in the car, and what looked like yellow smoke that I'm told was airbag dust. My Jeep had stopped in its tracks on the road, and the BMW (what was left of it) was about 10m ahead on its roof. Blah, blah, blah... The Jeep saved my life were the words of rescue workers and police.

Yes it's thirsty, and not as flash as the silly money 4x4's being produced, but I still think they are great.

I went straight out and purchased a 2006 TJ Wrangler that was heavily modified, lift, big tires, winch etc. Roof down fun was great, even in our crappy climate, but I find myself missing my Cherokee on a daily basis.

I plan to sell the Wrangler and find a good 2000 or 2001 Orvis edition Cherokee, which was the top spec one sold in this country. Petrol is I guess the same as $3 per litre now, but you've got to spend it on something.

Anyway, sorry for going on; I just wanted to give some appreciation from across the pond.

Regards, Richard.

4th Aug 2012, 22:07

Ever get 200K outta a USA car on just maintenance items? Didn't think so. My issue with the OP; if he had "beloved " foreign cars & heard "horror" stories on USA cars, WTF did he buy one?

6th Aug 2012, 00:09

Umm, yeah actually we have always gotten near or well over 200k on our vehicles with just maintenance... and then, hardly any of that. And all of them have been American.

1995 Jeep Wrangler: 215,000 and sold for a very high resale. Wranglers have the highest resale in the industry. Great running condition and paint like new.

1998 Olds Intrigue: 137,000 and was totalled in an accident. Original plugs and ran like new.

2006 Chevy Impala: 166,000 original plugs and runs like new. Interior like new. Nothing ever replaced except brake pad and tires.

1984 Chevy K Blazer: 230k, sold for nice resale. Ran pretty well, only thing that ever went wrong was the four-wheel drive system had to be worked on in 2002. About $300.

1992 Olds Cutlass Supreme: 178k and was totalled. Bought off a wrecker, fixed the front end and drove it nearly 100k trouble free miles.

Our domestics have been so reliable we don't bother shopping anything else. And most imports require expensive maintenance like timing belt replacement... we've never had to do any of that expensive nonsense.

28th Oct 2013, 20:45

I have a Jeep Cherokee Sport with 129,000 miles. I bought it new, and it is the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned. I allowed my friends to talk me into buying it (off the showroom floor); not a good vehicle, believe me.

30th Oct 2013, 15:43

Between my wife & I, we have owned 7 Jeeps over the years, including a 1998 Cherokee Sport 4.0 liter. Like all of our Jeeps, it was an extremely reliable, fantastic vehicle.

BTW the 4.0 is one bulletproof engine.

31st Oct 2013, 18:49

Our domestic car has 120,000+ miles and thus far has cost us $77 in total repairs. It has never required brake pads, shocks, an alignment, spark plugs or anything else. Rides and drives like new. I've offered my wife a new car and she refuses. She plans to drive this one until it is at least 25 years old. It's only 11 at the moment.

This has been our experience with every domestic car we've owned in the past 42 years. We tried German and Japanese imports, but none of them even lasted to 100,000 miles. It's nothing but domestic for us for the rest of our lives. As we get older, we can't take the risk of getting stranded by car trouble in a cheaply built foreign car.