18th Jan 2008, 15:22

It's amazing; you named the EXACT same problems that I have with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I first bought the car in July, 2003 and loved it. But a year after owning it, the problems began. 1. Only the driver's window controls work 2. The front left speaker goes in and out 3. The left blinker will make a buzzing noise after I turn it on and start turning 4. The steering wheel shakes at about 50 mph and 5. The car steers itself off the road.

AND NOW THE BIG PROBLEM: The mysterious check engine light...

I make long distance road trips along the east coast about once a month. On every trip for the last year, if I stop for gas, the engine has difficulty restarting (rough start up/idle) The car shakes and I have to rev the engine to get it going normally. This is followed by the check engine light coming on which ALWAYS reads CYLINDER 3 MISFIRE. I have had all the spark pugs replaced, the coil packs replaced, the fuel injector cleaned, the engine flushed and everything else you can think of. And what? THE LIGHT STILL COMES ON AND THE PROBLEM PERSISTS.

I have been doing a lot of blog reading and I'm learning all about heat shield issues and dealers knowing about this, but not saying anything.

I really thought I could trust Jeep's name, but I doubt I ever will again.

17th Aug 2008, 18:01

Some times cheap parts ain't always good. I tired cheap replacement parts and the issue's seemed worse after installing them. Go to the dealer for all parts they cost more but they solve the problem the first time. For sure fact aftermarket steering dampeners just cause all kind of nightmares.

17th Oct 2008, 14:51

I went to Cars.com and found a Vehicle Safety Recall for the 2000 Jeep Cherokee, recall No. B06, which is to install a shroud between the No.3 piston/plug and the exhaust, as stuff accumulates there and causes problems.

The other recall # F25 says they will replace the electrical radiator fan mechanism for free. My 2000 fan broke and threw the blade into the radiator. Both radiator, fan and hoses were replaced for about $600. This happened before even I knew about the recalls. I think I will have Jeep do it anyway, then everything is covered by them. I need to replace the head light lens as they are corroded badly. Anyway, I like the rig.

5th Nov 2008, 11:48

"The tires schrreech at every corner and they skip all the time."

Try taking the truck out of 4WD.

2nd Jan 2009, 13:50

Yeah, it really sounds like it is 4WD. Jeeps are one of the highest rated used cars out there. Also that's not how to figure MPG.

25th Jun 2009, 04:16

Hi there to all the Jeep lovers out there! I bought my third Jeep a month ago, which is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, 4.0L inline six cylinder with 200,000km on the clock. I live in South Africa by the way.

It's stock standard except for the Cooper mud terrains I have on it. I am used to the Grand Cherokee range and owned both the 2002 Laredo and 2005 Hemi Overlander, which were awesome offroaders. My heart has always been with the Cherokee, and when this one came along, I just had to buy it!

It has a full service history, but I have sent it in today for wheel alignment as it pulls to the left. My ABS locked up on me three days ago in a mother of all winter storms on a wet road. Any one had that experience before? Was quite funny! At least it kept a straight line! LOL.

Any way guys, I have read a lot of war stories on this model, but I would like the real Jeep lovers out there that use it for what it was designed for, to tell me if there is anything I should be wary of?

Jeep Lover, South Africa.

8th Jul 2009, 00:17

Wow, guess I have the only 2000 Cherokee Sport worthwhile!

Bought it in '05 with 65k on it. Other than having to replace the roof rack it was in beautiful condition! It has spent its entire life in Colorado, both on and off road. I have beaten this thing to an inch of its life, but it just asks for more!

I keep to a routine maintenance schedule - oil, plugs, grease... the usual stuff. I now have 178,000 on it and it runs like a champ, clean and quiet. I have never had a single electrical issue ever, and all the records I have from the previous owner are routine as well. I've worn out 2 sets of A/T tires already from off roading in some pretty hairy places in full 4wd low on very steep grades and rock. Never even overheated! The only things on my repair list at this point are new leaf springs cuz the originals are sagging a tad, and to change out the diff/transfer case oils.

This Jeep has been a charm and a blast to own! Not really sure why all you folks are having so many issues, I've never had a single one.

2000 Cherokee Sport, power everything, and everything works just fine, always has.

To address the shake at 55mph - rotate your tires and get an alignment. You're probably hearing the tires hop all the time too, right?

20th Oct 2009, 20:51

I am in love with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It has almost 200,000 miles on it, has had normal its normal wear and tear, just replaced the head gasket and such. The only issue it has now is that the gas gauge doesn't work. Any suggestions?

26th Dec 2009, 22:03

2000 Classic... bought it new... dumped the oil after 3000 break-in miles and put in Amsoil and a quality filter... been doing a (quality) oil filter change and topping off every 5000 miles... changing the oil @ 25,000... 190,000 miles later I still have good compression and no complaints with the vehicle... as you have heard CHANGE YOUR FLUIDS on a regular basis... Q in concord, NC.

7th Jan 2010, 16:53

I have been looking at a 2000 Jeep Cherokee with the in line 6 cylinder. Can anyone tell me what kind of mpg these vehicles make?

5th Apr 2010, 21:20

1. Why are you doing 80-90mph in a JEEP?! It's a vehicle designed to take the back country roads as well as the highway - but not at Ferarri speeds.

2. You bought it used. I can almost guarantee that it was in one or more collisions. Hence the ruined suspension/axles.

3. I have had several Jeeps in my years. The ease of maintenance on the vehicles is what makes them so appealing. Anyone that can hold a wrench can work on a Jeep.

6th Apr 2010, 10:15

These are actually very good vehicles. I guess Jeeps are not for everyone. I love mine.

10th Jul 2010, 07:31

In your words; "Do the math". You didn't. I have never driven a vehicle where the gas gauge scale coincided directly with the actual quantity remaining in the tank. Bottom line, half a tank on the gauge does not mean 10 gallons remaining. DO "do the math" and use your odometer and fill up gallons to get your real mileage. But don't expect the XJ to be a mileage champ; vehicles that exhibit the aerodynamics of a brick tend not to fare well mpg-wise. The biggest factor effecting mileage above about 40mph is wind resistance. What do you expect running 80-90 mph???