1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 i6 from North America


The greatest thing ever made


All the common things...

Driver's seat broke, and became a rocking chair... Fixed with a U-bolt from Home Depot.

Have replaced the entire tie rod assembly twice. Once at 175,000 and once at 387,000.

Ball joints have needed replacing twice.

Something clunks when stopping and starting to go again, something needs to be greased, but it's been that way for over 100,000 miles, and it hasn't gotten worse, so whatever.

Valve cover gasket at 112,000, 204,000, and 323,000, and about due for another one.

Radiator at 210,000.

Water pump at 145,000 and 360,000.

But hey, I made it to 412,000 before the engine blew (threw a rod).

General Comments:

This vehicle is literally the greatest vehicle ever made. I mean, I maintain my vehicles like you wouldn't believe, but I have never had another car make it past 300,000, and this made it to 412,000!!!

I am still in shock. Original engine, and trans... WOW.

It was always fast, and I didn't start losing any power until I was getting close to 400,000 miles.

Oil pressure was low for the longest time, can't even remember when that started, but it didn't seem to bother the Jeep.

It was all common repairs that go on any vehicle. Nothing major ever needed to be fixed. Even the paint is still in decent condition!!!

I swear, if I had a time machine, I would go back in time, and buy a dozen of these. There will NEVER be another vehicle as amazing as this.

Not a very comfortable ride though, and once I hit 300,000, it was lucky to get 15 miles to the gallon, all highway, considering I always used to get around 22.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2013

24th Nov 2013, 19:32

That 4.0 I6 was one heck of an engine. I see used Cherokees on Craigslist all the time with over 300-400k and still running well, so yours is no exception. The only downfall with this model is occasional electrical problems, but not a big deal when the engine and tranny are reliable.

1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 inline 6 cylinder from North America


Amazing little Jeep


Purchased with a knocking engine. Pulled the engine to find a piston skirt shattered (common issue with the 4.0 when they reach old age or have been severely abused). Very easy to swap engines (even for me, a first timer to swaps).

Some rust near the upper corners of the front windshield.

General Comments:

If you have never driven a Jeep Cherokee before, it's hard to explain just exactly what they have done here. The Cherokee was Jeep's attempt at making a sporty every day SUV, that could haul the kids AND easily take a beating out on the trails and across the frozen tundra. They have, in my book, succeeded.

For those familiar with a Wrangler or perhaps a CJ of some vintage, the Cherokee will be a complete change of pace. The Cherokee's choice of a monocoque (uni-body) chassis instead of a frame, means that it's very nimble feeling on road, providing tight cornering and minimal sway or body roll, even compared to my similar age Camaro.

The suspension is firm, with little in the way of float when driving down the highway, but former Jeep owners, and indeed all off road warriors alike, will appreciate how quickly the suspension absorbs and recovers from large bumps, even at high speeds. It's hard to explain exactly how the Jeep feels, it's like a sport suspension that somehow still absorbs the back breaking attacks from say speed bumps at 30 mph, almost completely.

The 4.0 engine, coupled with the automatic, provides more than adequate acceleration for buzzing about on and off road, and even has enough on tap to leave some econo racer type cars in the dust, but if you really want to have the most fun in your Cherokee, look for a manual; the improved gas mileage, gear ranges, and power are well worth the use of your right arm. It should be mentioned that the 4.0 is not a race car engine, it's designed for very very low RPM torque, so don't expect to pull any Camaros or Mustangs once the road opens up.

Road noise has been significantly dampened in this new generation, and could be likened to full size trucks of similar age; almost silent in town, with a little wind on the highway when that flat front end starts to shove air around.

Comfort is where almost all Jeeps pre-2000 fall flat on their face, and the Cherokee is no real exception. That's not to say that it's terrible; it's average, with OK seats and ample room for drivers all the way up to 6' 4", but there just isn't a "hugged" feeling to any of it. It feels rugged, which is what they wanted, so if you're looking for a comfortable cruiser, look perhaps at a Grand Cherokee, which is focused more on the day to day.

My Jeep has well over 200k on it, and while I have had to replace the engine (I suspect due to abuse), the body still drives like it's brand new, which to me is incredible. I drive it every day, and have to say that at least for a young guy like me, it's perfect all weather transport.

If you haven't tried one, I recommend it. It's a Jeep thing.


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Review Date: 29th February, 2012