1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0 V6 from North America


The Jeep Cherokee is the Best Value for your money


At 50K the computer did not reset or adjust when upgrades were established. It happened just before a 100K and this time the mechanic could not 'reboot' but needed to replace the board that controlled the starter and several other major components. $950.

Replaced both front wheel bearing assemblies at approximately 50K $900.

Motors in both front windows failed at about 80K.

The brakes are major headaches still today. I have tried every kind, make and model. The last pair have lasted just over a year without warping or squeaking.

Average on the gas for an SUV.

General Comments:

The SUV is the best value for your money despite the brake problems.

It turns easily and handles quickly. The only vehicle I know that can make a very tight U-turn for it's size.

Great cargo space!

Fairly comfortable and easy to handle.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2005

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0 straight 6 from North America


Overall an excellent vehicle


Only replaced the Serpentine Belt and oil changes.

General Comments:

Great looks vehicle for reliabity and looks. Stiff ride, but that is expected with uni-body frame.

My only complaint would be that Jeep should have made rear seat split. Its not easy to put up and down when moving things.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2005

18th Dec 2005, 02:04

My wife and I have owned our Jeep now for 3 years now. And I don't want to give it up. I like how it feels sturdy and not plastic. It is a quick and easy drive. I have had no problems with it at all. The sad thing is we are going to need a bigger SUV when we have our third child. But I am still keeping the Jeep.

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0L from North America


A great SUV for a low price


I've had my Jeep for only a year and it hasn't had many problems with it.

The serpentine belt was replaced at about 77,000 miles and it sometimes makes a loud screeching sound when the air conditioner is on, mainly when it has rained or sometimes when its extremely hot out.

Replaced the battery less than 100 miles after that.

The driver side speaker stopped working soon after, but it was fixed by taking the panel off the door and connecting some wires.

At about 88,000 I changed the tires, got new brake pads in the rear, and a realignment.

General Comments:

I think this car is a great first car. I really haven't had any serious problems with it so far.

It is a really reliable car.

It handles really well and has great acceleration for an SUV.

The seats seem to be really comfortable.

It has ample cargo space, even when the back seats are up.

The only concern I see is that it may not be as comfortable for someone that is really tall, it doesn't seem to have much leg room for anyone over 6 foot.

It does seem to eat a lot of gas up, but I'm pretty sure that all sport utilities do.

Overall this is a great car and I think it will be driven until is has well over 100,000 miles on it.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2004

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0L V6 from North America


A very affordable and reliable SUV


Regular maintenance like oil changes and 15/30/60k mile service maintenance.

General Comments:

This car is very reliable. Engine runs like a charm.

Only criticism is that its not very comfortable as it has a small interior.

Leg room is well below average especially for the driver.

Seems as if this car will run until 200,000 miles, it runs that well.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2004

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4WD, 4D 4.0 from North America


A fun, hot looking vehicle, but little more than that


Transmission problems began at 40K miles. After being towed back from the mountains three times, due to the cooler line blowing off, and the overflow valve gushing with transmission fluid, I had to have the tranny rebuilt. Chock up $2000 for that little problem.

A week after I bought it the electrical system failed, and cost me $400 to have it revamped and one window motor replaced after the system fried it.

I've replaced the thermostat twice.

I added an external cooler to keep the engine running at an ideal temp.

Put new brakes on at 20K.

Tie rods went bad.

U-joint shot.

T-case has had multiple issues. As anyone that has ever driven in 4-low in a Jeep knows, it's a huge pain to shift the T-case. I've had mine serviced 4 times (every 10K miles) and still have little kinks and pops from time to time when shifting in and out of 4WD.

General Comments:

I've owned some vintage CJ's and a TJ, and I've had nothing, but problems with Jeeps. They're fun and very capable off-road, but they just don't keep going long enough to truly enjoy them. I may keep this one as a strictly off-road vehicle, but its done as a daily driver, which is disappointing because it's a relatively new vehicle with low miles. My advice to anyone considering buying any Jeep, would be to drive it like crazy before making the purchase. Research who owned it before you, and make sure that its been serviced. Unfortunately, I was lied to by the dealer that sold me the car, or he was lied to by the person who traded it. Either way, this little gem of a deal I got, has turned into a total lemon.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

14th Oct 2004, 18:13

I agree about getting a carfax done. I bought my 99 with 30001 off a lease at a dealer, and 70000 miles later in 3 years, I still was very happy with my jeep. Problems with window electronics, but I never had any problems with my t-case. I think that the whole vehicle was a wonderful cross between daily driver and mountain explorer, as long as it was properly maintained. I'm sad that I no longer have mine.