22nd May 2004, 08:09

On December 2 of 1998, I bought a Jeep Cherokee Sport, and today, it should eclipse 150,000 miles. Still runs like a top. Yup, I've had some small mechanical issues, such as the power-window on the drivers side going kaput (approx $150 to fix if I recall), a front wheel hub going bad (approx $450) and the door stop on the drivers door (about $200), but other than that, this vehicle has been nothing less of spectacular. Other than scheduled/recommended maintenance, and the issues outlined above, I've had zero problems - it always starts, and performs reliably. This vehicle has been stolen once, and was recovered within hours thanks to the Lo Jack I had installed at time of purchase.

Next week, I'll be leaving from Maryland and taking the Jeep on a cross-country trek to Niagara Falls, and out to the Rocky Mountains. I have absolutely no reason to expect that this truck won't make it 250,000 miles and beyond, as long as I hold up my end of the bargain with the scheduled maintenance. If the Jeep Liberty is half the vehicle the Cherokee has proved to be, Jeep has themselves another winner.

17th Jul 2004, 17:38

The 4.0 liter is a nice engine, and holds its own on the street. A number of mods can make it quite competitive. As for the rice burners... I won't even mention gravel driveways. What do you do when it snows?

13th Oct 2004, 21:48

Hi guys, I'm looking at a 99' Jeep Charokee sport 4-Dr 4x4.

It has 103,000 miles on it. It's sat for nearly a year outside waiting to be sold at a buddies aunts house, she was obviously asking too much! She's now willing to take $5000 for it. I'm going to have a compression test done, there seems to be no leaks under the hood or around the pans. (oil/trans) I havn't had a chance to take it for a drive yet and I'll listen for any noises, shutter's, test the driver's side window, and test the 4-wheel. Is there anything else I should be aware/check?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.. Thx.

2nd Jun 2005, 07:17

It's been awhile since you asked about buying the Jeep. Hopefully you purchased it. I bought my 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport used in October 2004. It was in excellent condition with 128k. I bought it for $4500. I was driving a 2004 Honda Civic that my father now drives. It was terrible in the snow and I needed a 4x4. I now have 141k and it runs great. I did a Carfax report and found it to be clean. The only thing I did not have was the maintenance history. So, when I bought it, I had the transfer case and differentials serviced first. I figured that would be a good start before the winter hit in the Northeast. I also had the oil changed and recently switched to synthetic oil. I have gotten mixed reviews on this from people. I was told synthetic oil isn't good for an older vehicle. Of course the service station assured me it was fine. Good luck.

9th Dec 2006, 05:42

Great info on this review site. We are looking for a Cherokee for our son (17). We found a 2000 Cherokee Sport with 141,000 miles, original owner. I have not seen it yet - hopefully today.

Wow, I am surprised at the comments/problem areas that folks have encountered with Jeep Cherokees. I will check windows, door rusting, ignition switch, 50 mph vibration, service records for brake issues, a/c evaporator & compressor, speakers, etc, etc. I thought the Cherokee was a bullet proof vehicle until I read many of the comments. Maybe the engine is the only bullet proof component!

I am still hopeful if we can find one for a very low price. It sounds like a quality control issue in the late 90's, early 2000's for these. Folks either had a good one or a bad one. It also sounds like there is good after-market parts availability for these to fix what were design flaws.

If we get one - I'll be back with info.

Dave in Hershey.