20th Aug 2003, 21:01

You do realize that when you purchased this vehicle it was already 15 years old!

It is true that the V-6 is the most loathed engine that was ever put in the XJ. It is also true that they bought them from Chevy who was putting them into the S-10 and S-15 pickups.

As far as this XJ goes, this was only the second year of production and was pretty much a torchbearer for the SUV explosion that hit in the early to mid 90's. Incidentlly, this vehicle is not classified as an SUV, but rather a station wagon.

I also have a 1985 XJ, with the 5-speed transmission, optional 3.73 gears, and the command trac transfer case. Mine is also lifted 3 inches.

After 18 years, this is a great truck and should be thought of as an 18 year old truck. It won't perform like new. There will be rotten belts, rusted gaskets, leaky hoses, and mis-adjusted carburetors. Enjoy the truck, enjoy working on the truck, and be thankful that you have a vehicle that is part of history.

To conclude, I was skeptical of the XJ's ability when I first bought it, as my other truck is a 1996 Grand Cherokee. After owing it only 2 weeks, I took it off road and it, in it's stock appearance, out performed a 1988 Range Rover with a 4 inch lift and mods, and a early 90's Z-71 Chevy pickup with a 6 inch lift.

I am a Jeep guy through and through and would not hesitate to purchase ANY Jeep product... even one that is 18 years old.

16th Jan 2005, 21:14

Hey I own a 1985 AMC Jeep Cherokee.

I fixed it up with new everything; suspension, rims, brakes, paint, interior, everything.

I love jeeps, I had fixed this one a couple of years back and sent it to my country so I can used it for vacation, now in 2005 the car is in great condition as well as exterior, interior, it has run more than 20,000 miles and still the automatic transmission is great shape (where the country prefers manual).

The only problem I have now is that the engine is in bad shape due to constant weather changes and usage, throughout the years of having fun in the mud and rain. I cannot sell it! It is a piece of American history! So I am seeking anyone who can help me rebuild the engine, in the sense of the parameters of the engine (like step by step) or advice? It is a 2.8 litre V6 P.S. Is it true the engine is weak and sluggish? By any chance anyone know how much hp it is has? Thanks.

23rd Jun 2005, 16:57

Its shame AMC didn't make one of their engines standard, it would have been much more reliable (though there was one available I think the 4.2) P.S. the Chevy V-6 has about 130 horsepower.

6th Jan 2007, 01:32

I bought my 1985 Cherokee back in 1991. Has to replace the Chevy v6 engine at 107000 miles. No other major problems after that. Just wore out from hard use.

31st Aug 2007, 20:55

I have a 1985 Jeep Cherokee and it's great!

I had to put a new driveline in it, but that was at 198,000 miles. Now it feels and runs better than my 1988 Cherokee.

Sounds like someone didn't know how to put together an engine, or you had it done on the cheap and you got robbed.

I put a bigger cam in it and had it bored over 60", and it runs and pulls very good. It doesn't have much top end, but up to 4000 RPM it is very strong.

A lot of it depends on the engine code on the Block; later year LR2 60 degree V6's had a one piece rear main seal, and a 2 piece on the earlier ones.

For being a unibody wagon, this is the strongest and best built vehicles of the 80s, besides the CJ and Wrangler Jeeps!

1st Jul 2010, 21:54

I just bought a 1985 Cherokee Chief with 73,000 miles at an estate auction for $1,300 dollars. No rust, just a little bent in the right front fender that messes up the plastic wheel trim a bit, barely noticeable. Only 2k miles since 2000.

Had to put a new coil on, rebuild carb, new fuel pump and spark plugs. Tailpipe was rusted out at rear hanger. Couldn't believe it when I turned on A/C and it came out cold.

Takes a little learning to start with it having a carb and not fuel injection. Transfer case seems to work OK and transmission shifts good. My next step is to have the fluids changed in all the gearboxes.

If this Jeep works out OK, I will get rid of my 91 Explorer. First Jeep and AMC I have ever had.

31st Aug 2010, 19:45

I am looking at a 1985 Jeep Cherokee and thinking about buying it. I have heard the ups and downs about the V6, but I wanted to know if this motor is good for off roading. I also heard that they are hard to smog.

Please reply to my comment.

Thank you.