1985 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer XJ 2.5 liter four cylinder Hurricane from North America


A good unsinkable vehicle


Well, it ran really good for about 210,000 miles. Then I decided as it certainly had the miles & was dripping just a little oil, that perhaps it would be good to have the engine rebuilt. I took it to what was a very reputable shop (dealer could not even work on them any more) who had been in business for years & years. Paid nearly $3000 to have the engine completely overhauled & rebuilt along with a few other things that would reasonably go with it. Now, less than 20,000 into the rebuild, the engine is running horrible with extensive blow by, heavy oil usage, horrible power & pickup, etc. etc.

Unfortunately now the shop has gone out of business after years of service. Another shop wants to completely rebuild it again & I don't know what to do as I got laid off a while back after over 38 years, & have been unable to find another decent job. I would try to fix it myself if I knew what was really wrong with it & knew it would solve the problem. It just cannot be the engine if the first run lasted 210,000 with no problems & was still running fairly well, & the rebuild is less than 20,000 & runs like it would be 230,000, but worse. I just don't know what to do, & really wish I could find someone that really & truly honestly knew how to work on these, & do a good job for a genuinely fair & affordable price.

General Comments:

I really like the vehicle & it has been very dependable all these years until now. It is still in pretty good shape & is fun to drive, but it could probably use a paint job.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2016

16th Apr 2016, 01:08

Where are you located? Maybe I could help?

16th Apr 2016, 14:22

Get yourself a well cheap disposable car when you find work. Then mothball the Jeep until you can overhaul everything.

17th Apr 2016, 02:46

I'm sorry to hear you're having these problems.

If an engine rebuilder can't handle a re-do of a cast iron, pushrod, inline 4 cylinder engine, what can they handle in 2016???

1985 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2.5 Liter Hurricane from North America


Keep on rolling


Rebuilt clutch & replaced the slave cylinder.

Rebuilt rear differential.

Rebuilt engine at approx 200,000.

Replaced shocks.

Replaced brakes & master cylinder.

Replaced alternator.

Problems with the heat since under warranty, & a blower switch later, & even a mechanic could not find a new switch anywhere, & neither could I. Mechanic ended up sticking a toggle switch on it to try & help out, but that quit eventually.

Another mechanic damaged the ignition switch & a relay module allegedly repairing the tilt wheel (I used to have it tightened every 60-70k - fast, easy & cheap. Then I got transferred to this area & this mechanic at a chain operation said he could fix it & damaged all these things, & then the good mechanic & myself could not find replacement parts).

Replaced headliner.

Regular general maintenance.

General Comments:

This vehicle keeps on going. This vehicle is not fancy & is noisy (even for a hard of hearing guy), but it has literally been through hell & high water, & still gets there time after time. This is not a Cadillac, but I firmly believe I could take off for Alaska & this old gal would get me there.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2015

1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief 2.5L gas from North America


Can't see myself selling it


Have replaced clutch master, slave cylinder, fuel pump, rear pinion seal, clutch pedal, shocks, as well as regular tune up parts, filters, plugs, wires, rotor, etc.

Can see previous repairs to door hinges (not good repairs).

In process of redoing the brakes, front pads worn out, so probably a good indication the rest of the system needs some TLC.

It still needs the vacuum system corrected, exhaust fixed (probably a manifold gasket or donut ring), and a tune up.

General Comments:

I've never owned a Jeep before. I bought it for two reasons; one - I wanted a 4x4, and two - it looked fun.

Although this is no power house, it is the most fun vehicle I've owned.

So far, all repairs I've done to this Jeep stem from poor maintenance, and the vehicle sitting for over 2 years.

So far I have only managed to get it stuck twice; first time I was stuck, sitting in 3 to 4 feet of water, with my axle hung up. With a little tug from a Chevy Astro, the Jeep climbed out under its own power.

Second time, I think with better tires, I would not have got stuck.

Not much I can say bad about this vehicle; parts are hard to find, new or used. I would buy another, and am currently looking for another; my wife wants one LoL.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2011