2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 6L from North America


Great handling, performing, looking SUV for a great price!


Granted, I have not been driving this vehicle very long so I do not have anything negative to say other than I wish the entire back seat window would go down.

By the time I drove my Windstar this long, it had been in the shop for major repairs 3 times.

General Comments:

I was excited when I came across this vehicle for sale. Had been looking for a SUV, but wanted something bigger than a 4 cylinder motor. I believe the straight 6 cylinder engine is a much more reliable motor.

This vehicle rides more truck-like than my previous van, but handles like a car, not like a bus as the van did.

It is roomy enough for all 5 family members and is much easier to load with groceries or laundry!

I would most likely shop for a Jeep again... am looking forward to the snowy season this year instead of dreading it.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2003

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 from North America


Would buy another 1!!


I bought this truck USED w/39k miles on it. The passenger seat vibrates when driving between 40-80 MPH. Had an accident (T-boned someone who ran a red light) @ 40 MPH, the airbags didn't deploy, but my damage was very minimal. ($4000) which the insurance took care of. It get's decent gas mileage for a truck. I drive it about 130 miles a day and it's fairly comfortable for my trips. Great for off road.

General Comments:

Ill probably buy another Sport, but might get a Wrangler.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L Straight 6 from North America


Pure d lemon without a shadow of a doubt


Well, It's a long list, so don't let me bore you. Let's start with the smaller things. First of all, it idles too loud, and there is a strong vibration coming from the under the cargo area (sounds like the gas tank).The fuse box door next to the passengers foot keep coming off. The Speakers went on me very early. There is an electrical problem with the damn thing. Passengers can't operate their own windows, the Whole entire panel just drops, meaning the speedometer, tachometer, oil gauge, gas gauge, battery gauge, and the mileage (digital) pops up as no info.

The gear get stuck between reverse and park and locks the keys in the ignition. I have to play with it until it get right. The Steering gear box was shot when I got it. Everytime I made a left turn, I would hear a moaning noise. That was covered under warranty with 100 dollar deductible, but my argument was that I brought it back 4 days after I got it to complain about this. 4 days, that meant that the problem was already there.

Next, 3 months later, the front suspension had to be replaced. I go to the dealer and the service dept. tells me that the warranty that they gave me didn't cover any suspension parts. I became very angry because I couldn't have damaged any suspension in 3 months.

That includes the upper and lower ball joints, sway bar links and bushings, wheel bearings, shock, coils, basically, about 1500 of work. I didn't have it done by the dealer because they wanted to charge 2600.

After getting all of that fixed, as soon as I get like 45 mph, the steering wheel shakes like crazy. And don't let me hit a bump. The right tire shakes for a long time as if its going to come off. At high speeds (80-90mph), the vibration is still there and its hard to keep the damn thing straight at any time. I've had 3 balances and 3 alignments because I would argue with the people saying that There're not doing it right. Thats not the end of it, but I must stop.

General Comments:

They Should have made Cherokees run off of water because it is crazy how much gas it drinks. I live 120 miles away from New York City. If I fill the tank up, when I get there I have a half of tank left. Let's do the math. A half tank is 10 gallons. If it takes 10 gallons to get to NY and it 120 miles, that 12 miles a gallon. It is suppose to by 20. I get 8 miles a gallon in the city. The tires schrreech at every corner and they skip all the time. The brakes don't want to work. AND ONE MAJOR THING. WHEN I HAVE THE FAN ON (LIKE DEFROST OR A/C) WHEN I'm TRYING TO STOP OR SLOW DOWN, THE ENGINE RUSHES CAUSING ME TO GO FASTER BEFORE SLOWING DOWN.


Another thing with the gas is that if I fill up the tank, the first half empties so fast. Then the lower half can last for 3-4 days. I don't understand that... but then again, I don't understand how all of these other problems occur.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

22nd Jan 2006, 11:01

Umm, you really DO get better mileage by driving slower at highway speeds. That old 55 mph speed limit wasn't just invented out of the air. Tests showed that 55 mph was the optimum speed for engine performance and gas mileage, but that gas mileage dropped like a rock above 60 mph when increased gas consumption was required to overcome wind resistance. Now that may be less of a concern on some of today's 5-speed automatic transmissions that keep the engine running at 1500 RPMs doing 85, but it will still apply to a brick-shaped Cherokee with a 3- or 4-speed. I've tested this thoroughly in my own vehicles, and can state that my gas mileage improves by 5 mpg by doing 55 instead of 70. Think that's too slow to be bearable? The 15 mph slower adds 27 minutes to the 120 mile trip. But it saves you $15.30/day x 20 days/month = $306/month. Pretty close to a car payment.