11th Apr 2008, 23:21

I love my jeep! Owned it for years, 171000, just drove cross-country again, Maine to Utah and back; the only problem I had was the tank kept running out of fuel? Haha.

No, really, the only problem is spring sag - but I freight this thing like a sherpa on everest... I love my Jeep!!!

21st Jun 2008, 09:31

Does anyone know if a Rampage X-Caddy Soft Overhead Console (which is made for wranglers) could work on a 1998 cherokee?

My cherokee doesn't have much in the way of storage, and all I can find is wrangler stuff. Does anyone know of any Cherokee overhead consoles?

9th Sep 2008, 14:41

I've owned my jeep for 6 years now, it's a Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L and I absolutely love it, besides the gas part.

It has no modifications except fog lights, and a tow hitch, and I have completely beat the crap out of it. I've gone offroading, jumped ditches, climbed rock and wood piles over 20 ft, towed 20'ft trailer loaded with wood and since I've owned it I've only had to put a new alternator in it, which was $110, and new tires haha. It has 223,654 miles on it now and still is running like a champ.

It's a great vehicle, and I would definitely recommend it.

17th Mar 2009, 22:17

1997 XJ Sport, 5 speed, Off Road package, high flow air intake, TB spacer, exhaust manifold, upgraded ignition, high flow exhaust, 16x8.5 wheels, 245x70 H rated all-season radials, upgraded brakes at 24K including rear discs, stripped interior, moved battery to rear, vented hood, upgraded drivers seat.

Around town 13-18 mpg (winter-summer), hwy 18-24 (90 mph-70 mph).

Live in CO, often off road no problem, roads irrelevant (carry chains). Getting there is all the fun in canyons as it will stay with all but dedicated performance sports cars.

Rides horribly, especially on long freeway trips, but a dream on gravel and smooth asphalt.

100k miles since new, no major repairs (window winder under warranty , gas gauge).

Cayenne is a pig compared to this American junk. Had a '87 same, 93k. Best long term relationship I ever had.

Please bring back the Cherokee with a 3 liter diesel.

27th Apr 2009, 16:05

I just picked up a Jeep Cherokee Sport '98, and have been in the process of rebuilding it from the ground up, due to the prior owner not taking care of it and ripping a bunch of stuff out, including the headliner and interior trim, and a lot of the wiring. Most if not all I have replaced, but I've run into a problem, I found an overhead console, unfortunately it is a 6 pin and my Jeep has a 9 pin hook-up. Now I've tried the okey thing and tried to re-wire it, but with no success as the readings on the computer are not correct. But other than that, everything works as it should, and all wires are connected correctly. So I have set out on a venture to find the original overhead console. Unfortunately with no luck. If any of you know where I can get one please, for the love of GOD PLEASE email me back at: bryan_edwards1980 at hotmail.com.

Thank you all so much.

2nd Apr 2010, 20:34

My parents bought a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Limited new, and I bought it off them in 2005 with 350,000 Kilometers. It's now April of 2010 and my Jeep is at 450,000 km...

I haven't had any serious repairs other than general maintenance, and I've been pretty hard on it.

30th Aug 2010, 08:36

I have a 1998 Jeep. The problem is I can"t keep a battery in it; they keep on dying on me.

14th Oct 2010, 03:30

Drove a 1990 Suburban for 20 years until a crash on the freeway took my baby away. Looked at all the newbies and the monthly $, and couldn't pull the trigger. And then there it was. Three blocks from where I worked. A 1998 Cherokee Sport with 110K miles at $2500. Here's my cash. Done. Yes it rattles and pulls to the right etc. etc. But now I get it. It's a Jeep thing.