1999 Jeep Cherokee SE 2.5 from North America


Spartan awesomeness


Power steering went out in 2001.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

The little AMC 150 was a work horse. You could bounce that thing off the rev limiter.

It was a perfect sized car; not too big, not too small.

It had both low end grunt & high end power, but it wasn't responsive in gears 3 & 4.

Boy was that thing loud.

Note to Fiat-Chrysler: Put in 2 solid axles, bring back the AMC 150 & AMC 242 & make the Patriot RWD/4x4, and you will have yourself a winner.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2014

1999 Jeep Cherokee 2 Door Sport 4.0L from North America


Best vehicle I have ever owned


Had to replace the radiator about 5K after acquisition.

General Comments:

I haven't seen a newer review here on the vehicle for quite some time now (years).

I bought this Jeep from a little Asian lady that drove it to work about an hour each way, by freeway. It was always garage kept and well maintained. I believe the vehicle has never been off-roaded (until me). It had 256K, with a thumping in the rear end (notorious on high mileage diffs in these), but was in most excellent condition inside and out.

When the radiator started to leak, it was not that bad, and could probably have been babied awhile longer, but I replaced it with an upgraded 3 row core and a new thermostat, and replaced the serpentine belt too. The Jeep has treated us great. Went on a 1000 mile round trip through Nor Cal with no issues whatsoever.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2012

26th Dec 2012, 02:31

I had a 1999 Cherokee and sold it to my son. I miss it. It was the best vehicle I have ever had, and I am looking for another one. It did ride rough, but not bad for a truck. The fuel mileage was excellent for a boxy 4x4. It had Selec-Trac that I used most of the winter in all wheel drive. In 4x4 the front wheels and rear wheels fought in a turn. Exactly like my pick up with 4x4. The all wheel drive is great.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 6 cylinder from North America


Strong, fun and reliable


Power windows only work from driver side controls.

Passenger door lock would not lock. (fixed)

General Comments:

A lot of people complain about the ride of the Jeep.

I say the ride of the Jeep is exactly what makes it a Jeep. It's supposed to be a rugged, tough SUV, and if that's not what you want buy a luxury car. The Jeep Cherokee Sport is not a complicated vehicle, it gets the job done. I bought my Jeep with a small lift, and all terrain tires, and it drives like a truck should.

Interior has power windows, locks, cruise etc. It's my daily driver, and is powerful and comfortable enough to do anything you can realistically need.

I have never been a truck guy, but this Jeep has changed my mind. I put a nice sound system in it, and all I can say is if reliability and fun are what your looking for, Jeep is definitely the way to go.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2009

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 6 cylinder from North America


My first SUV, so no complaints so far!


Had the truck for about 4 months now, no issues.

I bought it for $2300, and put about another $1000 into once I got it home. It's been running strong ever since.

The things that needed replacement were the shocks and struts, and the tires along with a tune up and I was all set.

General Comments:

Not an economy car when it comes to gas, but drives the way it should under poor weather conditions. I live in New England and the weather can be brutal; perfect truck for my area.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2009

1999 Jeep Cherokee from North America


Worst purchase I have ever made.


I own a complete LEMON.

Once I'm finally free I will never buy another Jeep for as long as I live.

Two weeks after purchasing: broken remote entry on driver side door - not covered by extensive 30-year warranty. (NOTE: none of the issues listed below were covered by this extensive, "must-have" wonderful warranty I was bullied into buying. NOTHING.)

One week later: same thing, passenger door.

First two or three years - relatively few major repairs, just bits & pieces every so often (electrical short, faulty headlight, new starter, new battery, new tires...).

Two years ago: Transmission blew.

A couple more electrical shorts.


Last year: New Engine - Blew a head gasket.

Check Engine light is on constantly, mechanics cannot figure out why.

A/C stopped working - got it fixed, don't know what the issue was.

This year: New Radiator - overheated, fan came apart and destroyed radiator and hoses.

Two weeks after that: New engine - I was told that the radiator overheating had cracked engine.

A/C stopped working, never bothered to get it repaired.

Detachable CD player started going on and off irregularly, never bothered to figure out why (may be the player, not the car).

Check Engine still light on constantly, mechanics still cannot figure out why.

Remote entry works about half the time.

Last week: New ignition coil.

Today: white smoke from under hood.

General Comments:

This car makes me cry and cry and cry.

I cannot afford to go out and finance a new car, and I am trapped throwing all of my hard-earned money at this piece of junk. I can't even put into words how much I hate the dealer. What a bunch of crooks.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2008

16th Dec 2008, 14:33

I suspect your vehicle is a Grand Cherokee (as 1999 was the most problematic year for them) and I would be surprised if it was the smaller Cherokee, which tend to be very reliable vehicles.

3rd May 2009, 12:20

Well, is this sled a Grand Cherokee or not?

19th Aug 2013, 00:05

Yikes! Last year (2012) I bought a used 1999 Jeep G-C 4.7L Ltd., and this comment on the problematic 1999 model year scares me, as I have just put a bunch of money into it, and I'm hoping that upkeep will be minimal for the next several years.

However, so far most of what I have had to put into the car is normal I think for a 14 year old car with 90,000 miles on it. New tires, brakes, two engine mounts, new axle seals, reprogrammed instrument panel and smart key.

BUT LOOK, I LOVE THE CAR (looks and performance) AND IT IS PERFECT FOR WHERE I LIVE IN MEXICO (I think the car has a USA motor and Mexican body, was sold in US and exported to Mexico).

Anyway, I pray that this new baby of mine is not a lemon!