1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L from North America


A girls best friend!


Replaced transfer case at 140,000 miles (due to a bit too much playing in the mud)

Replaced rear-end & rear brake shoes at 190,000 miles.

Replaced thermostat at 191,000 miles.

Other than that in 73,200 miles I have: replaced all 4 tires only once, performed regular oil changes and 1 tire rotation.

It currently needs: valve cover gasket.

General Comments:

I have owned my Jeep for only 3 years and have put 73,000 miles on it. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned!

Sure, it may not ride like a town car... but that's not why I bought it! I wanted something rough and rugged that didn't get too bad gas mileage (19 mpg isn't bad!)

It goes in the snow and handles bad weather conditions with ease.

Plenty of room for cargo... come on... I had my Jeep when I moved home from college... let me tell you, being a girl, I had a lot of stuff! It all fit! :)

The exterior is still in awesome condition... other than the one dent that I put on it... I backed into a tree!

This had been my best investment ever! I love my Jeep!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2008

1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L from North America


A great Jeep, a memorable first vehicle. but too thirsty for a station car


1. Rear interior light and under hood light not functioning when purchased: fixed by dealer under pre-owned "implied warranty" without cost.

2. Wiring harness failed at 54,000 miles and caused instruments to become non-functional: $400 dollar repair (parts and labor).

3. Front driver's and passenger's power windows dropped into door panel with a "snap" sound (plastic lift gear stripped) : $388 dollars for each window=$776 dollars total.

General Comments:

Other than the above failures, the truck has been reliable. Important core equipment like engine, transmission, A/C, engine accessories have been totally dependable. Paint has proved to be very durable despite lack of access to garage or cover for nearly nine years of use. Other than the driver's left seat bolster, the interior has worn well. Even the cheap Goodyear RT/S standard tires lasted 57,000 miles before they really needed to be replaced, so that has to be considered a good indicator of basically sound vehicle design and construction.

Crosswinds and closely-spaced bumps can unsettle the truck, but I have taken many 250+ mile road trips and found the Cherokee to be a comfortable open road machine. My 4-wheel drive is part-time, but it has overcome deep snow and provided an extra measure of security during downpour rain.

The Jeep has plenty of power, especially considering what competitors like the CRV and RAV-4 brought to the table in 1999. The absolute handling limits of the truck are low, but the exceptionally tight turning circle and relatively light weight equate to good maneuverability on road and off.

I would not buy another Jeep because personal priorities have shifted, and I am very concerned about oil use. A lot has changed since I bought the truck in 2001, and don't think I can justify using a gas guzzler everyday without having any trailers to tow or heavy cargo to move on a regular basis. This isn't a reflection on the quality of the truck or my satisfaction with the Jeep brand. Most trucks in this category aren't particularly frugal. Maybe Jeep will launch a truly efficient diesel or hybrid and I will reconsider. If not, this will be my last Jeep, but I will remember it as a very competent machine.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2007

1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0 inline 6 from North America


A great 4X4 that lives up to it's "Classic" name


I've seen some of the minor problems--especially cosmetic ones-- experienced by other Cherokee owners:

1. Drivers seat side vinyl started cracking almost immediately. I've never fixed it.

2. Both front power window retractors failed at about 30,000 miles. I replaced them for about $100 each (I did the labor myself)

3. Oxygen sensor needed replacement at 122,000 miles.

4. Drivers side wheel bearing assembly needed replacement at about 145,000 miles.

5. Fuel pump failed at 156,000 miles.

6. A/C pump clutch failed at 161,000 miles.

Other than that, and an annoying "sticky" lock on the back hatch, this car has been indestructible. All other work has been standard maintenance, although I've never even replaced the shocks since the car doesn't bounce and I have almost 70,000 miles on my current tires.

My XJ has NEVER gone out of alignment, nor has it ever failed to start (except the one time that the fuel pump went bad earlier this year).

General Comments:

This truck is far more solid than any other I've ever had at this mileage. I still drive it every day, and can easily see it going past 200K miles. It goes through plenty of road salt in winter. The underbody is amazingly rust-free thanks to very generous use of galvanized and stainless steel (the exhaust is all-original). I've never driven a car in Michigan winters that stayed this clean underneath. On the down side, there are a few rust spots on the roof (top of the A-pillars and one below the drivers side rear window).

I've always changed the trans fluid, transfer case and differential oil (along with engine oil, of course) according to schedule. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of keeping an old XJ running. These, and good lubrication of the suspension on a regular basis.

I still use my Jeep to tow Ford and Chevy 4x4s out of the snow-- usually because they have crappy OEM tires, but also because of failed electronic 4x4 switchgear. The basic Jeep Command-Trac is a very reliable box.

I find the factory stereo (on the Classic, which has a premium Infinity sound system) still very good after all these years. And interior comfort is fine in the front seat-- less so in the back.

Heat is phenomenal, and I've never had to service the heater core or thermostat. I do hate the HVAC controls, though-- why can't they deliver heat to BOTH my hands and feet without turning the compressor on?!

Although I bought my Jeep Cherokee Classic on a whim back in '98, I'm hooked on this great little truck.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2007