1985 Jeep Cherokee Laredo Custom 2.8 from North America


Reliable and fun


The back end got smashed out and turned into wooden box. But and rear drive train leaks abit, but that's to be expected. Engine was rebuilt at 116k miles. The transmission once was automatic, but that was replaced with manual transmission. Seat cushions have bad wear and missing the headliner.

General Comments:

I would recommend any jeep before Dodge bought them out along time ago. Its been reliable and runs great in the winter. Starts up and ready to go.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2007

1985 Jeep Cherokee CommandTrac 2Dr 2.5 Liter 4 Cylinder from North America




The only thing that has ever gone wrong was a censor went bad and I thought the motor was blown, so I tore the motor down just to notice that a censor has been completely ripped out (probably due to offroading) and ever since the jeep has ran flawlessly and continues to do so... it doesn't even burn oil at nearly 200k miles.

I have the what I like to call "desert storm tan" color on the jeep, but I am considering changing the color now due to its starting to fade.

General Comments:

The thing is unstoppable in bad weather and mud/snow/sand. I've had mud to the frame rails and it just powers through it. in sand its like driving on a newly paved road and ice is a joke. this thing laughs at all obstacles. I've climbed rock walls, through creeks, even through a 4 ft deep pond (with the help of a breather tube and a snorkel for myself). This thing is amazing and I'm looking forward to another 200k miles.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2007

1985 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Liter Gas Carb from North America


Nothing abnormal, clutch replaced, water pump, battery, solenoid.

General Comments:

Exceedingly reliable, but not for the light hearted. It is a hands-on vehicle for the owner.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2006

1985 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 2.8L V6 from North America


Rock-solid, slow-moving beauty


Automatic Transmission Failure.

Transfer case broken.

Water Pump leak.

Original hoses leaked.

General Comments:

Bought this vehicle early 2005 with 115,000 miles on it. That comes out to about 5800 miles/year for the last 20 years.

Body could use some paint, but there are no dents or rust.

The interior and dash are near mint, and very comfortable.

This car feels rock solid, and much larger than its compact designation.

There was something wrong with the transmission when I bought it, and I finally had to have it rebuilt. That was a bit of a nightmare, as it's hard to find trannys for this year vehicle. Also replaced the transfer case. After a few returns to the mechanics for leaks and poor workmanship, the transmission shifts like a dream.

I agree that the 2.8L V-6 is a dog of a motor (no wonder they opted for the 4.0L later), but it runs like new, has no leaks, burns no oil. However, 12 miles per gallon for such a small vehicle is pretty bad, but with the lack of power, and the automatic three speed with no overdrive, it does rev pretty hard at highway speeds. I guess this is understandable, considering the vehicle was produced when the speed limit was 55 mph. Besides, you really shouldn't be in a hurry driving one of these beauties. 0-60 in 30 seconds is okay with me.

My girlfriend and I really enjoy this vehicle. After a coat of paint you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this '85 Cherokee and on 10 years newer. We love it.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

1985 Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Litre 4-Speed from North America


The best performer for your money!


Transmission blew out before I owned it due to poor driving. Replacement cost $800.

The clutch slave unit leaked which caused some fuse box problems, but to replace the unit and fuse box was only about $50.

The Alternator went bad at about 200,000 miles, and replacement was only $70.

General Comments:

As far as I know, the problems listed above are the only problems in nearly 20 years.

This jeep may be somewhat slow, but for $1500 it a steal of an SUV, and one beast of an off-road performer for a 4 cylinder.

Though my particular Jeep lacks power windows and locks, it is one fine looking automobile, and I would recommend it to anybody. In almost any outdoor scene, this baby just looks rugged!

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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

6th Nov 2004, 19:37


12th Mar 2005, 13:42

I have an 1986 Jeep Cherokee, with the 2.5L 4 Cyl. engine and 5 Sp manual trans. Those things are indestructible! I have 264110 Miles on it, it has never been overhauled, or rebuilt, and I beat a 91 Honda Civic with it the other day. Burns virtually no oil, the 4WD works awesome, and it will pull anything you put behind it. I am sorry to say that I have only seen two other 4 bangers like mine, but I'll tell you this, they will last a lot longer than those straight sixes. I was on eBay the other day, and saw a Jeep like mine, with a newley rebuilt 4 banger at 300000 miles!

10th Oct 2005, 11:45

I don't know about these cars. the 4 cylinder seems a little weak for an SUV engine. I have had my 1985 Cherokee for about two years now, and have done nothing, but work to keep it running. the latest problem - sounds like a single-cylinder lawn mower and takes about 15 seconds to rev to the high RPM range. and as for towing - I pulled a trailer with one dirt bike on it, and the thing could barely move.

4th May 2006, 11:42

I have a 1985 Cherokee Laredo and it was a steal for what I paid for it (it was free). It is my first car and I'm only 14, but I have a farm to run it around on. Its has the 2.5 Litre 4 cylinder and it has a 5 speed. This is one of the most comfortable vehicles to ride in. It has 316,522 kilometres on it. It is just got a little surface rust and its missing the rear panel on the hatch. It is a very good vehicle and I love it.